Couple’s Sex Games!

Couple’s Sex Games!

Having a sex routine is great! However, it can become just that, the same old routine. This might require some spicing up… If that’s the case a lot of guides to “spice up your sex life” can be awkward and require uncomfortable conversations. Try a sex game to make things fun, light, and change up that mundane routine! Introducing a new sex game to the bedroom, can make you laugh, turn you on, and make a rememberable night! It’s exciting to pick a different sex game every now and then.

Sex games have really adapted over the years and now you can just purchase one ready-to-go in a box. However, if you want to make your own, it can be a bit more thoughtful. Instead of pulling out and reading instructions for a boxed sex game… Just make your own sexy and fun rules at the start.

Sex Games 101:

This should go without saying but during your sex games keep in mind there is no winner or loser. You both win from getting fun sexual pleasure in new forms. Remember to communicate and stay loose. It’s called a game for a reason… have fun with it! Don’t stress the small details, just come prepared.

If your game is going to require a timer, dice, cards, board, lube, sex toy, or any accessories remember to have it in the room ahead of time. If you start a sex game and don’t like it, just tell your partner and give a different one a go. It’s okay to stop mid-sex game and move on to something new.

Top Rated Couples Sex Games:

  • Stop & Go Sex Game

This sex game requires you to set a timer under 5 minutes. You have 5 minutes to preform any sexual act you want on your partner. Once the timer goes off you must stop and switch positions with your partner. At that point your partner would preform the exact same sexual act on you. This sex game requires you to know each other’s limits and trust each other. It will be a huge tease and turn on having 4 minutes of extreme pleasure to be left hanging… until the timer goes off again. The sexual acts in this sex game can be anything from kissing to penetrative sex in specific positions.

  • Pleasure Cards Sex Game

This sex game requires a little bit of thought ahead of time but can be extremely fun! Sit down with your partner with a blank stack of index cards. You then trade off writing down sexual acts you want to preform on each other. You can even write some cards for them, to perform on yourself. This is fun, and a huge turn on just fantasizing about each sexual card. Make sure to have the cards split into “his” and “her” stacks. Then trade off picking cards and preforming the act in the bedroom.

  • Porn Star Sex Game

It’s time to bring out your inner porn star! Now stay with me here… Turn on some feminist porn that both of you can enjoy. Now there are varying degrees to this sex game, but you want to pick a sexual act that happens in the porno, to reenact that you both agree on. Maybe you’ll find your new go-to position or might discover you’re just not that flexible. But it will give you some new ideas and show you exactly how to do it. If you’re level “expert” on this sex game you can reenact every porn scene as it’s happens!

  • Seek & Destroy Sex Game

Everyone has seen the movie scene where they rip each other’s clothes off like ravage wild beasts before having mind-blowing, rough, passionate sex. We all have wanted to give it a go, but let’s be honest… who wants to destroy any of their clothes? For this sex game, simply go out and buy some very cheap clothes, and set a date you plan to have them on that afternoon. Then tear those clothes off their body by any means necessary. Bonus points if you can do it with your teeth!

  • House Showing Sex Game

For this sex game you can role play as a realtor and someone interested in purchasing your home. But the rules are pretty simple, nobody orgasms until you’ve had sex in every room of the house. This will require you to get a bit creative. Some rooms have couches, others only counter tops. Have fun with this sex game and take advantage of each room’s unique furniture.

  • Sex Toy Teasing Sex Game


              For this sex game, shop a trusted sex toy retailer, pick something out together that you both find interesting. It can be something like a quality vibrator. Which might seem like a sex toy only for her but that’s not true because the guy can get extreme pleasure just from using it on her! Plenty of quality sex toys for gay and lesbian’s out there as well! Something like a cockring might be great since it will be pleasurable for both individuals.

Once you picked out a high-quality sex toy, you have to set a date that you plan to use it. You can’t open it or use it until then! The anticipation alone will be a huge turn on. Talk and text each other about it… tell each other how you can’t wait to use it on them.

  • The Red Room Sex Game

Make a at home DIY sex dungeon. How involved you want to get with it is up to you. The main thing is that it can be cleaned up and put away relatively easy. Unless you want a permanent sex room that is! However, this sex game can be cheaper than you expect. Couple props like whips, feathers, sex toys, hand cuffs, and a bed will do the trick! Change the lighting to dark or dim lite. If you buy lights that changes colors, you can set it to something different for a cool effect. Girls, pull out your leather boots and lingerie for extra effects. Tie each other up and tease until you can’t handle it anymore!

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do Sex Game

For this sex game you both strip down and sit facing each other on the bed. Designate who starts out as the “instructor” and “follower”. The instructor will begin to touch the follower.  Then the follower needs to copy touching the instructor in the exact same manor. Through this sex game, you can show your partner exactly how you like to be touched. Plus, its just hot as hell learning through touching and kissing.

  • The Mystery Sex Toy Game

Blindfold and tie your partner to the bed to start this sex game. Then tease them all over with a mysterious sex toy you pick out. It can be a quality sex toy, or something as simple as a feather. Have them try to guess exactly what it is your stroking, caressing, and penetrating them with! Communication is key, if they feel any discomfort make sure they tell you.

  • Park It Sex Game

For this sex game you need a decent size car and park it in your driveway or garage, so you are mainly out of site. At night would be best for this one. This might give you flash backs to when you were in high school, but go in the car, leave it off or just leave the radio on. Then snuggle up with some blankets and start with some long foreplay. This one won’t be the most comfortable so being extremely turned on before you start will be key to this sex game.


  • Naked Twister Sex Game

For this sex game, pull out your old twister board game and blow the dust off that thing! This is adult style twister. Start with clothes on, as each game progresses or ends, take a piece of clothes off until your getting intertwined fully naked. You can even try some really impressive sex positions while on the mat. This always makes for a good story and laugh. Lube each other up and bring out some sex toys to really spice it up.


  • Retail Sex Game

Give your partner a budget and send them into a sex toy shop or to an online sex toy retailer. Tell them they can pick out one item (sex toy or lingerie) and they can watch you use it or wear it for one night. Don’t let them show you what they purchased. This will help build the anticipation leading up to that night. Then enjoy watching their jaw drop as you walk out with the sexy item!

  • Pong Style Sex Game

Most of us have played a game or two of beer pong back in the day. But this time set the game up on your dining room table and skip the brew. Arrange the 16 ounce plastic cups in a tringle shape on both ends of the table. Take turns throwing the ping-pong ball into each other’s cups. When you make one your partner must take off a piece of clothes, and you remove that cup. The person who becomes fully naked first must perform the sexual act that their partner (the winner) chooses. Keep it fun and light in nature of course!

  • Pick a Card, Any Card Sex Game

Start with a basic deck of cards and assign each suit a unique sexy meaning. For example, maybe hearts represent oral, diamonds is kissing, clubs is hand stimulation, and spades is penetrative sex. Take turns picking cards from the stack and preforming the acts on each other for a designated amount of time. The numbers on the cards can be how many seconds you preform the act for. So, if you pick the 9 of clubs you can finger her for 9 seconds. But if she picks the Ace of spades she blows you for only one second (but honey… sorry that’s the way the cards were dealt).


  • Make it a Story Sex Game

This sex game can be really fun, but risky as well. Don’t risk full-on public nudity as it is against the law… but do test the limits of how kinky you can get outside the comfort of your own home. Try hooking up in a friend’s bathroom during a house party, or some serious foreplay at a nearby park, maybe in the elevator at the hotel. This one is pretty open but discus it ahead of time so your both on the same page when it comes to this sex game!


Sex Game Wrap Up:

All these sex games can heat up your sex life and really pull you out of your comfort zone. This might be exactly what you need to help your mundane sex routine get blown up! Make sure you discuss the game with your partner so you both know what to expect. It might not be the smoothest game the first time around, but each time you play the sex game will get better. You will know exactly what accessories you want in an arm’s reach and exactly what your partner liked the most about the game. Keep things light, fun, safe and enjoy the ride!

by Diskret Life – March 20, 2023