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Blush Wand

Blush Wand

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Unique Rose Crystal Dildo; Feel Something New!


rose crystal dildo


Slide this rose crystal dildo in for a unique and pleasurable experience unlike anything you’ve felt before. This gentle stone will get your inner energy flowing!


When you open yourself to sensing the subtle vibration of crystals you can train yourself to feeling more pleasure and a more intense sensation.


While I must be honest, I was very skeptical of the whole “healing emotional wounds” that other rose crystal dildo users say it does… It did feel different. It felt unique, pleasurable, and I felt more in tune with what I was doing.


Getting Started:


I love to relax with a nice long warm bath. Sometimes I’ll hold the crystal and start caressing myself with it to get more in tune with my senses.


water sex


Since the rose crystal dildo is literally rock hard, you’ll want to use a lot of lube. The crystal is tapered so you’ll want to start with the slim end first.  


The Climax With A Rose Crystal Dildo:


You can experience something truly magical with the rose crystal dildo!


The rose quartz will slowly warm to your body temperature, giving you the sense that you’re glowing from within.


Without a motor or vibration, the build up is more pure and meaningful. You’ll need to focus more on the sensation and pleasure, not to whats going on around you. The build up is slow but the release is insane!


Forcing yourself to slow down and be present, in an increasingly busy world, it feels unnatural at first, but once done properly you’ll feel 100x more relaxed afterwards.


You don’t have to believe in the magic of crystals to feel the unique and impressive sensation the stone gives off. The rose crystal dildo forces you to draw attention to what’s most important during your masturbation session… Your body and the pleasure.


girl naked


I plan to explore my crystal dildos more and more!


The Features:


    • 100% natural organic rose crystal feel closer to yourself and draw your attention to what’s really important during your masturbation. Get in tune with your body for the most powerful and relaxing orgasm of your life.


    • Certified real rose quartz- not like the knock offs out there.


    • Sleek, silky, smooth for a completely unique sensation.


    • Slowly builds to the temperature of your core. Radiating heat from within.


    • Hand polished to make the sleekest dildo ever! Just a dab of lube for easy insertion.


    • Tapered body for a sense of fullness and pleasure.


    • Each stone will have its own unique pattern of light translucent to deep pink color variations.


Crystal Dildo Specifications:


    • Length: 7”


    • Circumference: 3” at the small end and 5” at the large end.


    • Each stone has its own unique color and patterns!


rose crystal


What Your Peers Say:


“Shipped fast and they even fulfilled my request of sending me a color that was on the lighter side. Very beautiful in person!” – Veronica


“I literally nearly cried when I received my order! Love it so much!” – Melissa


What The Experts Say:


“My Pleasure Wands have brought me undeniable boundless joy and sexual growth, not only in self pleasure ... I love to use them with a partner too. In dark times they help me find my way back home ... to myself. Allowing me, all alone, to be willing and open to experience and receive the untapped pleasure we ALL possess within our walls. In joyous and lustful times the magic remains. The Pleasure Wand has been a unique way to open the flood gates to a higher level of awareness and energetic vibration. Let loose upon my sex life as well as a personal connection to my own body and self, as I begin to trust and follow my own pleasure-based instincts.” - Mimi


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