Don't be boring - pick the position that fits the mood!

Don't be boring - pick the position that fits the mood!

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to sexual positions. Beyond what you see in the fantasy  world of movies, there is actually a step-by-step process for sexual positions and rich sexual experiences. While you already know the infamous missionary and doggy style positions, do you know which to use based on the mood you and your lover are seeking? Do you know which positions are best accentuated by her wearing heels, and which are better for a partner who wants to feel in control? Whether you're looking for a fast and furious orgasm or a long and sensuous night of holding one another, the position you choose is almost as important as how well you execute it. Let's explore five of my favorite sex positions to explore with your lover.

Saddle up and ride (Cowgirl)

The man lies flat on his back. The woman kneels, facing him, and lowers herself onto his erection. During intercourse, the man can either remain still (men don’t just lay there either) or thrust upward; All the movement will be done by the woman. Using her legs, she can move up and down, sliding the penis through her vagina or, using her hips, she can revolve her vagina around the penis; or, she can do both simultaneously, literally "screwing" her vagina onto the man's penis for a truly sensational orgasm. The big advantage of the woman is that she can control the rate and depth of entry, and move her body in such a way as to cause maximum clitoral stimulation—thus best pleasing herself. It also allows the man to massage her breasts as they are in this incredible position.

Take a seat (Man Sitting) 

The man sits down, either on the side of the bed or, preferably, on a couch or large easy chair so that he can lean back. The woman kneels over his penis, straddling his hips with her knees, and slowly lowers herself onto him. This is similar to the cowgirl position, except that the woman's breasts are more accessible to the man's mouth and he can kiss, bite, and suck her nipples during intercourse. He is also easily able to reach around and grab her buttocks as she moves up and down on his lap.

Love On Top (Woman Elevated) 

The woman lies flat on her back on top of a table or other waist-high elevation (a desk, for example, is perfect for sex in the office). She spreads her legs, allowing easier access to her vagina. As the man stands between her open legs, she can

pull them back, bent at the knees; lift them straight up to form a V; or, wrap them around the man's waist, with her heels digging into the small of his back. The man can either stand up straight, grasping the woman by her waist and pulling her toward him as he thrusts into her; or, he can lean over her, resting his weight on his hands, and use his leg muscles to aid in penetration.

Sex In Numbers (69) 

As youths, we all whispered that this stood for "6 minutes of pleasure, 9 months of waiting," but now we all know that 69 is a visual depiction of mutual oral sex. The 69 is often referred to by its French translation, soixante neuf, for indeed it was the French who perfected the art of sexually satisfying your partner with your mouth and tongue (hence, the "French kiss"). In the 69, the woman lies on her back. The man kneels over her, with his head positioned over her vagina and his penis hanging down over her mouth. As the woman pleasures his penis, grasping its root with her hand, the man licks her clitoris while cupping her buttocks. For added satisfaction, as his tongue plays over her clit, his fingers can slide into her vagina and tickle her anus. Of course, in the 69 the woman can be on top.

 Fine Dinning (Cunnilingus) 

This is the most unselfish sexual act the man can perform. The woman lies flat on her back, perhaps with a pillow under her buttocks. With her head back, she closes her eyes and relaxes as the man kneels between her legs, spreads her labia with his fingers, and applies the tip of his tongue to her clitoris. By alternating the speed with which he licks her love button, first slow, then fast, the man can dictate the woman's orgasm. For example, as soon as he senses she is about to climax, he can slow down his tongue action, prolonging the build-up. Just when she is about to climb the walls from this teasing, he can apply quick flicks, up and down or in circles around her clitoris until she explodes in an exquisite orgasm, experiencing waves of orgasms through out her body.

by Diskret Life – January 12, 2023