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VeDo Roco

VeDo Roco

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Vedo, Vedo Roco, Roco

VeDO Roco Features:

  • 2 supercharged motors

  • Powerful penetrating vibrations

  • Nub tip for clitoral stimulation

  • First vibrating ring for shaft

  • Second vibrating ring for scrotum providing intense perineum stimulation

  • 100% waterproof

  • USB-Rechargeable

  • 10 vibration speeds

  • 10 vibration modes

  • Intuitive single button controls

  • Whisper quiet

  • 100% body-safe velvety smooth silicone



VeDO Roco Specifications

  • Total length: 3.74 inches

  • Inner ring diameter: 1.23 inches

  • Outside ring diameter: 1.77 inches

  • Submersible

  • Power (1 weak – 10 powerful): 8 out of 10

  • Noise (1 quiet – 10 loud): 3 out of 10


Vedo, Vedo Roco, Roco


Roco Design:

Meet the VeDO Roco dual vibrating cock ring. This cock ring takes your conventional cock ring and throws a whole new vibe to it! The first ring goes around the base of his shaft and the powerful vibrating nub will stimulate her clitoris every time he thrusts into her. The second ring glides over his scrotum, holding the second powerful vibrator directly on his perineum. Can you say mind-blowing orgasmic pleasure!

This cock ring is extremely flexible. The soft silicone will constrict around the base of his shaft and scrotum. This causes him to last a lot longer, and give him a much harder erection. As a female, I can tell you it was very stimulating! The powerful vibrations give both broad stimulation (through the larger vibrator) but also more direct on the clitoris through the slightly raised nub. It’s a great balance and the different vibration patterns keep things interesting! I’ll leave the “use” section for my male partner as he can better describe the male perspective of using it.


VeDo Use:

As the guy, and co-owner of a sex toy retail company; I am always excited to test new male toys as they are not nearly as common as the female ones. My partner gets to do a lot more testing and climaxing than me! However, I was really pumped to use the VeDO Roco once I pulled it from the box. I could immediately tell it is made from a high-quality silicone and offers great features. Most cheap low-quality cock rings don’t offer USB-rechargeable, waterproof, and motors this strong! I turned the motors on together and my lord... A smirk grew across my face. I knew this was going to be fun!

So, first I lubed up the rings and my shaft. This is a must for me, as I hate how the silicone can stick and pull your skin as you put cock rings on. With just a dab of lube the VeDo Roco slides on with ease. Next, I wrapped the larger loop around my scrotum allowing the base vibrator to sit on my perineum. I love perineum stimulation, if you are not a fan of it, I suggest looking at a more standard cock ring.

Finally, I turned it on and it was like stimulating vibes rocked my entire mid-range. This is no little “buzz” on the tip of your shaft. This is like “buckle up, your going for the ride of your life” sensation. I have tried it two ways, first I left it on and stimulated via solo masturbation… Which was amazing. Secondly, I thrusted into my partner and shared some of this intense vibe power together. I could tell she was enjoying it as much as myself! Cock rings always make me last longer and keep a harder erection however with the VeDo Roco its another story. The constriction around the penis is great for this but the constriction around the scrotum too amplifies this entire experience. I felt like I could go for as long as I very well please… and talk about “hard as a rock”!

The orgasmic climax is on another level. If your looking to spice up your bedroom sex life or looking for a huge boost during solo masturbation. This new dual stimulating cock ring will become your best friend!

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Recommended For:

  • Men who want a huge boost during solo masturbation

  • Men who love perineum stimulation

  • Women who want clitoral stimulation during sex with a male partner

  • Women who want their male partner to last longer and stay harder

  • Men who want super intense orgasms.

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