How to have a Quickie!

How to have a Quickie!

You've seen it in movies over and over again. The couple, wild about one another, can't keep their hands off one another, and they end up having sex in a relatively public and risky location. Maybe you've even experienced it for yourself. The two of you flirt all night, and you can barely wait to make it back to your hotel room in order to tear the clothing off of each other. No matter how you've been introduced to the idea of quick sex, you're here because you want to learn how to have a quickie in public. You want the hot and risky sex, but you also don't want to get in trouble - and that's a fine line to walk.

Luckily for everyone, learning how to have a quickie in public isn't all that hard. It's a matter of knowing what's going on and doing a bit of planning ahead. Using some of these step-by-step tips on how to have a quickie, you should find yourself fully ready to experience the intensity as soon as you want to.

How to Have a Quickie “Plan Ahead”:

I know, I know. When you're thinking about how to have a quickie, the idea of planning is supposed to be the furthest thing from your mind. It's supposed to be about passionate, gotta-have-it-now sex that you can't resist. But at the same time, planning ahead about how to have a quickie is how to make the experience run smoothly. If you don't plan ahead, you're at a much higher risk of getting caught - or just having a miserable experience because the "reality" was nothing like the fantasy. After all, if you're into the idea of having some hot, passionate sex in the alleyway behind your favorite bar, it might be a pretty miserable experience when it's nearly impossible to remove your leggings, the ground is disgusting and you don't want to touch it, and you both find out that it's painful penetration because you just didn't have enough foreplay or lube to really get warmed up. That's not fun for anyone.

Planning ahead doesn't have to be boring and organizational. Instead, make it sexy. Instead of just jotting down possible locations on a list, fantasize about each location. How would you have sex there? Would you be bent over? What props in the nearby area could the two of you use? When you think about clothes, think about how they'll get pulled to the side. Think about how you'll see that mini-skirt in your closet in the future and be constantly reminded of that time behind the bar. Don't just add to a list: let each mark on the list become a point of fantasy for you. By the time you've finished planning on how to have a quickie, you'll be just as excited as when you have the quickie itself! That's definitely part of the fun, so don't let the idea of "planning" drag you down.

How to Have a Quickie “Know Your Location”:

This is something that will require you to head out and about to your favorite places - and the places where you think it'd be likely that you want to have a quickie. When thinking about how to have a quickie, you need to pick areas where you're likely to want to have a quickie. Scouting out a grocery store could be u seful, but if you don't usually feel turned on or flirtatious at the nearby store, that might not be a particularly useful location. Instead, pick to locations you'd likely be nearby when feeling turned on and flirty. Think about bars, hotel rooms, parks, alleyways, and similar areas.

Once you've picked out the specific area, when trying to figure out how to have a quickie, you need to nitpick the area. Is it clean? What sex positions can you get into? How likely are you to run into anyone else? Are there any nearby props where you could bend over or prop yourself up? Will the temperature be comfortable during the day or night when you're going to be enjoying your quickie? Are there any sharp corners or objects the two of you could "hide" behind for an extra level of safety when enjoying your quickie?

Let's think about your nearby hotel for an example of how to have a quickie in public. You might scout the hotel and find that there's an empty hallway at the far corner of the conference center. You'd guess that, around midnight when there isn't a conference, there won't be many people around. You check for security cameras. You see that the staff tends to store excess tables in this area - perfect for hiding behind when the two of you enjoy yourselves. Since it's indoors, the two of you aren't too worried about temperature. The hallway is only a short walk from the regular hallway of the hotel, so you know you have an easy escape plan - and you think you can sheepishly explain away that the two of you were "making out" if you happen to be discovered. For an added level of security, you might check under the table skirts and find that there's enough room for sex under the tables. You might think about doing that instead if you want to try a laying-down sex position.

How to have a Quickie “Think about Your Clothes”:

Part of how to have a quickie is well, making it quick. Clothing can make or break that quickness. If someone is wearing tight jeans that can't easily be pulled to the side without taking them entirely off, you might have a problem doing things discreetly and quickly. If you're dressed in so many layers that you can't even manage penetration because of clothing, that also might be a problem when you're trying to learn how to have a quickie.

Instead, choose light clothing that can easily be pulled aside or removed. For male-dressing individuals, that may include looser jeans or sweatpants. You might consider going without underwear or choosing underwear you can easily pull out your penis from. Remember to think about the zippers on any potential clothing. Quickie sex is hot, but getting pinched from the zippers during sex is definitely not!

For female-dressing individuals, you'll likely want to choose dresses or skirts. You may choose to go without underwear, or you might prefer a thong or other easily-moved-to-the-side panties. This is probably not the best night to go with your favorite bodysuit or shapewear. If wearing pantyhose or other items, you might prefer to go with a crotchless design. Keep in mind that quickie sex can involve less time to be gentle, so it's worth choosing your worn out pairs of hose instead of your favorites.

Have a "Quickie Kit":

Having a great quickie depends on having all of the right supplies. Your "Quickie Kit" will make sure that's the case. It's no fun to make it all the way to penetration - only to find out that you're missing the condom for safe sex. And before sex, the idea of walking around with wetness between your legs the rest of the night sounded hot, but after sex? Well, you wish you had some wet wipes to clean up after your sexual encounter.

The "Quickie Kit" is your answer to preparing for how to have a quickie. In a small bag, you'll want to pack some necessary items. I recommend at least two condoms, a bottle of water-based lubricant that plays nicely with both your bodies, a sandwich baggie for garbage disposal, and a package of travel-friendly wet wipes to clean up after your escapade. Depending on the foreplay you have in mind, you might want to consider an extra pair of panties as well. All of these items fit into a small cosmetic case - and can be safely tucked into a backpack or purse on any night that you think you might be exploring how to have a quickie.

Now you know tonight's the night. You've been doing all of your reading about how to have a quickie, and you've spent all of that time fantasizing and planning about how sexy and hot this is going to be. All the planning of how to have a quickie is out of the way. Now it's time to actually enjoy all that planning. Here are some simple suggestions to help make experiencing that quickie even better.

How to have a Quickie “Know What Arouses You”:

The night of your intended quickie, you both should stay focused on doing things that arouse you. If you know that grocery shopping is stressful and nonsexual, do it another day. If you both know that having a few beers and flirting over the bartop turns you on, do that instead. You might consider playing with some vibrators in public or just flirting with each other over the idea of what you're going to do in a few hours. I know that you spent quite a bit of time planning how to have your quickie, but in order for your quickie to seem like authentic and passionate public sex, you'll want to spend quite a bit of time focusing on arousing the two of you to the point of "no return". Sure, you’re planned this, but it doesn't mean that it needs to feel like it's been planned out!

How to have a Quickie “Enjoy the Foreplay”:

Like I previously mentioned, your focus should be on arousing one another and feeling highly turned on and aroused long before you even approach the idea of having penetrative sex! That means enjoying the foreplay - and sneaking some foreplay in public. Can you touch each other under the dinner table? Is there space for an impromptu make-out session by the bathrooms? Can you grind against one another on the dance floor? Can you gently run a hand between their legs as the two of you hug? There are lots of different ways to try to work in foreplay in a public space, and since the two of you will only have a little bit of time to do the actual penetration, it's really beneficial to get as turned on as possible now.

How to have a Quickie “Be Turned On and Use Lube”:

As I've mentioned before, being really turned on before you even make it to the penetrative sex is extremely important in how to have a quickie in public. You'll probably have less than five minutes to achieve the actual penetration and orgasm. For some people, that's not even long enough to get off! However, you'll up your chances of success if you can be as aroused as possible before you start. Don't forget to use lubricant too. Some people might be able to get slick enough for penetration without any physical stimulation, but some people may not. There's no reason to make penetration uncomfortable, so use a bit of the lubricant from that quickie kit!

How to have a Quickie “Remember the Experience”:

There's no point in having super hot quickie sex if you aren't going to savor it for awhile. If you're going out every night to have risky sex somewhere without savoring the experience or planning ahead, you're bound to get caught in a bad way - and that's not going to be fun. Instead, after reading how to have a quickie tips, don't expect to have your quickie often. Instead, savor the experience and let the memories of an evening of hot sex tide you over until the next time the two of you are ready to play in public again.

by Diskret Life – January 28, 2023