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Gold Metal Handcuffs

Gold Metal Handcuffs

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Gold Metal HandCuffs Are Downright Sexy:


You want chic, sexy, and perhaps a bit badassy cuffs?


Just imagine slapping these luxurious gold metal handcuffs on your partner before ravaging them!


gold metal cuffs


The reflective gold sheen catches your eye against their naked body. The cuffs are cold to the touch at first and have some good weight behind them, making them feel solid and ready for action.


If you demand the very best, these exquisite cuffs are something you’ll be proud to pull out and show off!


Your fantasy will become a reality as these anodized metal cuffs wrap across your wrists.


The lock features a quick release button in case you misplace the keys and their sturdy design is made for the hardest of play.


gold metal cuffs


The Gold Metal Cuff Specifications:


Total Length: 6.75in


Width: 3in


Weight: 0.45lbs


Anodized Metal Gold Sheen


Keys included


Quick release


Gold Metal Handcuffs Perfect For Bondage!


So, when your lover just cant keep their hands to themselves, these gold metal handcuffs will guarantee a night of absolute submission and gloriously kinky fun!


Caressing your wrists with a luxurious gold metal will keep you restrained yet comfortable.


Easy to adjust and pinch-free fit will help get them on in the dark.


Perfect for that spontaneous sex you fantasize about! 


Don’t forget your blindfold, whip, and pinwheel to go with them!


gold metal cuffs



I could watch my partner all night long wrapped in these beautifully crafted gold metal handcuffs, just waiting for me to ravage her body! – Tom Cullings (K.C.)

The Perfect Gift:


gold metal cuffs

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