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Fleshlight Lady Pink

Fleshlight Lady Pink

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Fleshlight orginal



The Original Fleshlight Lady Pink Value Pack:


  • The Original Fleshlight and bestselling Fleshlight In The World!


  • Over 12 Million Sold Worldwide!


  • Orgasmic masturbation sleeve with a smooth ½ inch straight canal.


  • Tighter canal and suction power.


  • Comes with Renewing Poweder, Fleshwash cleaner, Carrying case, Shower Mount and Fleshlube.


  • Easy to clean with warm water and soap.


  • 122 Reviews 4.8 stars out of 5


  • Sanitary, anti-bacterial, and non-porous patented material.


  • Feels extremely realistic!


  • Uses hyper realistic SuperSkin!


  • The high quality next-level masturbation session you’ve always desired!


  • Waterproof



Fleshlight Lady Pink Specifications:


  • Total Height: 9.75 inches


  • Total Insertable Length: 8.5 inches (will stretch some)


  • Penetrating Diameter: .5” will stretch to fit any user.


  • Diameter: 4.250


  • Material: Fleshlight patented SuperSkin!


  • Weight: 3.17


pink lady value pack


Fleshlight Original Design:


The Fleshlight original is where it all started. But for me sometimes the first version which might be considered a “classic” is also the best!


It’s simplistic in nature; a completely smooth flexible canal. The canal is very realistic in nature, resembling you penetrating a partner.


It’s made from a patented design skin from Fleshlight. This material went viral! Guys found the flexible, yet velvety smooth skin to be ultra-realistic. From there, they sold millions and continue to be one of the most popular sex toys for men!



The Fleshlight original lady pink has a black case with a screw cap and removable internals. This allows for easy cleaning when done with just soap and warm water.


This value pack is the ultimate starting kit for beginners or more advanced users looking for a great deal (all-in-one kit). It comes with the lube, renewing powder (makes it feel brand new even after a bunch of uses), cleaner, carrying case, and shower mount.


Everything you need to get the party started!



Let’s go back to basics, when the times were good and the pleasure was extreme!






Pink Lady Use:


Using the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady is intense to say the least. While it doesn’t have the extreme textures on the inside like the Turbo Ignition it helps with stamina training and provides amazing suction.


The suction comes from not having so many ridges and grooves internally. The less ridges also make it super quick and easy to clean!


I used this kit when first starting out, it provides everything you need instead of shopping around and piecing your lubes, cleaners, mounting accessories together.


Start by lubing your shaft and the inside of the Fleshlight Original. Then slowly penetrate the Pink Lady with full strokes. Pull the Fleshlight all the way out and feel the intense pleasure of the tip penetrating the canal with every stroke.


Don’t forget to twist it!


Twisting while stroking adds an entirely new sensation. This orgasmic technique is likely to make you climax in just a few minutes.


Don’t forget its not only great for solo masturbation sessions, but with a partner too!


Let your partner finish you off or warm you up with the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady. It will get you rock hard before penetrating them or finish you off if your partner climaxed first. Let’s leave everyone completely sexually satisfied.



Pink lady orginal



Recommended For:


  • Men looking to improve stamina in the bedroom.


  • Guys who want mind-blowing full body orgasms from a realistic canal.


  • If you want a great sex toy to use with a partner.


  • Want to start with a kit that has everything you need for the perfect experience.


  • Take things back to basics with super suction, skin like material, and intense pleasure!



fleshlight pink lady


Fleshlight Original Pink Lady Video:


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