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Flip Zero Black Vibrating

Flip Zero Black Vibrating

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Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating


Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating Features


  • The most intense and popular masturbation sleeve available!


  • Building on the hugely successful Flip Zero White; the black is even more intense!


  • Highest quality masturbation sleeve on the market. (I’ve done my research)


  • Submerse your cock into a very complex design built to stimulate and wrap every inch of you.


  • Huge rumbling vibrations that pulsate through your core.


  • Dual vibrating cores


  • Super soft and flexible elastomer material that is 100% body-safe.


  • One button control for user friendliness.


  • 5 different vibration modes.


  • 2 different dry stand options


  • USB-Rechargeable.


  • Body is waterproof up to 20 inches


  • Adjustable pressure and suction.


  • The most intense masturbation session of your life!





  • Total Height: 8.5 inches


  • Diameter: 3.5 inches


  • Insertable Length: 6.73 inches


  • Designed in USA


  • Weight: 2.61 lbs


  • Material Thermo Plastic Elastomer with anti-microbial, FDA-Approved


  • Waterproof


  • Inside is tighter than the Flip Zero White Vibrating. (at 5.5 inches around this was tight but extremely pleasurable for me).


  • I would say max insertable circumference of 6.5 inches.



Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating



Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating Design


I was super excited to try the Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating male masturbation sleeve.


I know Tenga is the world leader in male masturbation sex toys. They never disappoint and quality of toys are second to none!


So, I’ve used the non-vibrating flip zero’s and the white vibrating flip zero. They are all mind-blowing male masturbators.


I never last long with any of the Tenga products!


For me, this one was the best out of all the products.


It has all the modern day features you could ask for. With 2 vibrating motors that make the complex internals pulsate around your cock.


It is similar to the Flip Zero White Vibrating. But even more constriction. This is why I say, if you are 6.5” around or more you should use the White over the Black.


If you are less than 6.5” around the Black will provide a much more intense sensation and tighter constriction for you!


The internals take your cock on a journey…. Yes like a trip, as weird as it sounds.


Each stage of the Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating is designed for a different sensation.


As you slowly sink your cock through it, you feel each individual stage which seems better than the last, until your entire cock is wrapped by these pleasurable shapes.


It’s made of ridges, waves, bumps, and canyons. With a good amount of lube you will feel each and every form of stimulation.


It also has a USB charging station and drying kit with a waterproof design. Making clean up and charging super simple. 


Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating


Use The Flip Zero Black


Get ready for the ride of your life!


I’ve tested and tried hundreds of male masturbation sleeves. Tenga offers the best quality and most pleasurable toys of any.


Then you add the constriction and vibration on the already extremely pleasurable internal structure and material…. Game Over!


The orgasms come swift and intensely.


Easy to use, easy to orgasm, easy to clean, easy to charge. What more could you ask for?


The Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating clings to every inch of you and pumps deep rumbling vibes through your shaft.


Use it with a partner for great foreplay and fast orgasms before or after penetrative sex!



Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating Tenga Flip Zero Black Vibrating



Recommended For


  • Basic or advanced users who simply want the best there is from a masturbation sleeve.


  • Enjoy intense construction.


  • Want a powerful and fast orgasm.



  • Have a difficult time orgasming.


  • Want a great couples sex toy.

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