Full Body Orgasms!

Full Body Orgasms!

Can woman really reach the ever so elusive, squirting full body orgasm?

Many women and men think squirting is but a myth or urine. The fact of the matter is – all women can squirt. But like full body orgasming, it’s a learned act that takes time and exploration to acquire. Once a woman learns how to do it, she’ll be able to repeat it for years. Now ready to learn how? Ladies and gentlemen, get out those pens and take notes.

Preparations for Full Body Orgasm

Before you can make any woman squirt or have a full body orgasm, you need to make sure she’s ready. Open honest communication works best perhaps telling her that you are planning a romantic night catered to her desires. Be confident with your approach and delivery, all woman love confidence. The bed, set towels down or water proof sheets (yes, they do exist). Squirting and full body orgasms are an all or nothing affair. She’ll either explode fluids, or nothing will come out. There’s no middleman.

Foreplay Required for Full Body Orgasm

Foreplay is necessary to warm any woman up, and the most critical step to any full body orgasm. With regards to squirting, I strongly suggest you do foreplay for a longer period than you usually do. Take your time to remove her clothes, and give her body plenty of love with your hands and mouth. Foreplay should last at least 30 minutes.

Penetration for Full Body Orgasm

At this point you need to decide if you’re going to make her squirt with your hand, a sex toy, or your penis. No matter what device you use, the technique is the same.

However, you want to commit to one choice before you start having sex.

Start by inserting your fingers into her vagina…find the G-Spot. This is accomplished by finding the rough patch on the upper side of the vagina.

Once you’ve located the target, give her the “come hither” movement by pulling your fingers towards you to stimulate the G-Spot. Rub this for a few minutes, and the action should start preparing the squirting process along with a full body orgasm.

By this point, she should be responding well to this and giving you hints that you are getting closer to the mission at hand. The big differentiator between a regular orgasm and a squirting orgasm is simple – when she’s ready to squirt, she’ll feel like she has to pee. If she feels like this, tell her it’s ok and keep going. When she feels like she has to pee, and she’s close to full body orgasm ready…


Pull Out for Full Body Orgasm

Gentlemen you heard me right. Pull out. She can’t squirt if you’re inside of her blocking the passage of fluids. Pull out, and if she hasn’t full body orgasmed yet, begin clitoral stimulation. This will drive her over the edge of full body orgasm, if she isn’t there already. Continue stimulating her citreous, and if she doesn’t orgasm, go back to the G-Spot and repeat the cycle. That’s it! I don’t have to tell you what it’ll be like when she has a full body orgasm. You’ll know.

What if she can’t squirt? Even if you’ve read this entire article, and applied every single tactic shared, it’s possible that your girl can’t reach that orgasm. I highly suggest you take the time to talk about why. Do not get discouraged or disappointed, sometimes the human body and mind just require more time for stimulation and/ or introducing new sensations. The trick is to continue discovering and playing with your lover’s body until you feel they have reached that incredible full body orgasm.

by Diskret Life – January 30, 2023