Evolution of Toys

Evolution of Toys

Toys were not always considered toys. They were once considered medical implements to stimulate women suffering from “Hysteria”, to orgasm, in efforts to ease their mental and physical torment. That torment, is what we know today as sexual frustration, and those medical implements, were vibrators. For a while there, sex toys, were only accepted in a medical setting, used solely for practicality in expediting treatment.

They were not discussed in the open, like the culture we are developing today. We have come quite far from then, not only in the mechanics of toys, and what they can do physically, but also the audience of toys. Once only accepted by doctors to use on women, now more commonly accepted for women to use on themselves.

They are used for men to use themselves, for couples to use on one another, for people in the transgender community to adapt more easily to their sexuality, for members of the asexual community to explore sensuality within themselves. The audience for sex toys is not limited by anything. Sex toys are not for the economically wealthy, or the socially accepted sex and orientation. They are individualized for usage because pleasure does not discriminate.

Diskrets ideology is back to basics, and not in since of doctors using the sex toys, but the complexity of the sex toys. Sometimes the most simple things are the most reliable, dependable, and quality products in the field.

Diskret believes in the simplistic look that makes them luxurious in their own style. Take the Fresh by Leaf shown below. It is an Eco-friendly vibrator that is phthalate-free, has strong powerful vibrations, extremely quiet, and FSC paper packaging. This may look like a simple design, but that doesn’t stop it from delivering the best experiences.

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