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Aria Finger Wand

Aria Finger Wand

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Aria Finger Wand Features:


  • Powerful deep rumbly vibes


  • Turns your finger into an energized magical orgasmic device!


  • Textured bullseye.


  • Comfortably fits on your fingers and conforms to your body


  • Magnetic USB-Rechargeable


  • 100% waterproof


  • Smooth stain feeling silicone


  • Pure organic body-safe silicone (no latex, phthalate, or synthetics)


  • Versatile shape allows for many different uses


  • 5 vibration patterns


  • 5 vibration speeds


  • Reputable manufacturer with 5-year warranty!


finger vibrator




  • Total Length: 3.25 inches


  • Silicone Finger Length: 2.75 inches


  • Total Width: 1.25 inches


  • Waterproof


  • 5-year warranty


  • Extremely powerful Lithium polymer motors


  • Fuchsia silky body-safe silicone

Aria Finger Wand


Aria Finger Wand Design:


The Aria Finger wand is the creative genius work of Blush Novelties. A premium sex toy manufacturing company that has been around for decades.


They are one of the few qualities manufactures I’ve found that makes a great finger vibrator. They have a few different designs, but the Aria finger wand is my favorite.


It uses a textured “bulleye” tip that allows for pin-point clitoral stimulation from a very powerful motor. The vibes offer deep, rumbling sensations that never make you go numb.


The motor is powered by a lithium polymer battery that is USB rechargeable and offers a variety of power levels and vibration patterns.


All this is packed into a 3 inch long vibrator that slips over your fingers. With a single button interface the Aria Finger Wand is perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a less complicated vibrator.


This is hands down one of the highest quality finger vibrators I’ve tested.



Since a finger vibrator essentially turns your fingertips into energized pleasure machines, the uses with the Aria Finger Wand are truly endless.


Solo Play:


Love using you hand for solo masturbation because its simple and effective? Just imagine your finger tips providing huge vibrations that rock your clit into an orgasmic state… almost immediately.


This took my solo masturbation sessions to new heights. I like to think of it as my “lazy vibrator” because sometimes I don’t feel like putting in the “work” to get off.


With this fingertip vibrator, I don’t need to even move my hand! Rest my fingers on just the right spot and let the vibrations do the rest! 


After a long stressful day, the last thing I want is to work hard for an orgasm.


Plus, I enjoy masturbating in the bathtub. A warm bubbly sanctuary all to myself! So, its really nice the Aria Finger Wand is waterproof!


woman masturbation


Couples Play:


Why only use this amazing vibrator alone? Take any couples play to new and pleasurable heights!


This fun, kinky, and unique toy is discreet. It’s a non-invasive way of providing clitoral stimulation while a partner penetrates you.


Either let them use it on you or use it yourself. Both are great forms of foreplay, or amazing ways to climax with a partner.


water sex




Small and ready to fly! Throw it in a side pocket of your luggage and forget its there until you need it. I love taking mine on work trips and vacations. Doesn’t take up much room or require anything to use it beyond the simple charger.


sexual bucket list




If you want to get risky, you need something quiet and small. A finger vibrator was made for semi-public play.


Blend it:


Try the Aria Finger Wand with a dildo, vibrator, butt plug, anal beads… you get the idea.


Because its so small, simple, and only requires one finger to use it leaves other opportunities open if you so desire.


Blend it with other forms of pleasure in order to orgasm longer and with much more intensity!


Customer Reviews:


“My hubby and I fell in love with this little guy. We use it all the time together. I wear it while he enters me since I require the clit stimulation to get off. It’s nice we are both left satisfied at the end of the day.”- Shannon (Texas)


Recommended For:


  • Women who want to boost solo masturbation


  • Looking for a quick, simple, and easy orgasm


  • Want to boost their bedroom play with a partner


  • Beginners who haven’t used a sex toy before


  • Travel and Semi-Public play


  • Great for blended orgasms

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