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Linger Wood Anal Beads by NobEssence

Linger Wood Anal Beads by NobEssence

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NobEssence Wood Anal Beads:


NobEssence Features:

  • The wood anal beads are 100% organic.

  • The wood is hypo-allergenic

  • Waterproof

  • Body-Safe

  • Seamless (hand carved and polished from single piece of wood)

  • The all-natural wood is odorless and phthalate-free

  • Non-toxic and no petrol chemicals

  • Safe to use with all lubes

  • Insulated wood retains your body heat

  • Made in the USA


NobEssence Wood Anal Beads Size:

Length- 9.0”

Width- 3.0”

Depth- 2.60”


NobEssence Wood Anal Beads Look:


The NobEssence wood anal beads allow you to slip a finger in one end and use the ergonomic handle to deliver pleasure in the exact speed and location you’re looking for. Each bead grows slightly in diameter from one to the next. This allows you to gently stretch your anal cavity to the perfect “fullness” desire you’re looking for. The wooden anal beads by NobEssence not only look silky smooth but feel smooth as well.

The wooden anal beads are polished to remove any sharp edges or knots. They are carved by skilled trades and reviewed many times to ensure everything is of top quality! The anal beads by NobEssences are as much of an artwork piece as they are a sex toy!


NobEssence Wood Anal Beads Shape:


The shape of the NobEssence wood anal beads are designed with a slight curve to hit the p-spot. However, they are not curved for men only, these seductive curves follow the body for perfect positioning during anal play. The exotic wood is shaped in a luxurious sleek form. Something you will want to show off more than stick in your night stand drawer to hide!


NobEssence Wood Anal Beads: How it’s Made!


If you think these wood anal beads are just stuck in a machine that cuts them and pops it out? Think again! The wood is first hand picked from the responsible forests and then carved. It must start with a specific pattern in the grain, and be the correct shape, size, and color before proceeding. The wood is like a diamond, it must be free of inclusions. These pieces of wood must not have knots, holes, and micro-fractures to hold its strength and durability. After carving the wood anal beads, they polish all the sculptures using the highest standards of America craftsmanship.  The process start-to-finish takes 16 steps! We take anal play very seriously!


NobEssence Wood Anal Beads: The Secret’s in the Coating!


Using straight polished wood as an anal sex toy is not the best idea. We know this… that’s why NobEssence coats all their wooden anal beads in a special coating. It has a silky-smooth, complex, biocompatible lubrosity coating on it. This coating took years of testing, research, development, and classifications. The coating meets the Class lV and Vl medical standards. So, what’s so special about it?

The wood anal beads by NobEssence will be odorless, waterproof, and can remain in the body for hours at a time. They will not absorb any fluids like water. This means no oils, or toxic petroleum distillates.


NobEssence Wood Anal Beads: It’s All About the Feeling!


The wood gives a very unique and pleasurable feeling! Something you have to try, to understand! It’s a silky-smooth feeling that people rave about. The wood is a natural insulator too, so you don’t have to gasp during entry due to the freezing cold as it enters. Something most complain about at first with glass or steel entering the body. The wood adapts quickly with your body temperature and stays warm. A little applied lube will go a long way on the smooth outer coating too!


*NobEssence wood anal beads are uniquely sculptured out of wood. Thus, each one could vary slightly in shape, size, and color but will be very close to the picture shown above.



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