Prostate Orgasms!

Prostate Orgasms!

Most sexually curious men and women are interested in anal play, and more specifically how to stimulate the prostate for the most pleasure. Prostate orgasms and prostate play have not been truly explored until more recently. Sure, anal sex has been going on for thousands of years but documenting the process of stimulating the specific p-spot zone known for pleasure is relatively new to us. There is still a lot to learn about prostate play and we have only scratched the surface of its true capabilities to bring male pleasure. In this guide, we will explain everything about prostate play and prostate orgasms. Where the prostate is located, how to stimulate it, how to achieve orgasm from it and different positions to bring the most pleasure. This is an easy to follow guide that takes a lot of medical research and simplifies it for all to unlock the enormous pleasure the p-spot can provide.

Prostate Orgasm 101:

  • Prostate Location:

The first and most important thing to achieve prostate orgasm and even prostate stimulation is of course locating exactly where the prostate is! Like the female g-spot the male p-spot is NOT located 8” in the body. The stereotype of needing a large penis to hit the g-spot or p-spot is scientifically false.

The prostate gland is 3-4” from the beginning of the anal cavity. It’s about 1” across and is just behind the deepest portion of the penis. The gland runs across the urethra. The only way to directly stimulate the prostate is through the urethra (which is not for the faint of heart). The good news is through the anal cavity you can stimulate the prostate, not directly, but still can provide all the prostate stimulation you need. This is the most common way of stimulating the prostate and providing prostate orgasms.

  • Prostate Function:

The prostate has more function than just providing mind blowing prostate orgasms. The prostate gland’s main function is to secrete prostate fluid, which is one of the components of semen. It also helps propel this seminal fluid through the urethra during ejaculation.

A lot of men say that prostate massages feel like the beginning of an orgasm. That is because during ejaculation the prostate squeezes to mix and propel the sperm and fluid out of the body. So just imagine that feeling of just before orgasm lasting for as long as you want. Now you know why prostate play and prostate orgasms are so popular among men!

  • The Dark & Mysterious Prostate Orgasm!

Anal sex has been around for thousands of years, but prostate stimulation and prostate orgasms are relatively new to us. Not to say they didn’t experiment with anal play back in the day, the actual process of stimulating the prostate to achieve orgasm hasn’t been documented or understood until modern science dove deeper.

Naturally because it is new to us it’s considered this dark and mysterious act that only the taboo partake in. Which in reality… is quite sad! The pleasure of the prostate orgasm needs to be explored by all men! Here is the general process that men go through just before and during prostate orgasms. This is what men can expect after exploring prostate playmultiple times…usually most men are nervous and uncomfortable the first time. This is common, after a few times of anal play and prostate massaging you will get more comfortable with it to the point of experiencing a prostate orgasm!

  • Prostate Orgasm Mindset:

The first step in achieving a prostate orgasm is getting in the correct mindset. If this is your first-time diving into prostate play, the mindset play’s and even larger role in making it a pleasurable experience. You should start with a bowel movement an hour or longer before you get started. This will help purge your system. Then follow up with a warm shower and clean your butt with warm soap water. This will give you a sense of relief during anal play that your all clean and ready to go down there.

It is extremely important when you crawl into bed that your comfortable and relaxed. This calm state of mind will help relax your entire body and help loosen your anal muscles to receive your finger, partners finger, anal sex toy, or a partner’s penis.

Practice taking some deep inhales and exhaling slowly to help slow your heart beat. Turn some soft music on, light some great smelling candles, dim the lights… whatever helps you get relaxed and comfortable.

  • Mind & Body Stimulation:

The second step in achieving prostate orgasm is you or a partner must stimulate your prostate. This is where all the fun begins! Start shallow and slow to start. Use lots of lube, lube, and more lube! If I didn’t stress this enough… use lube! The anal cavity does not produce a natural lubricate like the vagina and requires lube for pleasure and prostate orgasm.

Start with a small anal sex toy or a finger unless you’re experienced in anal play. Lube up your anus and finger… start by applying light pressure around your anus and then over the top of your anus. Pulse the pleasure with your finger and do this until your completely turned on. Either massage your penis with the other hand, watch porn or if your partner is involved have them stimulate you too. To receive anal pleasure being turned on beforehand is critical.

  • Prostate Stimulation:

Increase the pressure of your pulsating finger over your anus until you enter your anal cavity. Start shallow and when you feel comfortable progressively enter more and more of your finger. Fecal matter is stored much higher in your intestines so don’t worry about touching any waste, if you are really concerned you can wear a latex glove or use a condom over your finger.

If this is your first anal play experience and you are using an anal sex toy, it may feel uncomfortable at first. If you experience any pain or bleeding make sure to stop immediately. You may feel slight discomfort when stretching over the bulb end, this is normal. Just proceed unless the pain is too much, you should pause and try again or stop all together. Once the large bulb end is in, it will feel much more comfortable and relaxed.

Prostate Massage to Achieve Prostate Orgasm:

Now that you have stimulated your mind and your anus, its time to stimulate your prostate. Work your finger or anal sex toy about 3-4 inches in your body. The prostate will feel similar in size and consistency to a walnut. It is facing towards your stomach and penis. Once you find it, gently start massaging it.

Start with slow circular patterns or the “come here” motion. Start with light pressure and increase until your desired need. If you are preforming this on your partner, make sure to communicate to find the ideal speed and pressure.

You can also try the contract and release method. This is where you flex and release your pelvic floor muscles also known as your PC muscles. These are the same muscles you start and stop the flow of urine with. In fact, you can practice training you PC muscles the next time you go to the bathroom to understand how to “flex” them. Then reenact this sensation during your next prostate massage to help achieve prostate orgasm. I suggest holding the flex for a few seconds and then slowly releasing.

Why Flex your PC Muscles for Prostate Orgasm?

When you flex your PC muscles the rectal wall muscles are slightly drawing the sex toy in and out, causing it to bump against the prostate gland. This is massaging your prostate hands free! The harder you contract the harder the bump will become. This is very good control over massaging your own prostate and it creates pleasure that builds towards prostate orgasm.

Keep in mind that prostate orgasm is NOT the ultimate goal. Simply receiving pleasure through anal stimulation is the goal and can be extremely fun and pleasurable. If you receive a prostate orgasm on top this… it’s considered the cherry on top!

If you are new to flexing your PC muscles, it will be difficult to keep going as those muscles are not trained yet for this activity. You will improve over time, same as you would training your arms, chest, or legs at the gym.

  • Contractions Leading to Prostate Orgasm:

The first sign you are heading towards a prostate orgasm is contractions. Stimulate the prostate until you are receiving minor PC muscle and sphincter contractions involuntarily. You’ll notice a slight sensation of fullness and warmth in the anus and surrounding pelvic area.

  • Building up to Prostate Orgasm:

The second sign you are heading towards prostate orgasm is the increasing tension around the area of your prostate gland. The contractions behind your pubic bone start to intensify and the warming sensation in your rectum grows. If you are starting to experience these sensations your preforming your prostate massage correctly. Continue to do this towards achieving your prostate orgasm.

Concentrate on how you got to this point. The process, your mindset, the technique you used… This will make getting to this point much easier the next time around.

  • Trembling to Your Prostate Orgasm:

This is where it starts to get really good… As you start to transition from the increasing tension and warming sensation into a prostate orgasm your body may start to tremble involuntarily. It’s generally focused around the pelvic area. But if you’re lucky, you’ll experience it as a full body tremble.

At this stage its important to continue stimulating your prostate in the same manor you had done to get here. It’s working well, so don’t change it up now! You’re getting closer to a prostate orgasm that will blow your mind. Any slight change of pressure or movement could cause you to lose it.

For many men, this where the erection starts. But don’t focus on the penis, simply leave it alone. Stimulating this at the same time could distract focus away from the prostate orgasm and lose the momentum you have built. Just let the hard-on happen. It’s all apart of the experience.

  • The Big Bang! (Prostate Orgasm):

Now its time for the big bang, better known as a prostate orgasm! Most men report a prostate orgasm as being 33% more intense than a normal orgasm.

After the buildup and trembling, this is where the PC muscles start the most intense stage of contractions and release. The feeling of fullness and warmth around your rectum will be at an all time high. Your penis may go soft, this is common it doesn’t matter since the prostate orgasm your about to experience is much more powerful than anything your penis can provide.

The incredible p-wave will radiate throughout the mid-section of your body. The best part of a prostate orgasm is there is no refectory period. You don’t have to stop and wait to recover like a normal orgasm. Keep going for as long as you feel comfortable.

The sensation will overwhelm your entire body with complete ecstasy!

Recommended Anal Sex Toys:

  • PFUN Plug

One of the best anal sex toys to train your p-spot is the Pfun Plug by Njoy. It is shaped specifically to hit the p-spot and the size is reasonable for any beginner to intermediate level person. It is 100% stainless steel so it is very easy to clean up after anal play, and has a large flared base to prevent you from “losing it” inside your rectum.


  • Bruno:

Want a soft silicone butt plug designed specifically for anal stimulation? This is an amazing anal sex toy from Lelo called “Bruno”. It is waterproof, rechargeable, and provides and intense vibration to stimulate the P-spot beyond belief.

  • Bootie Ring:

Looking for a different way to mix up your prostate orgasm and anal play? This is a bootie ring that is similar to a butt plug but branches forward as cockring too! Once you get the butt plug in, wrap the ring around your penis. Then when you masturbate or have penetrative sex, with each thrust the ring pulls on the plug which stimulates your prostate. It is an incredible sensation like nothing else!

by Diskret Life – March 11, 2023