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Je Joue Nuo

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Je Joue Nuo Features:


  • World’s first dual motor butt plug!


  • Control it using your phone, via free Je Joue app!


  • Use long distance with playlist function!


  • Take it out in public for discreet fun!


  • Great for stimulating men or women.


  • Powerful low-frequency rumbling vibes.


  • 7 patterns and 5 vibration speeds.


  • USB-Rechargeable.


  • Flexible, bendable shape.


  • Premium 100% body-safe silicone.


  • Curved for precision prostate & anal stimulation.


  • 100% waterproof.


  • Great for hands-free anal oragsms.


je joue nuo on leg


Je Joue Nuo Specifications:


  • Diameter 1.25 inches


  • Insertable Length: 4 inches


  • Total Length: 4.25 inches


  • Circumference: 4.25 inches


  • Base Diameter: 3.5 inches


  • Flat Base


  • Buzz Volume: 4 out of 10 (mid volume level)


  • Vibration Strength: 10 out of 10 (extremely powerful)


Je Joue Nuo Design:


The Je Joue Nuo is designed for both men and women. It has a gentle curve, bulbous body, and specifically designed for the ultimate anal stimulation.


The Nuo base is designed to apply penetrating vibes through your perineum. This is a highly sensitive area that packs a pleasurable punch! Men and women love this additional form of stimulation.


It’s also designed as a great couple’s sex toy. With an easy to use app you or your partner can control the vibrations. You can even wear it out in public for a discreet sexy evening together!


je joue nuo by books


Nuo Prostate Play:


The sleek and sexy design of the Je Joue Nuo allows for some mind-blowing prostate pleasure! Rotate it up with the curve facing upwards. Tilt and rock the Nuo to explore depths of intensifying satisfaction.


Since the prostate is only 2-3 inches inside the rectum. This butt plug is the perfect size. This smaller size gives the ability to rock back and forth providing intense penetrating vibes directly on the prostate!


Anal play:


The Je Joue Nuo is a medium to smaller size butt plug. This makes it perfect for beginners looking to ease their way into anal sex and larger anal sex toys.


Slowly progress your way into pleasurable anal and let the penetrating vibes provide long lasting anal orgasms. Use your Nuo hands free! Anal paly is always better when you don’t need to reach back and adjust settings on a lube filled butt plug.


Simply swipe on your app to create custom playlists that you can even send to your partner long distance! That way you can vibe together or they can experience the same vibes you did!


Nuo Use:


I really enjoy the Nuo for two reasons. It’s hands free design, which you don’t get in most butt plugs and the ideal size.


Perfect for those who don’t love massive anal sex toys and are looking to ease their way into anal play. I am an experienced user and still love this nifty little guy. It’s extremely pleasurable and easy to use!


The best way to use the Je Joue Nuo is by relaxing your body and mind. Get yourself turned on by stimulating your front side. Then lube up the Nuo and slowly ease it in your backside.


Once the Nuo is in, use the app to create a custom vibe session. If you really enjoy the vibration pattern, you can save it and use it later, or even send it to a partner! I prefer to sit on a slight angle. This allows me to rock my hips back and forth, pushing the Nuo into my prostate on command.


Leave the Nuo in during penetrative sex with a partner, or during solo masturbation session! Don't forget about your front side while the Nuo is in! This butt plug can bring great blended orgasms by stimulating your front simultaneously!


The Nuo arms are soft and flexible, making it perfect for stimulating the perineum even under all your body weight. This is a hands-free, comfortable, anal orgasm experience!

nuo app, je joue

Recommended For:


  • Those preparing for anal sex and anal sex toys


  • Men who want the best prostate toy.


  • Men & Women who enjoy perineum stimulation


  • Those who want a hands-free anal orgasm!

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