The Ultimate Sex Toys for Men!

The Ultimate Sex Toys for Men!

Someone brings out a sex doll in your favorite sitcom and everyone laughs. All of the porn you've seen features women playing with dildos and vibrators - but you've never really seen or heard of sex toys for men. While toys for men don't have the same popularity of toys for women, there are still hundreds of sex toy options made for male-bodied individuals. They may not make the front page on most sex toy sites, but almost every retailer has a "toys for men" category right on their website. Or they may have a “cockring” “butt plug” or “anal bead” category. Just click in there and be amazed by the options! Some sex toys will focus on the penis while other sex toys will focus on the unique anal anatomy of male-bodied individuals. Either way, there's a fun sex toy for your interests!

How Can Toys for Men Help Me?

Do you enjoy pleasure? Are you tired of using your own hand - or just want to explore some new avenues of pleasure for a male body? That's exactly where sex toys for men come in. Specifically designed for male pleasure, these toys will allow you to try new things in the bed, explore sensations on your own, add different experiences with a partner, and just generally enjoy the fun of playing with sex toys! After all, who doesn't like new sex toys?

What Toys For Men Exist?

Despite the fact that sex toys for men aren't often talked about, there are a surprising number of male sex toys out there! Some of the most common options include:

Toys for Men: Male Masturbation Sleeves

The easiest and most popular variety of toys for men is the male masturbation sleeve. There's no coy naming tricks here: the male masturbation sleeve is a cylindrical toy - usually with a pleasurably textured internal chamber - that the penis can slide into. Because of this simplistic design and its universal appeal, male masturbation sleeves are, by far, the most plentiful of the toys for men categories.

Despite their basic design, male masturbation sleeves still have variance. The internal chamber textures can be tighter or looser - with different textures. The length of the sleeve itself can be different, and it's something you need to pay attention to. When the texture of the male sex toy doesn't start until 4" and your penis is only 5" long, it's something to know. Some sleeves will come with realistic orifice designs - like lips or genitals. Some may have an open-ended design - to allow for easier clean-up and longer penises, but other sleeves may have a close-ended design to provide more suction during use.

The longevity of male masturbation sleeves is a huge variance as well. Some male masturbation sleeves will only cost a couple of dollars - and are meant to be tossed when you're done with them. Other masturbation sleeves will last a couple of years, but they'll need to be thoroughly cleaned after every use. Pick the masturbation sleeve that works best for your sex toy practices.

Toys for Men: Sex Dolls

More than just the joke in your favorite sitcom, sex dolls are available for actual sexual use too. Sex dolls are life-like replicas of another human. Usually with multiple penetrable orifices, sex dolls can be life-sized at 5 or 6 feet tall - or smaller sized with just the torso, chest, and hips.

However, this is where things can get a bit tricky. The quality of a sex doll varies widely depending upon price and manufacturer. For example, if you shell out thousands of dollars, you can definitely get a sex doll that'll function perfectly as an erotic sex toy – and could possibly star in a feature film with its realism. However, if you only buy the $10 blow-up doll from the local sex store? That might not work as well.

However, there's a happy medium. The issue with the extremely-cheap inflatable sex dolls is that they tend to have seams - much like any inflatable pool toy. Unfortunately, these seams tend to regularly be placed within the penetration canals of the doll. I'm sure you can imagine how painful that can be for thrusting into. The simple solution is one that some sex doll manufacturers have found: a slide-in male masturbation sleeve. After your sex doll is blown up and ready for use, you can slide in the included male masturbation sleeve into the penetration holes. Now you have something with more added sensation for you - and something that protects you from the seams of the toy! Plus, easy clean-up!

Toys for Men: Prostate Anal Toys

Looking to play with other parts of your body? That's where prostate anal sex toys come in. Also known as the "p-spot", the prostate is generally considered the male-bodied version of the "g-spot". That is, any penetration and pressure to the area can be extremely pleasurable and cause orgasm in a lot of guys! The prostate is located in a relatively shallow location in the butt, however, so getting to it may require use of some well-shaped toys.

Lucky for us, manufacturers are happy to help fill that need. P-spot anal sex toys are butt-safe toys that are especially designed with the curvature and design you need to hit your own prostate. These types of toys tend to come in two flavors: general prostate sex toys and hands-free prostate sex toys. General prostate sex toys are just that. Some prostate toys are anal plugs while others are dildos. Some may vibrate for added sensation as well.

Some men are looking for a new experience, and that's exactly where "hands-free" prostate toys come in. Exactly how it sounds, "hands-free" prostate sex toys are toys that are designed to produce hands-free orgasms. That is, it doesn't require the user to touch their penis or mess with the anal sex toy in order to induce orgasms. These types of hands-free prostate toys require some practice, and it might take months before you're able to experience these hands-free orgasms, but it's definitely a reality for many users with a bit of patience and practice!

Toys for Men: Cock Rings

If you own a penis, a cock ring might be for you. Exactly how it sounds, a cock ring is a ring of material that goes around the penis. This ring should be a snug fit on the base of the penis, and it will restrict blood flow into the penis. Why is this good? Well, it makes for stronger, harder-feeling erections, can make the penis more sensitive, and it also can help delay ejaculation! Penis rings can be worn around the base of the penis shaft itself, or they can also be worn at the base of the penis and the underneath the balls.

Are you still new to cock rings? While these are fun toys for men, they also can be a bit hard to use when you're new to them. If you're new, stick to buying cock rings with flexible and stretchy materials - such as TPR or jelly. You could even pick up disposable, stretchy cock rings for just a couple bucks! Once you've graduated into an experience cock ring user, you can consider going for the full steel or metal options that are out there.

Toys for Men: Cock Extenders

Next on the list is another penis toy - a penis extender. You can think of these like long, rigid dildos - only the dildo is hollow on the inside to allow a penis-owner to slide their own penis inside. Because the material of a penis extender can be a bit weighty, some extenders may come with their own built-in waist harness or others may use a ring around the balls to keep the extender from sliding off during penetration. Some people like to wear their cock extender just for looks, and others use their extenders during penetration for a thicker and longer feel than their biological penis.

Penis extenders will vary on the size, shape, length, and heft of the material of the sex toy. They also will vary on how much sensation the sex toy will allow "through" the material of the extender. In some cases, the wearer can still feel some sensation. In other cases, the material will make that impossible. Make sure to read through some reviews and the manufacturer's marketing copy to have a good idea of what to expect from your penis extender.

Toys for Men: Penis Pumps

While many penis-owners use penis pumps for medical reasons, penis pumps can be just as fun for sexual reasons. Not only do they allow you to get an "erection on demand", but they also provide an interesting and pleasurable sensation while doing so - and for many users, can leave the penis a lot harder than with an unassisted erection!

Penis pumps can vary widely in quality, so make sure to do a bit of review reading before picking out your perfect penis pump. You want to make sure it has a reliable seal, has worked well for others, and doesn't accidentally lose suction through design flaws.

Toys for Men: Lube for Men

While all lubricants can be "male" lubricants, there are few lubricants especially designed for penis-owner use. One of those personal care products would be any type of "delay" cream. "Delay" lubricants are lubricants crafted with desensitizing ingredients. When used on the penis, it helps reduce the sensation the penis receives - which can make someone last longer before ejaculation. Some "delay" creams are just delay creams - and that's that. Others have the desensitizing ingredients built into an actual slickening lubricant. While usually touted for use during partnered sexual encounters, some people like to use these "delay" lubricants on their own for self-teasing or frustration or just for longer masturbation sessions.

The other "male lubricant" includes oil-based "jack off" lubes. Oil-based lubricants are dangerous for use with condoms, and they're usually inhospitable for use in vaginas, so oil-based lubricants are generally considered "penis lubricants". If you see a lube labeled as a male masturbation lubricant, it's likely made of oil-based ingredients. Despite their limited uses, oil-based ingredients are hardy and thick - and last a long, long time - which is what makes them perfect for male masturbation use.

Toys for Men: All of the Toys!

There's no reason you have to stay within the "toys for men" category when shopping for toys to play with. Yes, there are definitely toys specifically designed for penis owners (such as cock rings, masturbation sleeves, and the others that are mentioned above), but did you know that a lot of penis owners enjoy playing with vibrators and dildos too? If you think a "woman's" toy might be a good fit for you - try it! A lot of guys can reach ejaculation just from a strong vibrator on the frenulum!

by Diskret Life – April 21, 2023