How to use the best butt plugs

How to use the best butt plugs

All orgasms are equal right?


You can always intensify your orgasms by branching into new sexual experiences like using a butt plug. So, what’s the big deal about anal play, its becoming more and more popular among women and men. Yes, straight men too are enjoying anal play and butt plugs.

This guide is going to walk you through everything you need to know about butt plugs. It will explain what butt plugs are. Who uses butt plugs and why. How to use butt plugs for beginners and advanced individuals. It will also explain the benefits and risks that come with butt plug play.

What is a Butt Plug?

Let’s start with what butt plugs are. Butt plugs are sex toys used for stimulating the rectum. Men and women use them to stretch their sphincter to ease their way into anal sex, while others use them strictly during sex and masturbation to increase the sexual stimulation and intensity of their orgasm.

A butt plug is much shorter than your typical dildo and it has a large base on it. This base needs to be larger than the widest part of the butt plug bulb for safety reasons. The anus does not have a natural “stopper” like the vagina and needs to have a backstop to prevent the butt plug from going into the anus too far. Make sure to check this as many manufactures don’t always adhere to this rule!

Butt plugs come in a large variety of shapes, colors, materials, sizes, and designs.

They are designed to stay in the anus for prolonged periods of time. Some people even wear them into public for the kink aspect of it.

The most common butt plug models are shaped like a cone or bulb with a stopper. Remember that unlike anal beads which progressively get larger and are designed to be inserted and removed throughout the sexual experience. The butt plug is typically designed to stay in during sex and removed after.

Some butt plugs have a fox tail attached. These are for role playing fantasies and are quite popular. In the U.S. alone people search for butt plugs almost 20 thousand times a month! These tail plugs are not designed to stretch the anus but more so a mechanism to attach the tail.

Butt plugs are a great way to ease into anal sex. You can start small and slowly work your way into larger plugs at a comfortable pace. Then when you are ready, you can take on your partners penis or strap-on. A lot of butt plugs are sold in sets of small, medium, and large. These are made for those looking to progressively dilate their rectum.

If you have never tried a butt plug, make sure to read the “how to use a butt plug” section of this article before giving it a go. It may sound simple, but a few basic tips can make your experience so much more pleasurable.

A Blast Through the Butt Plug Past:

Although most are not aware of it, butt plugs and anal toys have been around for centuries, even millennia at this point. Butt plugs dating back to 200 B.C. have been dug up!

The first U.S. sold modern day butt plugs were sold as “Dr. Young’s ideal rectal dilators kits”. They were advertised as curing all sorts of many common illness. Which of course many were proven scientifically false.

However, the orgasms that came from them may have helped with many things like headaches, stress, unbalanced hormones, and pain relief. Since that is proven to hold true today.

But the claims that Dr Young’s kit cured insanity, insomnia, constipation, and so on… were obviously proven false back then and the common butt plug were banned for sale as medical device.

It really wasn’t until the late 1990’s that the advent of soft silicone came into the sex toy world. This suited the butt plugs well and your modern-day butt plug came booming into the market stream.

How to Use A Butt Plug:

Preparation before using a butt plug is important. I do not suggest a beginner trying a butt plug without understanding the basics around anal play first.

We will help guide you through the basics here. Do not try to shove an anal plug in without taking the necessary steps to prepare, this could lead to injury and serious discomfort. The complete opposite of how your anal plug experiences should be.

The first step is ensuring your rectum is clean, a bowel movement and good scrub in the shower will suffice. You can use a douche with tepid water if that’s more your style.

The next step is stretching. Just like in athletes, it’s important to stretch the muscles before going for a home run. Start with plenty of lube on your finger and rectum area.

Completely relax your mind and body, while slowly inserting your finger. Get accustomed to the feeling and then insert another finger. Do this until you have 2-3 fingers in comfortably.

Next, slowly insert the butt plug. Butt plugs are made of all different sizes and materials, if it is two big or sticking, do not force it! It is best to give it a shot, and if it doesn’t work out, purchase a smaller size. A butt plug training kit from small to medium might be best for beginners who are ambitious.

Remember to use lots of lube. Apply the lube to the tip of the butt plug and outside of the rectum. This will keep any type of anal play more safe and pleasurable. Not all lubes are the same, here at Diskret we suggest the more natural lubes. Water-based and natural oils will keep the potential for silicone-based lubes and the silicone plug to react in a negative way.

If you feel any sort of pain, do not keep going. Relieve the pressure of your hand on the butt plug and slowly pull it out. You can try again when the pain goes away.

Once the plug is in, you can leave it there for up to an hour. Do not leave the plug in for more than 3-4 hours, depending on the material the plug is made from, it can start to break down in the body.

This is why Diskret highly suggests high quality butt plugs. The low-quality plugs are littered throughout the industry. So, make sure you go with a trusted retailer or manufacturing company for your plugs. Do your homework and research or trust a company you know delivers quality sex toys.

High Quality Butt Plugs For Men:

Unfortunately, the marketplace is flooded with low grade butt plugs for men. Its always been that way and probably always will be that way! Lucky for you, I’ve tried hundreds of butt plugs for men and know a thing or two about which one’s work and which ones don’t. So, here are my top 3 butt plugs for men that will give you mind blowing anal orgasms:

Duke by Fun Factory:

Designed by men, for men! This butt plug for men is truly unique. It’s a powerful, flexible prostate & perineum massager. It might look a little crazy from a design standpoint, but each curve and swirl is designed to conform to the exact curve of your body. It is easily inserted and provides mind-blowing p-spot stimulation! Use it with the bullet vibrator for an even more intense butt plug orgasm. Once inserted it becomes a hands-free experience and allows you to move freely without having to adjust.




High Quality Butt Plugs For Women:

Bootie 3 pc. Set


The Bootie 3 pc set by fun factory is 100% body-safe silicone. This butt plug for women has a very popular design that women rant and rave about. It slides in easily and allows for hands-free anal pleasure. It is also great for beginners as you get 3 different sizes. Like I talked about earlier you can work your way up through the sizes and help prepare for large butt plugs and anal sex.




by Diskret Life – December 27, 2022