Are Anal Orgasms Real?

Are Anal Orgasms Real?

Hell yes anal orgasms are real!

There are a lot more ways to reach this heavenly euphoric feeling than one. Whatever your gender, the anus and rectum are part of your central nervous system and are packed full of nerve endings. All just waiting to be stimulated until you reach an anal orgasm. Anal penetration stimulates the erectile tissue in the lower part of the vagina and the G-spot. In men, vigorous perineal stimulation and prostate stimulation can lead to massive anal orgasms.

The best part of anal orgasms? Unlike a regular orgasm, you don’t have a recovery time. You can experience one anal orgasm after another until your heart desires! Train your PC muscles and get the best butt plugs to start your journey to 33% more intense orgasms!

How To Increase Your Orgasms by 33%


It was reported through a large survey done on men, that their orgasms felt 33% more intense when using a butt plug. So, what are some ways of increasing the pleasure while preforming anal play?

Once you have an anal plug in, its time to stimulate the prostate. Take the anal plug by the stem and angling it upwards, towards your stomach in a massaging circular motion. This can deliver an orgasm like never before! A must try for all men!

How to Keep Butt Plugs Safe:

Like any form of anal play, it's important to understand your body before trying these things. When you go to take the butt plug out, remember to push like you are having a bowel movement, while pulling on the plug at the same time.

If it doesn’t come out on the first try, do not panic. It will, just relax and slowly apply pressure over and over slowly stretching the rectum until it releases it completely. Do not force it, but keep in mind how much pressure it took going in, it will take slightly more coming out since you are working against the back side of the tapered bulb.

Now it is extremely important to clean the anal plug immediately. For obvious reasons, you have a lot of bacteria in the rectum that should be cleaned with a sex toy cleaner specifically or an anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Some are dishwasher safe too.

Remember that butt plugs are great during couples play, your partner can use one on you. Or have sex while you have the anal plug in. But you must never share butt plugs with a partner.

The bacteria in your body is specific to your body, sharing a butt plug with your partner can lead to infection and other complications. Having two, one for each person is the best route.

What are the Benefits of Anal Plugs?

First let’s be clear on the difference between an anal plug and butt plug. An anal plug is not for pleasure, they are used mostly for constipation. It also won’t give you any pleasure during sex or masturbation. Keep this in mind when going to purchase because they are not the same.

The benefits to anal plugs and butt plugs are tremendous. First, they help stretch out the rectum which is great preparation for one who wants to engage in anal sex.

The butt plug allows the anus to stretch out slowly and naturally. Getting accustom to the feeling and increasing width will lead great into anal sex.

Butt plugs are also used for stimulation by keeping in during sex and masturbation or angling towards the stomach to apply pressure and massage the prostate. This can lead to extremely intense orgasms.

Women can stimulate their G-spot through the wall that divides the vaginal and anal cavity, by angling the plug towards the stomach.

Over time, advanced users look at butt plugs like jewelry. It is fun and kinky to wear them out in public or use luxurious ones during sex. Using a bedazzled stem will look like jewelry and may impress your partner.

Anal sex can also lead to many benefits. It is extremely pleasurable for men and women who prepare and take the appropriate steps to learn their body and their partners body. It can improve bowel movements and even boost your immune system.


Anal Play Conclusion:

If you are using a butt plug, anal plug, or just looking to improve your anal sex life, its an obvious choice this is a popular and pleasurable path. More people use sex toys than you think, and they are becoming increasingly popular… as is all sex talk.

The most important thing when talking anal play and butt plugs is to take it slow, and never do anything that is not comfortable. It is a sex toy to bring pleasure so if it/s not doing that, you might have the wrong plug or using it improperly.

Remember Diskret is here to help, if you have any further questions on butt plugs or anal play please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are not only here to provide you luxurious, quality sex toys at an affordable price. But we are here to provide you free information about whatever questions you may have regarding sex toys.

In the end, remember this is all about having fun and bringing pleasure but it is a serious matter in keeping safe, and using quality products. So, take your pleasure seriously!

by Diskret Life – December 28, 2022