Forget getting rich - Sex is the real key to happiness!

Forget getting rich - Sex is the real key to happiness!

What if someone where to tell you that adding a healthy dose of sex to your week would make you happier than being a millionaire? In fact, a few studies have shown that it increases their mood and allows you to have a greater sense of satisfaction with your life.

Psychologists explore why people who have more sex are happier.

The freedom to share the pleasure of touch, of the relaxation of the muscles, the delight in giving such pleasure to others, and of receiving their warmth and affection; all this can have a profoundly beneficial effect on a person's health, both mental and physical health.

Now let’s talk about some of the incredible benefits associated with sex once a week. Sex can make both men and women look between five and seven years younger than they actually are. Looking younger carries with it a whole suite of benefits such as increased confidence, happiness, and enthusiasm. Physical intimacy can trigger the release of several chemicals in the brain including:

  • Dopamine - which plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior, focuses attention and generally increases motivation
  • Endorphins – our body’s natural pain and stress fighters, and
  • Oxytocin – affectionately known as “the love hormone”, which can trigger feelings of compassion.
  • After an orgasm, the body releases the hormoneprolactin which often leads to drowsiness and a general feeling of relaxation. Comfort ultimately resulting in sleep is a common post-orgasm response.


Sex can break a daily routine and excite one’s life, including relationships filled with routine. Spontaneous sex can keep relationships lively, create cherished memories, and remind couples why they fell in love in the first place. Partners occasionally lose sight of such things in the face of routine. We as human beings crave closeness. And, there's nothing more intimate between a couple than bare-skin  contact with someone you love. There is a reason that mothers are encouraged to hold their babies against their bare skin moments after birth – it creates bonding. When you're in love, something as simple as laying your head on your partner's bare chest and listening to their heartbeat can significantly increase your mood after a bad day.

In short, I recommend making time to have sex once a week, not once a month, or thrice a year. And, don’t just talk or dream about it; sex is medicine for the body. Aside from promoting incredible feelings, spontaneous sex helps to keep relationships healthy. Intimacy helps us communicate with our partners holistically. Sex, especially with someone you love, is unbiased, wonderful and soul-pumping. Each time, its hard not to feel refreshed and anew.

by Diskret Life – January 22, 2023