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Penis Enhancer Sheath

Penis Enhancer Sheath

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Penis Enhancer Sheath Features:



  • Enjoy a bigger, thicker, and longer lasting erection instantly!


  • Satisfy your partner with a long and thick erection, that has stimulating textures.


  • No more pills, creams, and devices… Get instant results for less!


  • Slide this sheath over your penis (hard or soft).


  • Enjoy the confidence of an extra long cock.


  • Lined internally with pleasure nubs for the user.


  • Made from 100% body-safe material.


  • 100% Waterproof


  • Clear color so you can witness all the action!



Penis Enhancer Sheath Specifications:



  • Total Length: 9 inches


  • Outside Shaft Length: 7 inches


  • Outside Diameter: 1.75 inches


  • Inside Diameter: 1.5 inches


  • Material: Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)


  • Very rubbery and flexible to adapt to your size and length needs.


Penis Enhancer Sheath


Penis Enhancer Design:


Penis Enhancer Sheath


This penis extension will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of having (down there).


The dimensions are a bit confusing so let me clear this up. The overall length is 9 inches (from the back of your sac to the tip of your penis.) If your shaft is over 7 inches it doesn’t mean you cant use this, the TPR material is very flexible, and will add both size and girth to any penis.


Now if your shaft is over 8 inches it might become very tight in there, so I recommend you move to a larger size internal canal.


The design is quite simple and pleasurable. Slide your shaft and balls into the sheath and you’re ready to rock!


Your partner will be extremely pleased with the additional girth, firmness, and length. Plus, the internal nubs will stimulate you the entire time!


Just remember to lube your shaft, the inside of the penis sheath, and the outside of the sheath. A lot of lube is required, and I highly recommend a water-based lube.



Using the Cock Sheath:



When you use the penis enhancer sheath, you gain confidence and completely satisfy your partner. It’s a fun new way to experience something new!


While I noticed you do receive some pleasure form the internal nubs, it obviously doesn’t stimulate you like if you had no sleeve on at all.


So, I found it best to engage in good foreplay, slide the penis enhancer sheath on and rock your partners world to orgasmic new heights, or just before climax.


Then take off the penis enhancer sheath and finish your partner off the traditional way. Once they are completely satisfied, focus on yourself and what will bring you to climax.


This leaves you both entirely sexually satisfied! It naturally delays your ejaculation by not allowing you to experience as much intense stimulation by having direct penis contact.


Important Pro Tip:


Like a lot of penis enhancer sheath’s, it doesn’t have a hole in the tip. This doesn’t let trapped air escape and can cause a “bubble” effect at the tip.


Poke a small slit in the tip with a knife that will allow air out. It saves you some headaches and time.


Recommended For:


  • Men who want to enhance their length, girth, and texture.


  • Guys who want to completely and totally satisfy their partner.


  • Those who want to delay ejaculation, but still feel some pleasure.


  • If you want to build confidence in the bedroom.

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