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Fantasy Anal C-Ring

Fantasy Anal C-Ring

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The Fantasy C-Ring Will Rock Your P-Spot and Vibe Your Cock into Knee Trembling Orgasmic Pleasure!


Get ready for the most powerful anal cock ring yet!


So, how exactly does it work?


Start by lubing up and slowly inserting the plug. This tapered plug is designed to rock your prostate giving immense waves of pleasure that stem from your core.


The butt plug comfortably stays in place and gives you that fullness sensation we all crave during sex. The powerful bullet vibrator is a simple “on-off” button that sends powerful vibrations through your prostate for a huge boost in orgasmic pleasure.


A prostate orgasm is said to be 33% more intense for guys than a standard orgasm. Enjoy this erotic backside pleasure while also penetrating your partner!


Once the butt plug is comfortably in place, slide the cock ring over your penis to the base of your shaft. This is done easiest while still soft or semi erect.


As you become fully erect the cock ring provides good constriction around the base of your shaft. This allows you to stay rock hard for extended amounts of time and also prolongs your orgasm. Allowing you to satisfy your partner longer and enjoy your prostate orgasm before ejaculating.


Fun Sex


In terms of sensitive zones the male has the p-spot, perineum, and penis. So why not stimulate them all at once for the most explosive, full-body, blended orgasm of your life?


Once the butt plug is inserted and cock ring is around the base of your shaft, turn on the perineum vibrator, and finally the dual cock ring vibrators.


These cock ring vibrators will send deep rumbling vibes through your shaft turning your shaft from normal to her new favorite rock-hard vibrator!


The dual motor vibrators on the cock ring will press against her clitoris and anus during every deep penetrating stroke you provide her. Making your sex life more explosive than ever before!


The Quadruple Combo:


Four powerful bullet vibrators can be turned on and off depending on how much stimulation you and your partner can handle.


The pleasure combination is endless!


When you have them all on, your core will be trembling and your cock will be pulsating like never before!






Powerful Vibrating Motor #1: Presses against her clitoris with each and every thrust of your cock. Once you are fully inserted in her, the motor vibes on her most sensitive area!


Powerful Vibrating Motor #2: Presses against her anus every time you are fully penetrating her. The combination of clitoral stimulation with external anus stimulation and your fully inserted shaft will send her over the edge into a state of orgasmic shock. It just so happens I found this motor does more than that… It also rests comfortably against your balls. Giving these a jolt of pleasure whenever this vibrating motor is ignited!


Powerful Vibrating Motor #3: Gently rests against your perineum, the sensitive zone between your anus and scrotum. A hidden gem most men don’t even know is there!


Powerful Vibrating Motor #4: Turns the prostate plug into an incredible eye-rolling butt plug that gives you full stimulation whenever inserted!


This Much Pleasure Shouldn’t Be Legal:


We dare you to find a single sex toy that can achieve this much pleasure all at once, for both you and your partner. It’s the combination of the best cock rings with purest butt plug. Making it one of the hottest selling couples sex toys on the market today!


The smooth silicone ring fits snug like a glove and pushes your package out to the max! Making you harder, stronger, and longer lasting. The tight squeeze puts a clamp on performance letdowns while the four vibrating bullets simultaneously stimulate your most sensitives zones, allowing you both to climax together!


fun sex


Your sex life will never be the same again!




4 Power Motors

Strategic placement of 4 vibrating bullets to stimulate his and her zones simultaneously leading to powerful, full body, blended orgasms!


Prostate Plug

Smooth silicone with a tapered tip, this butt plug is designed to hit all the right places. It rests comfortably in place so no more “adjustments” need to be made in the middle of penetrative sex! Every movement of the cock ring during each thrust, pulls the plug into your prostate!


100% Body-Safe

Made from premium silicone that is body safe for both of you, simply use water-based lube for best results! Its phthalates free and easy to clean.


100% Waterproof

Super easy to clean with just soap and water, plus you can take your orgasmic new toy to the bath tub or shower!


One Size Fits Most

Please understand the cock ring will stretch and is designed to provide constriction during penetrative sex. This is how you prolong your ejaculations and stay extra hard throughout!




Cock Ring Diameter: 1.5 inches


Ball Ring Diameter: 1 inch


Plug Insertable Length: 3.1 inches


Plug Width: 1.3 inches


Powered By: 1 x AAA (not included), 6 X AG13 (Included)


Peer Reviews:


“I saw this in a store but didn't buy it then. Then bought another brand that was similar and it was ok. I decided to order this one and I must say that I am so much happier with it. I've used it twice so with my girlfriend and the stimulation is amazing for both of us. It fits comfortable and once the bulb end is in, it stays in until I choose to remove it.” – NB


“The assgasm is a must have for any guy who is open minded about spicing up his sex life. Or it's good for solo "alone". Very good buy and even better price! The orgasm with this thing on is mind-blowing!”- CH


going down on her


Recommended For:


  • Any couple looking for explosive new sex!


  • If he enjoys mind-altering prostate pleasure during sex!


  • Looking for a way to naturally last longer in bed and prolong your ejaculation.


  • Want to give her intense clitoral and anal stimulation while fully penetrating.


  • Looking for an explosive new spark in the bedroom!



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