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Berry Butt Plug

Berry Butt Plug

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The Berry Butt Plug Is the Most Satisfying Plug You Have Ever Used:


“It feels as pleasurable as it looks!”


The Berry butt plug is a unique design that provides maximum pleasure when inserted and removed. The rippling contours give it the most unique sensation as the powerful vibes penetrate you from the inside out.


The deep waves of pleasure will encompass your entire body. Leaving you weak in the legs from pure pleasure exhaustion.


While smooth butt plugs are nice for a first-time user to glide in, the Berry butt plug is even better. You get the full effect of textured premium silicone sliding in for the ultimate satisfaction.


The bullet vibe inside is award-winning. It’s called the RO 80 Bullet and it has 7 different vibration functions for patterns and intensities. Its also 100% waterproof in case you want to shower or soak your stress away in a warm bath with the Berry butt plug!


Speaking from experience, a powerful anal orgasm while soaking in the hot tub after a long day at work is one of the most relaxing and satisfying joys in life!


The Berry Butt Plug Details:


  • Intense vibrations that allow for deep anal massaging. The bullet sends waves of penetrating vibes through your core and gives you amazing anal pleasure!


  • Premium silicone that is ultra-smooth and 100% body safe. So you can insert with confidence.


  • Easy anal orgasms that will have your knees trembling!


  • Circumference: 4.25 inches


  • Insertable Length: 2.25 inches


  • Length: 4.5 inches


  • Phthalate-Free and Latex-Free



Berry Plug Reviews:

“This little gem of a plug is amazing. Perfect for first time players or couples. We now use a bigger one but still use this to just warm up for bigger toys or even able sex. It delivered a great feeling when used on the wife during or before sex and is amazing when she puts it in me and just hit the right spot.” – Michael


“I have to say that I'm very happy this is made of silicone and not jelly. It's a cute toy, and the vibe is pretty powerful. It's a perfect toy for anal virgins or to get ready for anal fun. I wish it was a bit bigger, because after some play it pops right out. The base is a good size too, no fear of it getting lost :D” -Felisha


“This is such a great product and I would highly recommend the Berry Butt Plug to anyone venturing out in the bedroom as it has really opened my eyes an made me realize how much I was missing out on!” – Lynn


Best butt plug for women


Recommended For:


  • Simple vibrating butt plug that delivers explosive results especially for first-time anal users.


  • Perfect for single men or women along with couples sex. Use it during penetrative sex or amazing masturbation sessions!


  • Male or Female friendly! Great for him or her, although she has really been enjoying it the most lately 😉


  • Tapered tip and texture brings a different satisfaction for anyone looking to expand on their anal exploration! Don't forget the lube!

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