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We-Vibe Nova 2

We-Vibe Nova 2

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The We-Vibe Nova 2 Will Have Your G-Spot Throbbing While Your Clitoris Trembles In Pleasure!


We-Vibe Nova 2


The We-Vibe Nova 2 is revamped to give you blended orgasms that have will have your body dripping, trembling, and shocked at how long your climax lasts!


The We-Vibe Nova 2 has a large swooping bulbous head for super intense g-spot stimulation. Because the head and handle are curved you don’t need to strain yourself to hit this “sweet spot”!


Let the flexible head and clitoral stimulator bend and twist to your every motion! The clitoral stimulator is designed to flex inward so you can keep constant contact on your clitoris while rocking your g-spot internally!


We-Vibe Nova 2


We-Vibe Nova 2

This extremely intense dual stimulation will lead to more intense orgasms that seem to last for hours!


The medical grade silicone 100% body-safe and is ultra-smooth to the touch! It matches perfectly with any water-based lube, it also comes with a free sample for your first time use!


The We-Vibe Nova 2 now has dual motors that provide deep penetrating vibes. Don’t settle for those light buzzing vibes that you can hardly feel… This vibrator is designed to go from a deep rumble that is amazing during foreplay… All the way to “blow-your-socks-off” mode which is perfect for sending your body over the edge, into the orgasm of a lifetime!




Its no wonder these are flying off the shelves. With hundreds of 5-star reviews and limited stock from opening sale, get yours now to satisfy those deepest desires!


How The We-Vibe Nova 2 Works:


Lay back and relax, its time for the We-Vibe Nova 2 to do all the work! Simply lube it up and slide it in. Start at a low deep rumble and slowly work your way up in power and intensity. You can slowly thrust or rock the flexible body across your g-spot to build your orgasmic sensation. When your ready for that ultimate release, kick the vibrator into high intensity and let your body succumb to the powerful waves of pleasure! They stem from your core and glide through your body all the way to your curling toes. As your legs tremble and eyes roll back in pleasure, you’ll understand why a vibrator like this leads to a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


The We-Vibe Nova 2 Features:


  • Adjustable Fit: The flexible curved head and clitoral stimulator will match your body perfectly. It allows for super intense vibes to shoot through your most sensitive zones simultaneously. You can thrust or rock the vibrator across your g-spot while keeping constant clitoral stimulation!


  • Ergonomics: Easy to use with all the controls right at your fingertip! It offers a large swooping handle that allows for easy g-spot stimulation without having to twist your wrist! Making it the most comfortable orgasm you’ve ever had!


  • 100% Waterproof: Who said water sex wasn’t fun? Its time to take the We-Vibe Nova 2 into the shower or bathtub and soak away that stress while floating on cloud 9! A hot bath and climax is just what the doctor ordered! It also makes it super easy to clean!


We-Vibe Nova 2


  • App Enabled: Use the free We-Connect app and you can play with the Nova 2 from anywhere. Custom vibes and partner controlled settings allow you to have long distance sex never thought possible before!


we vibe app


  • Travel lock: I take mine on all my vacations and work trips. The travel lock insures nothing starts buzzing in your bag while you walk through security 😉




Diameter: 1.54 inches


Total Height: 8.54 inches


Total Width: 3.35 inches


Whisper Quiet


Powerful Dual Motor


2-Year Warranty



We-Vibe Nova 2


We-Vibe Nova 2


What The Experts Say About The We-Vibe Nova 2


“Most rabbit vibrators don't seem to deliver effectively on their dual-stimulation promise because the "rabbit ear" tend to lose contact with the clitoris during thrusting… I had no problem experiencing constant dual stimulations thanks to its extreme flexibility. When in use, Nova 2 was moving with me the whole time and it's very tolerant of manhandling and repositioning. I am surprised by how well it stayed in place!” -hertoyreview


“Just like its predecessor, the We-Vibe Nova 2 is an excellent vibrator. There are lots of new elements to play with and I am still finding new patterns and sensations to explore. I love the vibrant pink colour and the clitoral arms angles against the clitoris perfectly. The vibrator is whisper-quiet and easy to clean so it extremely low maintenance. Overall a fantastic job by We-Vibe!” -CaraSutra


What Your peers Say:


“Hands down, the Nova 2 has been the best toy I've ever used, and I am anything but a novice toy user. I feel like it's been designed specifically for my body. For me personally, I need really strong vibrations and both internal and external stimulation for the best orgasm. However, all other dual products that I've tried in the past haven't been satisfying. Either it didn't have the right internal structure (too long, too short, not the right angle for the g-spot, etc), didn't have the right external structure (not enough vibration, didn't actually connect to the clitoris), or didn't have enough overall power or the right kind of material to really give me the tactile sensations I need. The Nova 2 is pure heaven.” – Marisa


“Absolutely love this vibrator & the fact that my boyfriend can take control of it at anytime from anywhere 😍well worth the money” – Neila


“Perfect size and fit! This is my first time splurging on a vibrator and it is well worth it. Top of the line vibez and yes I do recommend!” – Tammy


Nova 2 Is Recommended For:


  • Women who love dual stimulation and want those full body orgasms.


  • If you want something that has all the best features (waterproof, powerful, app controlled…) This is the ultimate vibrator for the easiest orgasms!


  • Great gift for her allowing you to control and customize her vibes from anywhere!


  • Want something that is flexible and will contort to your every movement, never missing a beat!

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