Sex Positions 101

Sex Positions 101

Sex Positions 101

This will become your ultimate guide to sex positions. It is not your typical 1000 different images of twisted figurines with wild names like “X marks the spot” or “The Mixed Lotus”. Majority of these animations are not even humanly possible unless your quadruple jointed in the knees; much less comfortable enough to enjoy the sex while partaking in the act.

This sex position guide will be for beginners to advanced users, but be realistic in what positions work, provide pleasure, and are a great way to mix things up. The sex positions we will describe in detail are all “natural” movements for the body. The positions will be easy to transition into and provide the ultimate pleasure for both individuals. Nobody likes stopping the current sex position, then spending 5 minutes trying to get comfortable in a new crazy and exotic way. “Keep things simple and keep things pleasurable” is our motto at Diskret. So, lets start with some history on how these sex positions all came about!

History of Sex Positions:

The history of sex positions is a long one. Nobody is exactly sure of the origin of when people started using a large variety of positions during intercourse. But we know it was not anytime recent. A lot of pottery and books dating hundreds of years BC depicted images of individuals partaking in various sex positions.

Perhaps the most famous book being the “Karmasutra which was an ancient Indian Hindu text. Contrary to western popular perception the Karma Sutra in not an exclusive sex manual; but describes much more. It discusses the nature of love, family life, and other pleasure-oriented aspects of life. Less than a quarter of the book is actually dedicated to sex positions.

The oldest exclusive sex position book was found more recently, in 1970’s a text was discovered from a 15-century book called “Speculum al Foderi” written in the Catalan language. This was the first known book describing only sex positions. It was written in Europe around the Medieval era.


Beginner Sex Positions:

The term “beginner” is thrown around a lot for sex positions and I want to be clear on what this exactly means to Diskret. If it’s extremely pleasurable for you and your partner, what does it matter if it is labeled a beginner sex position or not? Let me answer that for you, it doesn’t! Labels can be very misleading in the world of sex positions, so listen closely.

What I label as a “beginner” sex position hits the following list:

  • Easy to transition into from missionary position.
  • Does not require extreme flexibility.
  • Does not require you to be superior in physical fitness.
  • Easy to describe to your partner.
  • Easy to show and guide your partner.

I get that everyone wants to try the best sex position. Which I take as, the sex position that brings the most pleasure. However, there is a huge misconception that the more complex the sex position is, the more pleasure it will bring! This is not true, actually I’ve found it to be quite reverse of this conception.

When it comes to sex positions, keeping things simple are usually the positions that bring the most pleasure. So, stop trying to learn a “Double Twisted Pretzel” and worry about understanding what sex positions actually bring you both pleasure, and are easy to manage.

The below positions are for male and female vaginal penetration. I will touch on gay and lesbian versions later. However, never discount them for you and your partner no matter what your gender is. Females can always use a strap-on, and gay males can use most of the sex positions described for straight couples anyway. So please don’t get hung up on the images being a male and female.

  • The first beginner sex position is a twist on your standard missionary. It is an easy transition from your basic sex positions, all you need is a pillow!

All you need to do for this sex position is keep a pillow within arms reach when you start having sex, same as you would do with a sex toy! Then after you get a little tired of missionary, grab the pillow and have her lift her butt in the air by pushing off on her feet, and putting pressure on her upper back. Then slide the pillow under her hips.

This sex position can create some mind-blowing results for women, it will help him pushed against her clitoris, but also penetrate deeper. If you try this sex position, and you both agree it works well, you could always invest in a Liberator. The Liberator gives support at the perfect angle, while offering endless possibilities when it comes to different sex positions. Its also the perfect gateway into more advanced sex toys!

  • The second beginner sex position is not quite as easy to transition into as the first. It requires the  man to stand at the edge of the bed and the female to slide to the edge of the bed. The male can lean in off the front of his feet and get a ton of pressure and deep thrusts. He can also lean his arms on the bed to the side of the females shoulders for extra weight and pressure in the thrusting motion.

Remember if leaning becomes tough on your arms or shoulders, simply stand upright like pictured. The standing individual is in complete control with this sex position. He can thrust as fast or slow as his heart desires!

  • The third and final beginner sex position is changing it up with the female on top. This might  seem basic, but if you have not tried this yet, it can be a real eye opener. This beginner sex position puts the girl in complete control. The on one bottom can lay helpless or slight hip thrust to support her.

Have him lie on his back while you slowly mount him with one leg on either side of his body. Take his shaft and slowly lower yourself down onto it. Remember lube is your friend with any beginner sex position but especially this one. She can then use a “bounce” effect using pressure on the knees, or a grinding effect by sliding back and forth on him vs up and down.

Oral Sex Positions:

         Got the beginner sex positions down and want to mix it up further? Not all sex positions have to be vaginal penetration by the male. A great way to enhance your sex life is with different oral sex positions. Of course, everyone knows the blowjob or 69 sex positions. But what else is there? What other oral sex positions can give pleasure to straight, gay, and lesbian couples? As stated before the pictures will be of male and female but can apply to all gender relationships, so please don’t get hung up on the image being a male & female it is only for demonstration purposes.

  • The first oral sex position is slightly different than most think, it is  called North Face and it is with one individual sitting above the other’s face. The individual on top is facing away from the lower half of the other individual in this case the male on bottom, and female is pictured on top.

So, what is so special about this oral sex position? In this case it allows the male to solely focus on the female. He is giving her his undivided attention and she does not have to worry about pleasing him, only enjoying the ride! She can move up down and around to help direct him to the “sweet spot” and put her hands against the wall or on the headboard for extra added support.

  • The second oral sex position is a twist off of the 69 sex position. It is called “sideways 69” and in  this one the male and female are both on their sides facing opposite directions like you would in the original oral sex position.

It allows a built-in headrest for both individuals and the motion of oral sex coming from a very different angle gives a totally unique feeling. No longer is the mouth on genitals from a straight on oral sex position but tilted to the side. This alone will give you a serious boost of pleasure. The angle will give you access to his and her whole crotch, allowing for either to get deeper on the shaft or deeper into the vagina.

  • The third oral sex position is called “laying butler”.  This oral sex position is great for any gender mix and allows easy access to the anus, penis, or vaginal region with a great angle for the giver. The receiver simply enjoys and guides their partner with slight hip movements to the best spots.

It is easy to transition into this oral sex position as well because the receiver normally being on their back just simply roles over. Just make sure the communication is their ahead of time, so your partner knows what’s going on, and what your looking to have done!

Gay Sex Positions:

       So guys, what are the best gay sex positions out there? When it comes to gay positions, it really is not narrowing down most sex positions beyond the obvious. Most male / female sex positions could work for male / male as well. But there are a few in particular that just give a better angle for men entering other men.

  • The first gay sex position is called “Knee Up”. This one is for gay men who want to get real deep penetration. The receiver lays on his back and brings his knees towards his chest. The giver then enters him face to face like missionary style. This gay sex position is great for men who are flexible but want something slightly rougher. For a different angle on this one try tucking a pillow under his butt.


  • The second gay sex position is called “Cowboy” (I know the names are not very original, but I didn’t come up with them). Well you know how a girl can go on top, shown in the diagram above. Guys can actually do the same thing. Straddle the guy and ride him by “bouncing” up and down or grinding back and forth. This is one of the best gay sex positions for guys who are new to gay sex. The reason for this is the receiver has a lot of control and can adjust if starting to feel uncomfortable.


  • The third gay sex position is called “Doggy Style.” Most everyone knows what this is when it comes to male / female, but its actually the best gay sex position for deep anal penetration. The receiver lays on the bed leaning on hand and knees while the giver penetrates from behind. This is a good gay sex position for LGBTQ couples as well, that enjoy dominance and rougher sex in particular.


Lesbian Sex Positions:


Don’t worry ladies, we didn’t forget about you! As stated in most cases here, lesbian sex positions could be used by all gender relationships. The lesbian sex positions here are strictly more favorable for females due to slight differences but that is all.

  • So ladies, the first lesbian sex position is called “The Lap Dance”. A female will sit on a slightly reclined chair with one knee bent out. You can rest your foot on a chair or edge as well. Then have your partner straddle that raised leg and grind her clitoris against your thigh. This lesbian sex position can change if you own a strap on and have her slide down on top of that to put an aggressive twist on this!


  •  The second lesbian sex position is called “Back it up”. It can work in one of two ways through manual stimulation or with a strap on. One female will get on all fours and throw her hands back, while her partner gets behind her doggy style. Remember you can grab hands for a more kinky sex position.


  • The last lesbian sex position is a bit wild so get ready for the ride of your life.  This sex position is called “Gravity”. Have your partner sit in a chair leaning forward. Then you need to put your feet up on the chair straddling her body and your hands on the floor. She now has all-access for an oral sex position as well!

The Best Sex Position:

So now the question becomes what is the best sex position of all? You are going to hate my answer… I know everyone is looking for the best sex position is “X” which I have named some great ones above, but no single sex position is the absolute best sex position. It completely depends on the couple, everyone is a different size, shape, and like different styles of oral and penetration. The best sex position is the one that feels the best for both of you!

I know this doesn’t sound like rocket science, but you need to experiment with your partner, and experiment frequently! You won’t find your best sex position until you try a lot of them. Once you try a handful of different sex positions you will know just by looking at the pictures and descriptions if its something up your ally or not.

If it seems interesting and you enjoy a similar sex position, then go for it! The worst that can happen is one of you say its uncomfortable and switch to something else. You never know until you try, and you will narrow them down until you find your best sex position possible!

Don’t forget to mix sex toys into different sex positions! Some of the best sex positions to start are by you or your partner using a sex toy on each other. Not all sex positions consist of just body to body contact, throw some objects in to spice it up, this makes the number of sex positions out there endless! A single different sex position can change your entire sex life, so never stop searching for the best!

Sex Positions Conclusion:

So in conclusion, changing up your standard sex positions can be life altering to a relationship. Sex is important to any relationship and if it begins to fizzle out, its important to try new things. Search for your best sex position and when you think you found it, keep looking for something better. Unless both of you are completely satisfied, stick with it for awhile but then try a different sex position, you will develop your “go-to” positions over time.

Above are some amazing sex positions for all couples. Remember to throw in other objects like a chair, couch, sex toy, or wedge to really put a twist on your sex positions. Who knows, you may end up inventing your own sex position! No matter what you are looking for, anal, oral, deep penetration…. The list goes on. There is a sex position out there for you. So start exploring and having fun with it. The sex positions are endless and so is the pleasure!

by Diskret Life – December 29, 2022