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Touch Vibrator

Touch Vibrator

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Touch Vibrator


The Touch Vibrator Mind-Blowing Features:


  • The Touch Vibrator is Soft, Shapely, and Powerful.


  • Gentle contours that make it easy to caress all the right places! The ultimate clitoral vibrator!


  • Powerful 8 vibration modes to deeply satisfy your rumbling desires. Powerful enough to fill your core with pleasure!


  • Cupped tip design allows for pin-point clitoral stimulation, or broad stimulation depending on the side you use!


  • 100% waterproof to take it in the shower and bathtub. Melt that daily stress away as you sink back into the warm water and vibe your clit to mind-blowing orgasms!


  • You asked for longer play time? The Touch vibrator has 2+ hours of play on a single charge with an alert when low power comes on.


  • Safe silicone? This is made from 100% medical grade silicone. Super soft and flexible enough to conform to your every curve. Firm enough to apply the pressure when needed.


  • User-friendly controls with just a single button required!


  • 1-Year We-Vibe warranty, so you know it was built to last! (mine is going on 3 years with a lot of use).


how to make a girl squirt



The Specifications:


1.8 inches wide


3.9 inches tall (perfect palm size)


Great for work travel or vacation!


USB-rechargeable, so you can charge it just about anywhere!


90 minute charge time with 2+ hours of play time.


Low-Power Alert


External Use


Medical grade velvety silicone


8 vibe modes




Whisper Quiet During Use

My Touch Vibrator Experience:


The Touch vibrator is one of my favorite clitoral vibrators of all time… Correction, the touch is the best clitoral vibrator I’ve ever used.


Put it this way, I have a basement full of hundreds of clitoral vibrators. Yet the one that is in my nightstand and always within arms reach… That’s right, the touch vibrator!


It’s designed and built by the world famous We-Vibe company that specializes in high-end adult products. They are in 50 different countries on all 7 continents! Like I said, world famous and for good reason!


The Touch vibrator is puffy like a marshmallow… I love it, I find myself rubbing it all over my body, not just my vaginal area. Which is not only exciting, it works as a great form of foreplay!


My first touch vibrator session I lasted all of 2 minutes. I know better now, saving the direct clitoral stimulation for when I want to climax immediately.


The unique design is what really sends me over the top. The tip is all business, giving you very powerful and firm direct pressure where you need it. But it doesn’t poke you in any sort of painful way because its that marshmallow soft material.


This means firm pressure doesn’t hurt, it just sends mind-blowing pleasure throughout your entire body!


Not only is it amazing for solo masturbation, but my partner loves giving me multiple orgasms with it as well. The touch vibrator is versatile and easy enough to use anyone can get you off with it!


The shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is great during sex! The boost I’m always looking for when with my partner. The soft clitoral vibes send me over the top while he penetrates me.


Overall it is a Rockstar offering many ways to orgasm and delivers consistent and powerful climaxes!


What the Experts Say:


“The We-Vibe Touch Vibrator lives to please. It pleases me. It pleases my partner to be able to please me with it. With such intense vibrations like these, you can’t go wrong. I completely recommend this vibrator. Shoo, readers, shoo! Go get it!”- MissRubyReviews


“Thanks to its ergonomic design the Touch would be ideal for couple’s play if you needed some added clitoral stimulation. I’ve never considered it before, but I can imagine that because of its shape the Touch would feel glorious against the perineum and the testicles. For me, the We-Vibe Touch is a new go-to toy that I can depend on for a fix and hits the spot every time.” -JoDivine


What Your Peers Say:


“Second time buying this toy - I LOVE it! It is fully submersible and great for internal and external stimulation. The white end is the push-button for lots of vibration choices and it is very powerful! The small tip is ideal for aiming for a very specific spot and it feels almost like a warm feeling when the vibration is on full blast - WOW - a major turn-on!


I first bought it 6 years ago and it lasted about 4 years before it would no longer hold a charge / was incapable of staying attached to the charger. I've tried others, but I am back to this one, knowing that it's time is limited, but for the price and the thrill of it, I just can't settle for anything less than this sexy old friend! It is fun for solo or couples play, but a word of warning - teasing won't last long because this thing is POWERFUL!


TIPS, Angles, & Ideas For Solo Use:


- The very tip feels completely amazing when touching the clit on a high vibration but it's almost too much. So come off the clit now and then or circle around it to give yourself a break so your can take a breath. Also, make sure you don't have to pee before doing this one ;)


- Underwater play is super fun with this bad-boy, so fill up the jet tub or jump in the pool with this little darling and get cumming.


- Use the thumb-shaped depression to cover the entire clitoris area and apply some decent pressure. You'll feel this vibrating throughout your body and it will give you some wicked quivers.


- For internal use, shove this vibe into yourself with the pointed end first and the thumb depression facing your front (toward your clit). It can be wiggled in to hit your g-spot while the base is still applying vibrating pressure to your opening. It's just HOT. Trust me.


- To go all in, insert the entire vibe pointy end first and just freely start to wiggle and writhe your hips. This works lying down or sitting, but not so effective when standing, but kinda. You'll end up teasing yourself senseless as you move and find good angles. And don't worry, you can expel it with a little push, which strengthens your kegel muscles, too - bonus.


TIP For Couples Use:


- Make him do to you everything listed above, but wear a blindfold!


- Feels amazing up the butt and he can feel it when he's inside of you. Just be prepared for him to not last quite as long with all that vibration pulsing you both!


- If he likes to watch you cum (and who doesn't?), get this vibe out and play in front of him when he can't do anything about it, like when he's on the phone with his mom or when he's mowing the lawn. You'll soon have him ripping hot and coming at you!” – Nicole (Fremont)


Touch Vibrator Is Recommended For:


  • Women who love clitoral stimulation in many forms


  • If you would enjoy the “squishy tip” that also supports firm pressure.


  • Want something that your partner can use to get you off with.


  • Great during sex, or solo masturbation for multiple orgasms.


  • Use the Touch Vibrator if you want a new “go-to” clitoral vibrator that will be within an arms reach at all times!

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