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Aria Mi Vibe

Aria Mi Vibe

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Aria Mi Vibe Features:


  • Turns your finger into an energized magical orgasmic device!


  • Unique ribbed texture and rolling wave design


  • Comfortably fits on your fingers and conforms to your body


  • Magnetic USB-Rechargeable


  • 100% waterproof


  • Smooth stain feeling silicone


  • Pure organic body-safe silicone (no latex, phthalate, or synthetics)


  • 5 vibration patterns


  • 5 vibration speeds


  • Reputable manufacturer with 5-year warranty!






  • Total Length: 3 inches


  • Silicone Finger Length: 2.6 inches


  • Total Width: 1.4 inches


  • 5- Year Warranty


  • Waterproof


  • Powerful Lithium polymer motors


  • Plum colored silky body-safe silicone



Aria Mi Vibe diamensions


Aria Mi Vibe Design:


This comes from a line of extremely high-quality finger vibrators. It’s difficult to find good finger vibrators, due to the size they are typically made from cheap materials powered by weak replaceable batteries.


Talk about frustrating and a total “buzz kill” (pun intended).


Finally Blush Novelties offed something worth using. Something that is driving women wild and becoming extremely popular. The Aria Mi Vibe!


This fingertip vibrator is made from premium silicone, 100% waterproof, offers 5 different patterns and 5 different levels of intensity, plus its USB-rechargeable!


Talk about a feature packed finger vibrator you won’t find anywhere else.


Since it’s less than 3 inches long this small, quiet, and discreet vibrator is great for so many different things! Use it to enhance solo masturbation sessions, bring it to bed with a partner, take it on a trip, or into semi-public areas.


The pleasure is endless and so are the orgasms!


Aria Mi Vibe Solo Play:


The Aria Mi Vibe becomes a natural extension of your fingers. When you’re in the mood and things start to heat up, you don’t even notice its there!


Swirl, tap, apply pressure, and caress all the pleasurable zones you wish. Its designed for external use, but I’ve inserted over an inch before when I’m really craving it!


Its great for “lazy orgasms”. Don’t feel like working to hard to climax? Especially after a long stressful day… Just slide the Aria Mi Vibe on and let it do all the work!


You literally don’t even have to move your fingers! Keep the textured ribs on your “sweet spot” and drift off into an orgasmic state of mind!


Couples Play:


Your partner will love the Aria Mi Vibe as much as you do!


A sleek, slim, and discreet way of getting all your clitoral pleasure while they penetrate you.


Make sure everyone is left sexually satisfied at the end of the day! After all… that’s only fair!


Use it during foreplay to heat things up or let them use it on you after to finish you off. The possibilities are endless, and the pleasure is unique in every way.





Throw it in the side pocket of your checked bag and forget about it.


Since its so small and doesn’t require anything except a tiny charging cord, it’s great for that business trip or vacation.


Just because your away from home doesn’t mean the pleasure should end!


waterproof vibrator


Aria Mi Vibe in Public:


Hand check!


While I can’t technically recommend you do something illegal… If you are into public play the Aria Mi Vibe is a very discreet way of getting off.


Your hands don’t even need to come out of your pocket… (so I’ve been told, by a friend, don’t ask their name… 😉 )


Customer Reviews:


“It’s a tool every girl needs in her nightstand. I use it daily and makes my climax fast and strong. I love using a dildo with it too. It becomes addictive!”- Kay (Wisconsin)


Aria Mi Vibe is Recommended For:


  • Women who want to boost solo masturbation


  • Looking for a quick, simple, and easy orgasm


  • Want to boost their bedroom play with a partner


  • Beginners who haven’t used a sex toy before


  • Travel and Semi-Public play


  • Great for blended orgasms

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