How To Make A Girl Orgasm!

How To Make A Girl Orgasm!


So, you want to know how to make a girl orgasm? Or do you really want to know how to give her uncontrollable full-body orgasms that last for what seem like hours?!

Okay guys, first you need to understand the female orgasm comes in a huge variety of forms. Everything from a quick “okay” orgasm to a body convulsing, squirting orgasm do exist. Plus, everything in between.

Not only are their varying degrees of pleasure and length of time her orgasm can last but also completely different sensations depending on how you bring her to climax.

A clitoral orgasm feels totally different than a g-spot orgasm which is different than a blended orgasm. One might stem from her core and consume her entire being, while others from standard penetration might feel good, they come and go in a flash.

I will not only explain the basics around how to make a girl orgasm, I will also show you different ways to bring her to climax, and the best way to make her orgasm!

Its time to learn from the experts who have over 10 years in the sex industry and consult hundreds of the top sex bloggers and sexologists in the world.

Guys, its time to stop being intimidated by the “female orgasm”.

With these simple methods and techniques, you can easily make any girl orgasm. It takes a bit of time, practice, and patience but you can do it!

So, let’s get started on your journey to complete and utter sexual satisfaction!

How to make a girl cum 101:

It doesn’t matter if it’s your wife of 30 years, or a girl you meet last night to take home. The principle around how to make a girl cum are all the same.

Only a few things might be “tweaked” if its your first time with her:

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Nerves
  • Routine


Which I will explain in detail later.

But the very first thing in order to make any girl cum is setting the proper preparation upfront.


How To Make A Girl Orgasm By Setting The Stage:

Is the halftime show of the Superbowl done outside in the parking lot of the stadium?

No, the anticipation and advertising is displaying months in advance, the stage is assembled on the 50 yard line, and a coordinated show of skill and talent takes place.

Guys, you need to “set the stage” in order to make a girl relax, feel comfortable, accept pleasure, and ultimately orgasm.

How the hell do I do that?


Build The Sexual Anticipation:

If done properly, the art of building sexual tension and anticipation can become explosive in the bedroom.

You don’t need to last 2 hours in the bedroom in order to make a girl cum.

Actually, when you build sexual anticipation properly, you might only need 2 minutes in the bedroom!

The idea is simple; the mind is the most powerful tool to get women off.

They need to be turned on, looking forward to what’s coming, and open to receiving pleasure.

Start by texting her early in the day. Let her know you are thinking of her. Throughout the day ramp up the small talk into dirty talk.

Ask her how she wants it. See what kind of sex toys she wants to use. What type of sex positions does she want to try?

Get her turned on hours before you even meet in the bedroom. Have her focusing on sex, you, the pleasure, and the orgasm long before it takes place.

Eye contact, physical contact like a brush of her hair or slapping her butt (if appropriate) and kissing/making out are all great ways to build the sexual anticipation.

Try texting her a romantic quote, or a kinky quote. Send her a kinky photo (doesn’t have to be of yourself).

Send her a photo or link to a new sex toy you want to try out or purchased for her.

Tag her in a social media photo that is sexy…

There are tons of ways to get her thinking about the mind-blowing sex you will be having later. Get her imagination going and you’re already halfway there to making her cum!


Show Her You Care:

Guys, it’s not cliché. You need to show her you put some thought into the night.

Setting the proper environment is very important to letting her relax and stay turned on.

Put the effort in and reap the rewards!

Lite some candles or the fireplace. Dim the lights. Pour some wine. Draw her a warm bath. Set out some new lingerie or sex toys you got her.

These are all examples of small things you can do ahead of time to show her you care. They both excite her and relax her. If you want to know how to make a girl orgasm, it is a combination of things leading up to the pleasure that play the largest role. 


Get Her To Relax & Feel Comfortable:

Now that her imagination has been fantasizing all day about what you’re going to do to her, and she walks into a well thought out environment. It’s time to get her to relax and feel comfortable.

If she is more comfortable at her place or in her bed, go there. But if she doesn’t mind coming to your place, you can take the extra effort to set some things out for her.

What makes her relax? Both body and mind.

It could be a cocktail, bath, movie, soft music, joint, yoga, a long massage….


Whatever it is, your job is to get her to relax and feel comfortable while being close to you.

Don’t rush her in the door and strip her clothes off immediately. Set it up right, make her wait, tease her, and comfort her. Get her body ready for the pleasure that is about to overcome her entire being!


The Female Orgasm Unveiled:

You can make a girl climax in a variety of ways. All will yield different pleasure sensations and a different type of orgasm.

The orgasm could be soft or hard. It could last a lifetime or a mere moment. You could make her scream with pleasure from a fast orgasm or deep moaning from slow overflowing orgasms. The orgasm could stem from her toes through her head or be focused all in the core genitals.

Here are the different types of orgasms and how they will make her respond:


Clitoral Stimulation Orgasm:

Want her to orgasm fast?

Clitoral stimulation is one of the fastest ways to get women off.

In fact 7 out of 10 women require clitoral stimulation in order to climax during sex!


It’s no secret why… The clitoris is a “nub” towards the top of the vagina that can be exposed externally. When stimulated properly it can bring her huge waves of pleasure.

Anatomy wise, the clitoris has no purpose other than for pure pleasure. It is packed full of nerves!

But a common misconception is the exposed nub is all there is to the clit. However, the clitoris has “roots” these run about 4 inches back and spread the outside wall of the vaginal lining.

If you uses your hands, tongue, or cock ring you can stimulate the nub, but if you want to truly give her a clitoral orgasm your going to need more than that.

Some clitoral sex toys are designed to not only stimulate the nub but all the way down to the roots as well.

These sex toys use “pulse wave technology” a fancy way of saying it oscillates air back and forth to create a suction that encompasses the nub and vibrates down through the roots.

The most popular clitoral sex toy for this is the Womanizer.

The womanizer is called the “90 second orgasm toy” for a reason…

If you want to know how make a female orgasm fast, the womanizer is your answer! It delivers intense overwhelming clitoral pleasure that no woman can deny makes them orgasm fast!

When a female orgasms from clitoral stimulation she will feel it on the surface of her body. Like a tinly feeling along her skin and in her brain.

G-Spot Orgasm:

The famous G-Spot! Is it real? Where is it located? How does it feel? How can I stimulate it?

While a lot of reports or articles say the G-spot isn’t real… It’s actually a physical part of anatomy and scientifically proven that a spot inside the front vaginal wall can create intense pleasurable sensations.

So, if you want to know how to make a girl orgasm hard, the G-spot is located about 3-4 inches inside her vagina facing up towards her stomach. It is a small patch that has the consistency of a raspberry.

The G-spot orgasm is often associated with “squirting” or female ejaculation. Typically stimulating the G-spot in an edge play fashion is the most likely way to get her to squirt. Here is a full blog if you’re interested.


I’ve tried many ways, and nothing can stimulate the G-spot like a g-spot sex toy. Sorry guys, but your fingers swirling around can only do so much. They don’t have the girth, length, consistency, or vibration that most g-spots require to orgasm.

Here is a list of my top 10 favorite g-spot vibrators if you’re interested.  

If you want to stimulate yourself, while it's more difficult, it can be done. The best sex positions for g-spot orgasms are doggie style, or rear entry. But missionary probably won’t do your g-spot any favors.


Oral Orgasm:

Alright guys, you’re not the only one that loves receiving oral sex!

It’s time to return the favor and go down on her.

Understanding how to make a girl orgasm doesn’t only involve your genitals. Its time to get your tongue going!

Here are some basic tips for when you eat a girl out:

  • Communicate- Let her know what you plan to do. Let her adjust you as she sees fit!
  • Slow Down- This isn’t like the fake porn you watch. Fast flickering tongue isn’t going to do much for her.
  • Build the anticipation: Don’t go right for the goods! Work your way down her body, up her thighs.
  • Use Your Breath: Breath on it and tease it before you actually lick it!
  • Circular Motions: As though you are making out with her clitoris. Slow and sensual.
  • Pressure and Pulsing Motions: Apply different pressures at varying speeds.
  • Break Time: Don’t be afraid to take a break, use your hand or a sex toy while you recover for round 2!

Here is a great blog I wrote on how to eat a girl out!


Anal Orgasm:

Yes, anal orgasms are real.

If you want to know how to make a girl orgasm, you most likely don’t go right for the anal orgasms but it is a possibility and yes it can be done.

Anal orgasms are triggered through rear penetration. Typically, with a anal sex toy that can vibrate.

While your penis can do it, it’s extremely difficult to get her off with just that through rear entry. A anal sex toy allows for varying shapes, sizes, and features that are tailored specifically for anal orgasms.

Anal beads or butt plugs are the most popular way to give her an anal orgasm.

Since the anal cavity runs parallel with her vaginal wall, you can stimulate her through it, even giving g-spot stimulation through it!

Before her big O she may feel the sensation to pee, but the contractions definitely wont be felt around the genitals. Instead, they’ll be around the anus. Her entire body will send uncontrollable contractions from her core. Her stomach area will feel a warming sensation that stems from her anus. She will boil over into a complete state of euphoria when it happens!

Just make sure to use lots of lube! Take things slow, have her experiment on her own first, and try various techniques.

Sex Toy Orgasm:

It's almost like cheating… If you want to make a girl cum nothing can compare to using a sex toy on her.

I use one almost every time. Why? Because she loves, I love giving her pleasure and watching her cum!

So, there are two main ways to make a woman cum with a sex toy:

  • Foreplay: Use a sex toy on her right away when you start getting busy. Caress her body with it, build the anticipation and then start using it on her. Quality vibrators are especially good for this!You don’t have to make her cum with the vibrator, but get her near the edge… Then finish her off with your penis! Like I said, its like cheating! Having someone else run the marathon until you tag in for the final mile!
  • After You Get Yours: Another great way to use a sex toy to make a woman cum is by finishing her off with it. Once us guys orgasm, we need a break or call it quits for a while. However, if she hasn’t orgasmed yet, why should you get all the pleasure and leave her left hanging? It’s a classic mistake and happens all to frequently. Instead, grab your “go-to” sex toy and finish her off with it. It’s still you using it on her and making her cum, even if it’s not your penis she will appreciate that you didn’t leave her hanging!


How To Make A Girl Orgasm (Quick Orgasm):

Ahh, the famous quickie!

Who doesn’t love a quick fuck to burn some stress off and relieve some built up sexual tension?!

Most men and women enjoy a quickie now and then. However, the principle behind a “quickie” is typically about receiving some pleasure fast and doesn’t always result in an orgasm.

If you want to know how to make a girl orgasm, typically we shy away from quick orgasms. Most women really desire long foreplay and time to relax. A quick orgasm is much more likely with a sex toy then a “penis quickie” before heading out for the night. But both ways are fun and keep her on her toes!

If she is okay with not getting hers, a quick orgasm for you is always a bonus too!


How To Make A Girl Orgasm (Long Orgasm):

The best way to give a woman a long orgasm is through extended foreplay and continuous edge play.

In order to give her a long orgasm, build up the pleasure and sensations until she is just about to orgasm. Have her let you know when she feels it coming on and then stop all stimulation! Its hard for her, rightfully so, its like pleasure torture!

But when done properly, building up, letting her cool down, then building her back up. When she does finally cum its explosive!

This will lead to really long orgasms that flush across her entire body. Often leaving her body shaking and convulsing uncontrollably! 

So, remember when you want to go for a more advanced technique, use edge play and extended foreplay for long orgasms!


Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm:

I often hear “what are the best sex positions for female orgasms?”

There is a long list, but according to a large survey, here are what women like most in order to climax:

  • Women on top
  • Doggie Style
  • Sideways straddle (one knee on each side of your leg while you’re on your back)
  • Bridge (popping her hips up while thrusting on your knees)

I personally believe in "women on top" as the best way to make a girl cum.



She has all the control! Instead of telling you faster, slower, left or right she can do it all herself as she desires it.

She can apply the pressure where needed and remain comfortable; controlling the depth of each penetrating thrust.

Unless she is totally against it, I always say a woman on top is the best way for her to control her own orgasmic destiny!

How To Make A Girl Orgasm With Your Hands:

If you want to know how to make a girl orgasm with just your hands, its about being prepared and using proper technique.

The first step is keeping your fingernails neat and trimmed. Don’t want her saying “ouch” when you begin caressing her.

Use some lube to make it extra moist and slippery. You don’t want the “dragging” effect.

Make circles with your middle finger over her clitoris. You can adjust pressure and speed. Remember consistent and controlled motion is the best!

If she wants it hard and fast, try thrusting your middle finger in and out of her. Curving your finger up towards her belly button slightly will allow you to stimulate her g-spot as well!

You can also slide your wet fingers externally, top to bottom across her vagina. Start by going down the side of the clit all the way into her vagina and then back out again.

Remember practice makes perfect. Ask her how she likes it, read her body signals and blow her mind!


Wife Orgasm:

I hear this one a lot… “I’ve been married for years and that spark in the bedroom has died. How can I help my wife to achieve orgasms again?”

First let me say, you’re not alone. Its perfectly natural for that wild sex drive to fade over time. The key is focusing on change of pace. Keep things sexy and interesting!

Get her a new sex toy, while our libido does go down after mid 30’s; masturbating and using sex toys can help ramp it back up like you’re 18 again!

Get her a high-quality vibrator, set it out as a surprise. Try using it on her to warm her up or finish her off with!


Encourage your wife to talk about your sex life. Have her tell you in detail about what feels good and what doesn’t. Don’t judge her, just listen. Our bodies change over time and something she used to love might have changed to something else.

Remember most women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to climax. So during intercourse, use a clitoral stimulator such as this one, or at least get your hand down there!

Keep the foreplay long, start with an oil massage and have her give feedback 1 to 10 what feels good or not. Stroke her entire body, kiss, lick, and caress everything. Work from oral to fingers and toys, to finally penetration. Use lots of lube and make mental notes of that 1 to 10.

If she says 8 or higher to anything, stick with it! Most women need consistency in order to cum. Just keep at it for a bit and ask if you should move on or keep going.

Best Orgasm:

So, what’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had?

Think about it for a minute. Think about how specific your answer is in your head.

Now, you understand how much that would vary from someone else’s answer?

People ask me; so what is the best orgasm possible?

All I can say is a massive US survey showed that 72% of women voted a blended orgasm to be the best orgasm possible.


A blended orgasm is an orgasm brought on through multiple forms of stimulation. Such as:

  • Anal and Vaginal
  • Vaginal and Clitoral
  • G-spot and Clitoral
  • Deep Penetration and Clitoral
  • Anal and G-spot

You get the idea… Most of these require specific sex toys to stimulate one while you penetrate or stimulate the other through oral or hands.

While this gives you an idea, all the details are really what make it the “best orgasm” ever. The mood you set, the mood she is in, the foreplay, the passion and pleasure. It is a full experience, not just about the orgasm(s).

Benefits of Orgasm:

In life, most pleasures are bad for you. I love my sugar, glass of whiskey, and a good cigar now and then but of course these are bad for my health.

Well lucky for you and me, the most pleasurable thing in the world is also healthy for us!

A good orgasm now and then does your body wonders. So make sure to tell her, you’re just looking out for her health is all 😉

Here is a list of all the benefits that come with making a girl orgasm:

  • Orgasms relieve stress.
  • They can make your partner less likely to cheat (according to a German conducted experiment in 2015)
  • Orgasms help with insomnia (making it easier to fall asleep)
  • Cum makes a woman less depressed according to a study from University of New York.
  • Orgasms help alleviate pain.
  • They can help you live longer.
  • They stimulate your brain.
  • Keep you looking younger.
  • They get stronger as you get older.
  • Give you glowing skin.
  • Lower risk of prostate cancer.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Relieves headaches.

So, get busy getting healthy!


Make her orgasm Conclusion:

We have gone over a ton of different ways to make her orgasm. The main thing when asking yourself how to make a girl cum is not about mastering some crazy technique. Its about communicating with her, paying attention to the details, and controlled consistent pleasure.

Find out what she likes and stick with it. There are a lot of different types of orgasms such as clitoral, g-spot, deep penetration, and anal. By blending multiple forms of stimulation together you can give her a full-body orgasm. These are felt from her core and overwhelm her entire being.

Using techniques like “edging” bring her close to climaxing then stop, only to build her back up again can bring long intense orgasms. These orgasms through g-spot stimulation can often lead to squirting as well.

Orgasms are good for both of you! They help relieve stress and sexual tension. They can bring you closer together than ever before, and even help save marriages and relationships. It’s a powerful feeling and through the correct methods can be explosive.


by Diskret Life – February 23, 2023