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Fun Factory Semilino

Fun Factory Semilino

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Why The Fun Factory Semilino Is The Most Handy Vibrator Yet!


Fun Factory Semilino


This handy mini vibrator will give you immense pleasure no matter where you are!


At only 6.5 inches long it comfortably fits in your hand for easy control and maneuverability. It has a ribbed shaft with a slight curve for perfect G-spot stimulation.  


Just imagine sliding this well lubed ribbed shaft in and out. With each thrust, the ribs roll over your g-spot building an orgasmic sensation that overwhelms your entire body.


The curved ridges not only stimulate the g-spot but the vaginal opening too! Just turn on one of the 6 vibration intensities along with a unique vibration pattern and let the toy do the rest!


The ridges work great by sliding externally over your labia and clit too. I love warming up with this before using it for penetration!


The quiet, powerful, and long-lasting motor is also 100% waterproof! Not only making it easy to clean up afterwards but makes a bubble bath 10x more enjoyable! Lay back and let the vibes of the Fun Factory Semilino send waves of pleasure through your body and tub!


With a locking controller, have no fear tossing this in your nightstand, purse, hand bag, or suitcase. This mini vibrator was made to come along!


The velvety soft, medical grade silicone feels amazing to the touch, and is 100% body-safe! The controls are extremely easy to use for any beginner, and the instant off function allows for a quick switch off at a moment’s notice!


Don’t forget the Fun Factory Semilino is USB-rechargeable making it convenient to charge up anywhere, anytime!




Fun Factory Semilino


  • The textured shaft features pleasure-inducing ridges that arouse – especially with penetration 


  • Gently curved shape for G-spot & Clitoral massaging


  • Ergonomically shaped control unit comes in a classy gold tone 


  • Easy-to-use touch buttons allow for intuitive operation


Fun Factory Semilino


How To Use The Fun Factory Semilino:


You have a lot of options when it comes to how you want to climax off the Semilino.


I suggest one of two ways, through mind-blowing g-spot stimulation or clitoral stimulation.


female orgasm


You can turn the ridges towards you and run the vibrator up and down your clitoris. Make sure everything is well lubed, to prevent dragging. Once in a while you can tease yourself by inserting the tapered tip, but then going back to sliding it over your clitoris (the long way).


Since your g-spot is only located about 2-3 inches inside your body, the Fun Factory Semilino has plenty of length to hit it. I can feel as each ridge rolls over my g-spot giving me a boost in orgasmic stimulation. However, I really prefer to line up a single ridge and rock it back and forth over my g-spot instead of thrusting it fully in and out.


I’m sure you will find your own preferred methods of using it! You cant go wrong as the unique shape, smaller size, and powerful motor that can make you climax in so many different ways.


Don’t forget it’s perfect for foreplay! Hand this to your partner and let them warm you up with it. The size isn’t overwhelming and still allows for great penetration after the intense teasing foreplay is over with.



What The Experts Say About The Fun Factory Semilino:


“The Fun Factory semilino is a distinctively shaped mini vibrator that uniquely combines a compact shape with ultimate power. It is designed for optimal stimulation of all erogenous zones like the clitoris, nipples or g- spot. The curved and tapered tip makes it easier for vaginal penetration.”- Fun Factory


“And as for the vibration itself: I’m serious when I say this thing packs some power. But it doesn’t have to. Let me explain. One of the things I suggest to folks who are looking for a “beginner’s vibrator” is one that has range. And oh does the Fun Factory Semilino have range. Its lowest setting reminds me of a lover’s whisper, gentle but oh so pleasing. And then it ramps up to a steady full-on but still quite silent vibration before cycling through the unique vibration patterns that I’ll name Crescendo, Pulse, Throb, Pulse Faster, Flutter, and Big F-ing Tease.” – SecretPleasures


Peer Review:


“The Semilino is really fun and pleasurable. Something you don’t find everywhere is the amazing craftsmanship it has. I’ve had mine a month now and you can tell it was built to last and has all the incredible features I could as for as a beginner. I really didn’t want something to large and intimidating, but something that worked as a clitoral stimulator and g-spot stimulator. Which this really targets both. I switch off how I use it multiple times a session!”- Jenny (AK)



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