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Laid B.1 Stone Butt Plug

Laid B.1 Stone Butt Plug

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Why the Laid B.1 Stone Plug Is the Most Unique Butt Plug Ever!


  • Beautiful, asymmetric design made from minerals that are 500 millions year old!


  • Hand polished perfectly smooth into the ultimate butt plug.


  • Modest in size, substantial in weight giving it a unique feeling.


  • Slides in frictionless with just a dab of any lube you desire, for extra easy penetration.


  • The flared base stops if from going in to far, and the oval body holds in place especially well, making it very comfortable.


  • 100% body-safe made from absolute black granite, giving it an elegant and luxurious look.


  • Black granite retains heat well for temperature play.


  • Extremely non-porous, phthalate-free and incredibly easy to clean.


  • Retains zero odor


Laid B.1 Stone Butt Plug



  • Insertable Length: 3 inches

  • Total Length: 4 inches

  • Circumference: 3.5 inches

  • Slim neck is 2 inches.

  • Great for beginners to advanced users.

  • 168 grams feeling rather substantial (great for those who love the weighted plugs)

  • Stylish, non-intimidating, made from natural materials


Why the Laid B.1 Stone Plug is Better:


It’s that simple. The Laid B.1 Stone Plug is hands down one of my favorite plugs. Its medium to smallish size is great for all users.


It feels exceptional and I love the weight behind it. Natural minerals, stylish, and perfectly smooth. It glides in without hesitation and fills that void leading up to an intense climax.


The shape of the plug is great for prostate play and if given a little wiggle the asymmetric shape provokes huge waves of pleasure.


Climaxing with the Laid B.1 Stone Plug is intense… The very firm stone provides solid support to clench around uncontrollably.


If used by a man, it keeps him harder much longer. This stone plug will do well to support him and her! Man or woman wear this plug during penetrative sex for a huge boost in pleasure!


This butt plug is so beautiful, simple, and effective at making the user climax.


Laid B.1 Stone Butt Plug


What the Experts Say:


Overall Mr. Peaches and I adored the Laid B.1 Stone Plug and it has quickly become a firm favorite of ours (pun definitely intended). The sleek form of the Laid B.1 Stone Plug makes you want to treat your sex session with a certain type of ambiance which can certainly increase arousal… -Emmeline Peaches


Guys. You can put a piece of 500 million-year-old stone. In. Your. Ass. Just breath for a minute and let it sink in that a rock that was around during the time where the first animals were exploring the land, was sculpted so you can sit on it. Ain’t life grand? – Red Hot Suz


What Your Peers Say:


It’s an amazing little plug that is as easy to use as it’s beautiful. It’s a great beginners plug and something for effortless anal play and experimentation. – Tommy (Ark.)


The entire piece is well made – no imperfections can be found. No tiny cracks or lines – completely smooth giving complete peace of mind for anal play as bacteria have no where to hide. – Little Switch


Laid B.1 Stone Butt Plug


Laid B.1 Stone Butt Plug Is Recommended For:


  • Those who like heavy and smooth plugs


  • The Laid B.1 Stone Butt Plug is beautiful and stylish yet extremely pleasurable


  • Amazing for prostate stimulation


  • Sleek sexy and great at improving couples sex.


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