When life is too busy, make the time to Spice up your Sex Life.

When life is too busy, make the time to Spice up your Sex Life.

It is no secret that adult lives are busy, so busy that sometimes we barely have time to eat right, sleep enough, and of course have a decent sex life. Even when we have good intentions to make tonight the night, unexpected things seem to always happen. And sometimes, just sometimes, the plan for you and your lover to get naked and frisky is replaced by two sleeping adults snoring instead having incredible sex.

Whether it is due to work, families or something else, we all face similar sex-obstacles and it is up to us to make the effort and the time. Only you can find ways to incorporate sex into your daily routine. Relationships can only go so long without intimacy. Adding some intimacy tips onto your daily routine could help improve and maintain a relationship.

Humans are sexual creatures by nature and even the greatest loves can't withstand a life without sexual pleasure. Don't make one of the most common relationship mistakes and take your partner for granted.  Here are eight ways to incorporate sex into your daily routine.

Take what you can get and give what you can

It's not all about actual sex, pleasing your lover can be just as satisfying and in many cases an easier (quicker) way to incorporate sex into your daily life. Fooling around is hot and brings back memories of the good old days where you couldn't keep your hands off of each other. So if you have some time to spare don't assume it must be spent missionary, instead try touching, kissing, and giving pleasure in other ways.

Morning quickies

Set your alarm clocks a tad earlier so you can both wake up to enjoy each others bodies.

The benefits of morning sex

  1. Mood Booster: we experience a release of oxytocin a loving bonding chemical that lifts our moods.
  2. Feel & Look Younger: With the release of endorphins sex causes the release of hormones, which can give the skin look younger and lush.
  3. Burn Calories: Yes, right before getting out of the bed burn those calories with some sexercise.

It may seem crazy to imagine fitting that into your routine at first, but give it a try. I don’t know about you but I would love to start my day off with an orgasm. Just sayin'.

Plan sex dates

I know this may seem like the most unromantic thing, but for your busy calendar oriented people, scheduling sex sessions may be just what the doctor ordered. It can also allow you to incorporate sex into your daily routine. Between work, cooking, cleaning, yoga, and everything else in between there are some days I don’t get a moments rest. On those days, the last thing I am feeling is super excited to get naked and roll around. So if I am facing a week where spontaneous sex is just not in the cards I will plan a sex date to keep my lover satisfied and feeling important, because they are important and so is sex.

It doesn't have to be boring either like, "OK hunny, next Wednesday at 8:45 pm I have an opening for some intercourse," talk about kill my libido, Please don't ever say that!  However, when I shoot a text that reads more like, "I know we've been busy but I can't wait to have you all to myself on Thursday" can be very hot.  Think of it like organized sexting meets virtual teasing.

Be spontaneous

Just like scheduled sex can be beneficial to our busy lives so can spontaneous sex. Knowing when to have sex and what works best for your relationship is a great way to incorporate sex into your daily routine. Honestly, you can't live your whole life by the books, even if those books occasionally have a blow job penciled in. Sometimes in life, we need to go with our feelings, with the day, with the wants of our partners. Some days we need to hit snooze on the alarm clock stay up an hour later, and remember how good it feels to be with our partner.

Start foreplay with sexting

Men love naked pictures of women so when they get a nudie of the woman they actually get to be with, its like Christmas morning in their pants. It is a wonderful way to incorporate sex into your daily routine. Even if you can't get up the nerve to do a sexy selfie, why not send some descriptive erotic texts telling him just how much you want him. It doesn't have to be filthy but use the advantage of not being face to face to open up more than you would in person.

Same goes for you men guess what women LOVE to be adored, wanted, and appreciated, so take a few minutes out of your day to tell her just how much you do. Pick your favorite thing about her body and text her how much you love it. You may not always have time to fit sex into your daily life but that doesn't mean you can't fit some verbal loving in there. All this written desire can only lead to more possibilities in the bedroom.

Think outside the home

Sex doesn't only have to be in the bedroom, under the covers, with the room dimly lit. In fact, there are many other places to have sex outside the bedroom. Shower sex appeals to you morning love makers and don't underestimate the perfect height of the sink counter. Date nights that end in a hotel are guaranteed to get you both some action.

Now, I don't want to advise you to go humping in the airplane bathroom or the back of your car, but if the moment strikes and the coast is REALLY clear, then why not give public sex try? It is an exciting way to incorporate sex into your daily routine. Adrenaline can be one hell of an aphrodisiac.

Who needs a partner?

The best way to get your sexual desires back and percolating is to give yourself some attention and remind yourself how good it feels. It doesn't have to be this big production but when you have some spare time, take out your BOB (battery operated boyfriend) and see where things go. Many times people, women more than men, lose interest in the action rather than the outcome, because let's be honest you can't get sick of orgasms, but if you can remind yourself of the joy and relief that comes with the Big O, you'd be surprised how much more you may crave it.

Have some unwind time

So many of us never have the time to wind down. We go go go all day long and then are expected to jump into bed and become a vixen in between the sheets. Yeah, right! At the end of the day, in order to incorporate sex into your daily routine, you have to be willing to try other things as well. Things that can only help as a couple. Scheduling time to have sex is great, but if you can also set aside a little extra for a glass of wine and erotic massage then even better.  Personally, I can't tell you how many times I have said, "I'm tired" or "I'm not in the mood," only to then get a 10-minute foot or back massage and be complete putty in my lover’s hands. All you need are those few minutes of clearing your head and a good ol' muscle rubdown to change your stubborn ways and incorporate sex into your daily routine.

by Diskret Life – January 22, 2023