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Tenga Zero Flip EV

Tenga Zero Flip EV

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Tenga Zero Flip EV:

Tenga Zero Flip EV

Tenga Zero Flip EV Features:

  • Amazing Tenga Flip Design Now With Vibration!

  • 5 Vibration Modes

  • Dual Vibrating Motors

  • Pressure Pad To Control Suction

  • Intense Pressure Control

  • Reusable & Easy To Clean

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Charging Base

  • Drying Stand

  • Easy To Lube

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Super Soft & flexible

  • 4 Unique Sensations During Penetration

  • 1 year warranty

  • For the non-vibrating Flip click here


Tenga Zero Flip EV


Tenga Zero Flip EV Specifications:

  • 100% Waterproof (charging base not waterproof)

  • Super Soft TPE Material (Thermo Plastic Elastomer)

  • Dimensions (2.76”D x 3.15”W x 7”H)

  • Charge Time: 90 mins

  • Run time 40 mins (Max power)

  • “I-phone” like packaging

Tenga Zero Flip EV

Tenga Design:

Just when I though the Tenga Zero Flip couldn’t get any better… They added vibration to it! Talk about a genius design. It uses new and amazing internals throughout designed for vibration. It is easily my new favorite masturbation sleeve of all time!

Everything about this design screams easy. Easy to charge (magnetic charging base). Easy to Lube (snap it open and apply). Easy to orgasm (snap it closed, apply pressure to your desire). Easy to clean up (snap it open and rinse, fully waterproof).

The texture to the inside of the Zero Flip EV is different than the original Zero. It now has the benefit of dual vibrating motors. The texture is a series of ribs, flaps, disks, pulsating cones, and tip stimulators. All designed to give you the most orgasmic experience possible! When the device is clicked close it wraps around the shaft and encompasses it with mind blowing vibrations throughout.


Tenga Use:

The Tenga Zero Flip EV comes with two packets of lube, however I prefer my water-based lube (less stick and clean up). I tried it first without any vibration to get a feel for it. I lubed it up and edged my way deep into the squishy marshmallow canal, and could feel every level of pattern along the way. The entry flap, the ridges, the cone encompassing the tip. Slowly squeezing the sides it applies suction and pressure (feels like the best BJ of your life).

After feeling how amazing the internals were without vibration, I simply couldn’t wait any longer. Press and hold the solid white button for a second to switch into it’s low mode. Press again and it will move you to a higher vibration and so on. After I switched on the vibration, I don’t recall much. Just that I climaxed in an insanely quick time. It was all over so fast… Leaving me a bit dazed and confused. I had to wait a few hours and try again. The second time I got the real feel and a bit longer of vibration use before orgasming. Its so damn pleasurable I don’t recommend it for guys who want long drawing out masturbation sessions. Unless of course you have difficulties climaxing or are up for a serious “no fap” challenge.

Clean up was a breeze. Its waterproof so just slide off the battery and rinse under tap water. Pay attention to all the nooks and crannies. Make sure its cleaned well and set it on the drying stand in the open position. It’s that easy! The charging base is not waterproof so please do not submerge it!

Tenga Zero Flip EV

Recommended For:

  • Men who have difficulty orgasming

  • Looking for an easy masturbation sleeve

  • If you want a faster orgasm

  • Looking for vibration in a sleeve

  • Want hassles clean up, charging, and maintaining


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