Your Ultimate Guide To Literotica!

Your Ultimate Guide To Literotica!

This is going to become your ultimate guide to literotica! If you are not sure what literotica is don’t worry, you’re not alone. Literotica and writing erotic stories have been around a long time but have really went main stream in the past few years especially with the explosion of “Fifty Shades” novels and movie series.

What Is Literotica:

Literotica refers to creatively written erotica novels, stories, and poems. It was derived from literature and erotica, meaning the writing of erotic situations. The term originated from, which was a unique site that took user-submitted erotic stories and posted it for everyone to read.

The websites name caught on and become synonymous for modern erotica novels and stories. Literotica in a sense is like watching soft porn, of course you have the extreme adult stories as well. You can read anything from people making out, all the way to extreme bondage and BDSM scenarios. All true literotica should have a goal in telling a story and explaining the background more than focusing only on the sexual content. The key is building the background before explaining the hot sex scenes in excruciating details.

The important thing is finding a balance of what you’re most interested in, and what excites you the most. You can find literotica short stories, one-off stories, chain-stories written with other authors, and entire adult novels submitted in chapters.

All literotica is usually a largely image-free environment. If your looking to watch porn, go watch porn. If you’re looking to stare at images of naked men or women, go buy a playboy. That is not what you will find in literotica, nor is the purpose of these stories.

These adult stories are meant to drive your imagination into places it has never been. Imagine a hot steamy sex dream while you’re awake!

Literotica is categorized into many different themes, some involving minimal pictures, and others strictly audio. While men strongly prefer to watch porn, many women find this to overwhelming. Most porn is geared towards men and does not build any anticipation but more so goes straight into the sex scene.

Literotica liberates a lot of women from porn that might be to extreme or vulgar for them to truly enjoy. The term “porn for women” is searched a quart-million times a month for a reason. Women want something more specific to them. While it might take longer than a 5min video clip, picking up a literotica novel can bring you continued pleasure through your own imagination, for hours on end!

A psychologist opinion on the matter: While men, unlike women, physical excitement and psychology are blended; if there is an erection, the male is excited. The women’s brain is designed to be more cautious, that’s why they choose partners with care and gathering a lot of information. Which is why women read more literotica compared to watching porn. This of course is not scientifically proven; however the numbers don’t lie.

Women search literotica just under 2M times a month and they are not only reading it but getting serious pleasure out of writing it as well. Besides, what’s better than putting your deepest darkest desires on paper anonymously for everyone else to fantasies about?

Keep in mind Literotica does not have to be a 300 page novel. The adult short stories are becoming more and more popular. Imagine reading a blog, or article from the newspaper. It might only take you 5 mins, but in that span of time it can get your mind and body worked up into quite a degree of pleasure. No need to think dirty, literotica explains that dirty image very vividly!

History Of Literotica:     

  • Erotic writing: Erotic writing has been around since ancient Greece and Roman times. In ancient Sumer, a whole cycle of poems revolved around the erotic lovemaking between multiple goddesses.
  • Erotic fiction: Erotic fiction has been around since ancient and medieval times as well. Erotic fiction is a twist on literotica where it deals with sexual themes, generally in a more literary or serious way than the fiction seen in your Dads porno mags. These works are frequently banned by the government and religious societies.
  • “The writing of prostitution”: The writing of prostitution was the earliest focus of literotica. The term “pornography” which is derived from the Greek word pornographos meaning “the writing of prostitution”. The original writings were denoting descriptions of the lives of prostitutes and their customers in Ancient Greece.

But that’s enough of a history lesson. What exactly is literotica, what should I read it, how should I read it, and what are the benefits? Let me put it this way, literotica is the ultimate build up and anticipation for pleasure. Read further as I explain how reading a book translates to the most pleasurable experiences you will ever have!

How To Enjoy Literotica:

Literotica can be enjoyed many ways, however we will go into detail on what we think is the best way. The most important thing to remember is you need to focus on the adult story and forget everything else. Similar to masturbation, the state of mind going into it is everything.

Literotica is an escape from reality, an escape from your daily lives. So just as you would prepare for a solo masturbation session or sex with a lover, make sure you have these covered:

  • Time to give undivided attention.
  • Relaxed state of mind.
  • If your masturbating during or after, your favorite sex toy readily available.
  • If your listening with a partner, and you plan to have sex during or right after, be in a private place. You don’t want to have to worry about others intruding!
  • If your listening to an audio version, make sure your background noise is minimal, and you have plenty of battery power to make it through the adult story.

It is not uncommon for women to have a sex toy at their side while reading literotica. You will get quite worked up, believe me! This is the perfect segue into masturbating.

If you plan on masturbating during the literotica story, we suggest using the audio version of the story. It’s more difficult to  read while focusing on touching yourself, than it is to lay back and listen while using your sex toy.

So what type of adult product should I use while listening to the story? Your imagination is the limit! Use a vibrator or dildo to start but mix it up with anal beads or butt plugs at your leisure. Remember if the story goes into anal play, you may want an anal toy next to you, this way you can role play and follow along.

Its not uncommon for couples to listen to the literotica together! I know we have preached about women enjoying literotica, but men enjoy it too! Try getting your significant other to listen to a story you really enjoy, it may lead into the role playing of a lifetime! This is a perfect way to reignite any relationship. Even if you just send them the file and have them listen to it on their own; if they are not comfortable doing it with you to start. This will spark their imagination and they can envision performing the acts from the literotica with you!

The key is to get a release and break from the “real world”. Even if its only for 5-10mins it is healthy to step back and enjoy some mental relaxation from time to time. By reading a few pages you can forget about daily tasks, work problems, family responsibilities, and leave for a small moment of pleasure.

Women’s favorite genre is romantic tales, a longer literotica story, sometimes even a few hundred pages, where the thrilling scenes are spread throughout. But you really need to read a few stories in each genre to get a taste of what turns you on the most. Just by the category names you should have an idea if you want to start there or maybe work your way into it.

Benefits Of Literotica

Reading literotica fantasies causes the mind to run wild, causes chills up your spine, and triggers unimaginable pleasurable feelings. Although not all adult stories are pleasure driven, some adult stories have twists of humor, sadness, and action throughout. These adult stories give a full mix of all emotions while reading.

A lot of women for fear of being considered scandalous and perverse, prefer to get lost in the pages of a hidden desire, rather than actually transform their desires into reality. Some of you may find this to be silly, but it’s a benefit to read literotica if you’re not as outgoing, it may help you begin to openly express yourself more sexually.

Here at Diskret we believe you should always openly express your sexual desires with your significant other. Especially explore your desires amongst your own body, with masturbation, lietrotica, and porn if you so choose. Remember using a sex toy to masturbate is not a scandalous taboo act. Actually, it’s quite the opposite! It is rare nowadays to find a woman who doesn’t enjoy a good literotica story while using a vibrator. However, if you’re not on this level yet, literotica can help open your mind to exploring these fantasies.

Types Of Literotica

The rule here is; if you have imagined it, chances are someone has written on it. The list of genres for literotica is extensive. Everything from anal play, BDSM, erotic couples, fetish, first time, gay male, and humor. The list is a mile long and each genre has thousands of adult stories in them. Below is a basic description for some of the more popular literotica genres:

  • Illustrated - Erotica with accompanying original visual artwork.
  • Celebrities and Fan Fiction – Adult stories and erotic fan fiction about famous people.
  • Mature - Lust and love affairs.
  • Chain Stories - Collaborations between literotica authors.
  • Erotic Horror - Bizarre, shocking, scary, these can also be sexy.
  • Letters and Transcripts - Fictional literotica correspondence.
  • First Time – These are usually less fictional and are of memories & stories of people's first times.
  • How To - Advice and suggestions from our readers and literotica authors.
  • Humor and Satire – Literotica stories with a little sense of humor.
  • Non-English - Erotic stories in all languages.
  • Non-Human - Aliens, ghosts, androids, and more.
  • Novels and Novellas - Erotic fiction with a broader scope. Usually longer literotica stories.
  • Mind Control - Erotic-hypnosis and mind control.
  • Reviews and Essays - Your take on art, films, and all things sexual.
  • Romance - Drama, love, risk, and happily-ever-after.
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy - Literotica tales set in futuristic or fantastic worlds.
  • Text with Audio - Literotica with oral accompaniment.

Is There Risk in Reading Literotica

Reading literotica and adult stories is not harmful to you. Keep in mind like anything sexual related, it needs to be done in a mature demeanor. Once you finish an adult story and have your dose away from reality, the story is exactly that… an escape from reality. These adult stories are fiction. Actually, most of the stories are ten-twenty times more unrealistic than what happens in real life.

So, don’t read literotica and think your sex life is “boring” because you don’t have experiences like the story. As long as you are not comparing yourself to the literotica, reading it is not harmful by any means.

The Best Literotica

I know what you’re thinking, so what is the best literotica on the market? It really does depend on what you’re interested in. I would suggest a popular novel from New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day. She has written a five-book series that puts the “50 shades” series to shame in my opinion. You can find these books for less at Diskret. Diskret also offers a lot of “how-to” books, and sexual informational guide books.

If you are looking for a massive library of online stories, a no brainer would be to check out

If you are looking for something more specific, and you like your fantasies rough, check out BDSM Café. This site has an extensive archive of erotic stories, novels, and pomes all focused on the bondage, discipline, and masochism lifestyle. It’s a one-stop shop for anyone looking to add some kink into their lifestyle.

Polyamory is treading everywhere nowadays and Sex, Love, and Everything will help you understand why. This is a married couple blog about their unique experiences after willingly opening their marriage to others. It’s a great place to live vicariously through a sexually adventurous couple, while also very informal about kinky related topics.

At last, if you are looking for 40,000+ stories on masturbation theme, check out Solo Touch. This site is dedicated specifically to masturbation. Members have access to live chat rooms, forums, and web cams. But the reading is exquisite, exciting, and tantalizing. Remember to have that sex toy in hand when reading these!

Literotica Conclusion

         In conclusion, literotica is a website based on erotica novels, short stories, and poems. The websites name has grown to become synonymous for modern erotica novels and adult stories. These stories have helped many women step outside their daily lives into the amazing world of fulfilling their deepest sensual desires.

Try listening to some audio versions while masturbating for a unique solo experience. Or share the experience with your partner, for a new twist on sex. These stories will have both of your minds running wild!

Hand that sex toy over to your partner while enjoying a good erotic novel for the ultimate experience in pleasure. However, you enjoy literotica is up to you, but just remember its there for your imagination. Let lose, open your mind for some new experiences, and enjoy reading something that isn’t work or school related for once.

Remember to take your pleasure seriously, and if you have any other questions about literotica please ask us at Diskret. We are always here to help, if you want our personal recommendations, check them out here.

by Diskret Life – January 01, 2023