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Fox Tail Plug

Fox Tail Plug

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The Fox Tail Plug Will Satisfy All Your Kinky Desires!


fox tail plug


This fox tail plug is built to last a lifetime of kinky pleasure!


It’s made from an aluminum alloy polished to a flawlessly smooth mirrored surface. With its tapered tip, all it takes is a dab of lube to glide into place.


Giving you or your partner a nice sense of fullness and pleasure.


Its perfect for sexy foreplay or to wear during penetrative sex. Giving your partner a kinky fun sense of roleplay along with a great view!


The plush tail is thick, full, and luxurious. Not like those cheap tail plugs that the hair falls out and is uncomfortable to the touch. No itch, irritation, or discomfort with this tail!


I love curling up next to it and rubbing it on my face!


The metal is ideal for anal play since its non-porous. Making it easy to clean and never retaining a smell.


The widest point of the plug is 1.10 inches. Making it easy for even novice anal play users to insert. Once in, it sits comfortable with the narrow neck and flared base to keep it from going in to far.


This fox tail plug is the ultimate toy for a stunning visual with a pleasurable plug to help unleash your wild side! It even wags and wiggles with every little movement!


Fox Tail Plug Features:


  • High quality tail that is soft and plush to the touch. You’ll want to rub it all over yourself before it’s even inserted!


  • Amazing for foreplay and kinky wild sex!


  • It’s a huge turn on to use and show off to your partner or have them play with you while its inserted!


  • Use it during penetrative sex or roleplay fun!


  • Premium aluminum alloy that is built to last. Simply apply a dab of lube and slide it in with ease.


  • Tapered tip and smaller diameter makes the fox tail plug easy for even beginner play.


  • Fun for temperature play. Simply run it under hot or cold water before you start!


  • Easy to clean non-porous metal, will never retain smell. Just wash with warm water and soap when you’re done!


  • Make sure to wash a handful of times before using. Just to keep the metal clean and polished before play!


fox tail plug




  • Total plug length: 2.75 inches


  • Total insertion length: 2.5 inches


  • Max tail plug diameter: 1.10 inches


  • Tail Length: 12 inches


  • Tail Thickness: approx. 4 inches


fox tail plug


What Your Peers Say About This Fox Tail Plug:


"The feeling is nice going in, nice staying in, and nice coming out, not uncomfortable in any manner (as far as I have used it). Use alot of lube too." -Marshella (verified purchase)


"I decided to buy this for the smaller size of the back cap. When he received it, he noticed how soft the tail was and how small the anal plug was. I played with him for a while and then he inserted into the rectum sliding very smoothly and without any problem, it feels really good and it is enjoyable to insert it into the rectum, because it felt good and better than I expected." – Hazingly (verified purchase)


"I didn't know what to expect. Apparently, acquiring a decent tail plug isn't the easiest thing to do. I bought this for my girlfriend, I find them extremely sexy. So I'll start with the review: The tail is excellent quality, soft, but not quite as long as I would have thought it should be, but the dimensions are listed, and knew what I was getting. It seems to be securely fastened to the plug itself, so I'm not expecting for it just "pop off" as I have read on reviews of other tail plugs. The plug itself truly impressed me. It's HEAVY, and also much larger than it could seem, even after trying to put it into perspective from the given measurements. The overall appearance of this product is visually stunning." – Matt (verified purchase)


Recommended For:


  • Anyone looking to spice up their bedroom play with a fox tail plug.


  • If you want a quality tail plug built to last.


  • Enjoy the adventure and kinky side of roleplay.


  • Want to impress your partner with something truly unique.


  • If you want to boost foreplay and enjoy some comfortable penetrative sex with the best fox tail plug!

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