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Adams Extension

Adams Extension

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Adams Extension Features:


  • Highest Rated, Most Sold Penis Sleeve Ever!


  • Over 60,000 Sold Worldwide.


  • Increase your size, length, girth, and texture instantly.


  • No pills, creams, or devices required anymore.


  • Instantly adds 2” of length plus girth


  • Made from soft and stretchy clear jelly


  • Realistic shape for ultimate ecstasy


  • Pleasure points inside and out


  • Securely fits most sizes


  • Clear so you can watch all the action


Adam’s Specifications:


  • Length: 6 inches


  • Width: 1.5 inches


  • Can stretch to fit all


  • Material: Body-Safe Jelly


Adams Extension



The Cock Extension Design:


It’s time to enjoy the girth and size you’ve always dreamed of…


No more scams of “take this pill” or “rub this cream on your balls…”


It’s obvious how this penis extension works and works with instant results! This clear silicone jelly that is 100% body-safe will stretch right over your shaft like a condom.


It will instantly add 2 more inches in length and more girth!


The Adam’s Extension is lined with a special texture both inside and out. This will allow you to stimulate your partner to the fullest, while also feeling the pleasure of being inside them!


The constriction not only helps you stay harder for longer, but it also helps delay your orgasms! So, not only can you go longer, you can go extra deep and extra hard!


This will satisfy your partners wildest dreams and help build the confidence you’ve always wanted with a larger penis by using the Adams extension!


Adam’s Extension Use:


From the moment you slide this penis extension on, you will feel the incredible textured internals. The super soft and flexible jelly wraps your cock with comfort. It’s a perfect extension of your body.


Rows of soft, tickling stimulators inside will stimulate you with every thrust. Helping you build an rock hard, orgasmic erection.


The best way I found to use it was by lubing your erect shaft completely before sliding Adams extension on. Then lube the outside and tease your partner into submission.


Once my partner was begging it for it, I penetrated them. The textured cock extension with added length and girth will make them climax fast and hard.


Once your partner is completely sexually satisfied, pull the sleeve off and finish yourself off.


Keep in mind, this is just one way of a thousand to use the Adams Extension. I just enjoy this method because it ensures my partner is pleased before myself.


Another great way most people don’t think of is... Slap this cock extension your (or her) favorite vibrator. Let the vibration rock through the sleeve and have the added texture of the cock sleeve satisfy them completely!


When you’re all done, clean up is a breeze! Just slide the penis sleeve off and rinse under warm water and mild soap. It’s so flexible you can just flip it inside-out and clean it even better!




If you end up trapping air in the end of this penis sleeve, poke a hole in the end of it. This will let air release out of it.


While its perfectly safe to cum inside the Adam’s extension, please understand this is NOT a condom. This is not designed to be used instead of a condom or work like a condom. Even with the hole or no hole in the top.


I recommend you use it with a water-based lube.


Recommended For:


  • Guys who want to add 2 inches and girth instantly.


  • If you want to completely satisfy your partner with a longer, thicker penis.


  • If you want to build confidence in the bedroom.


  • Want the ability to delay ejaculation when desired.


  • If you’d like an extension that still allows for some pleasure and sensation.


  • Think your partner would enjoy the textured sleeve.

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