How To Use A Penis Sleeve!

How To Use A Penis Sleeve!

A penis sleeve can mean a lot of different things.

Whenever talking to fellow sexologist, it becomes frustrating and confusing what exactly a penis sleeve is?

You most likely have an idea in your head what you think a penis sleeve is, how it should be worn, and how to use it.

But did you ever think of these types of penis sleeves or versions of them too?

  • Cock sleeves
  • Penis extensions
  • Penis Girth Sleeves
  • Male Masturbators
  • Penis extenders
  • Masturbation Sleeves
  • Thick Penis Sleeves
  • Vibrating Penis Sleeves
  • Realistic Penis Sleeves
  • Silicone Penis Sleeves

You can’t be serious right now…

What the hell are all those and why do I need to know about them?

I decided to dig deep and research every kind of penis toy there was… (That probably doesn’t sound fun to you, but that’s why I’m here)

Ill break it down in a simple easy guide so you know what your looking for and where to find it.

I will also explain how to use these versions of penis sleeves and the best ones to try.

So, hold tight, we’re diving tip first and ending balls deep on all thing’s penis enhancing and stimulating!

What is a penis sleeve?

To be very clear, while a penis sleeve can look like a lot of different things. Most common penis sleeves hold these traits:

  • Penis sleeves usually do not bring the user pleasure or additional stimulation.
  • Penis sleeves are not used for masturbation.
  • They are typically worn during couples sex (specifically for penetration).
  • Penis sleeves can artificially add length or girth to a man instantly.
  • They make the user last longer before climax.
  • They can be made from a large variety of material
  • Some penis sleeves completely encompass the penis while others do not.
  • Penis sleeves are typically worn after the male is erect.

Hopefully this starts to paint a clearer picture on what exactly a penis sleeve is.


There are still a lot of different variations that we will start to cover below. Along with exactly how to use a penis sleeve and why you should try it!

Should I try a Penis Sleeve?


Yeah... Ohhh Yeah!!

Straight or Gay, men of all sexual orientation are starting to learn the true joys of a penis sleeve.

While a lot of guys still resort to pills, or penis extenders (a medieval torture device) to get a larger penis, there are other options!

A penis sleeve could satisfy your partner like never before.

Pills typically help get you erect, but they don’t make you longer or girthier (especially not like advertised).

Penis extenders are what I believe to be medieval torture devices! Don’t believe me? You literally have to put your cock and balls into a clamping device and crank it open while it stretches your penis!!

Com’on you can’t be serious guys!

There has to be a better way…

Well there is, it’s called the penis sleeve and its here to save the day!

I’m talking instant results for girth, length, and make you last longer in bed while completely rocking your partners world. Give them the hardest, deepest, most satisfying night of their lives!

How Does A Cock Sleeve Work? 

Before we dive into how to use a penis sleeve, lets cover how exactly a penis sleeve works.

The same as a cock sleeve, you will place only your cock or both your cock and balls into a sleeve.

Like a condom, it will encompass your entire cock.

Sometimes a ring around the base of the cock sleeve can provide both constriction to your balls and hold the cock sleeve in place.

Its always nice to have a slight tug on your balls while thrusting away!

The constriction on your balls and cock will keep you rock hard for a longer period of time. Same concept as a cock ring does.


Some cock sleeves have a textured inside or textured outside. Inside obviously provides the user a slight amount of stimulation, and the outside is for the individual being penetrated.

Most cock sleeves are made from silicone for the simple “growth factor”. It’s hard to know your true size when constriction is applied, and you will grow and shrink throughout your penetrative sex.

To solve this, most cock sleeves are made from extremely flexible silicone or Thermo Plastic Elastomers (TPE). These cock sleeves will adapt as you grow and shrink to help provide a complete seal.

How to use a penis sleeve?

The easiest way to put a penis sleeve on is through a lot of lube and patience.

Here are a couple pro tips to make it much easier:

  • Lube the inside of your penis sleeve, and your cock to start (don’t lube the outside of the sheath yet.)
  • Once your penis is in the sleeve, then worry about stretching the silicone ring around your balls.
  • The ring will expand around your balls, don’t try jamming your balls through the ring!
  • If you don’t “groom yourself” it can catch pubic hair quiet easily. A quick trim beforehand will help.
  • Some penis sleeves do not have an opening in the tip. This can cause a “ballooning” effect and trap air in the tip. Use a small knife and put a hole in the tip to allow trapped air to release (obviously do this when the penis sleeve is off!!!)
  • A penis sleeve is not a means of birth control.
  • When first penetrating your partner, use lots of lube on the outside of the cock sleeve and take things mighty slow. You’ve just added length and girth to yourself so your partner might not be used to it!
  • Use basic communication to see if your partner wants it faster, slower, harder or softer.

Keep these tips in mind for the best night of her life!

I Just Blew My Partners Mind… Now What?


It’s the unfortunate reality of a cock sleeve; the guy wearing it just doesn’t feel huge amounts of stimulation.

Why not?

Due to the thickness of the sleeve, you simply don’t feel much… Even the stimulating nubs or ribs on the inside do little for me.

I’m here to tell you… SO WHAT?!

You knew that when you slapped it on. I hate to say it but using a cock sleeve really isn’t all about you.

This is what it’s all about:

  • Giving your partner the best dick of their lives!
  • Having fun, experimenting, and trying something new with your partner.
  • Putting your partner first, letting them cum fast and hard. Sometimes multiple times in a row.
  • Feeling a confidence about your cock like you’ve never experienced before. (lets face it your hung like a horse now and it feels quite nice!)

But with that being said, nobody ever said you couldn’t get yours too!

My partner and I always make sure we both end sexually satisfied. So, even when I wear a cock sleeve and make her climax. I proceed to remove it so she can finish me off!

Wearing the cock sleeve gives me confidence, plus it’s a huge turn on and great foreplay when I know I am rocking my partners world!

When you pull the penis sleeve off you will be so hard and turned on, it doesn’t take you very long to finish too!

*** The one upside to not feeling that much when the cock sleeve is on, you can go for hours without cumming!

When its time for you to get yours, simply remove and finish off your built-up sexual tension.

Types of Penis Enhancer Sheath’s:

As I stated earlier, there are a lot of different types of “penis enhancer sheaths”.

I will break these down to explain the main differences (if any) and the best type of penis enhancer sheaths you can purchase in each category.

This was based on countless hours of research, testimonies, interviews with sexologists, and the main sex toy retailers in the industry.

After all, someone’s got to test all these sleeves!

Penis Girth Sleeve:

A penis girth sleeve has a single purpose… You guessed it, adding girth to you!

I personally love penis girth sleeves. Almost any man can fit in the universal one size fits all since your length doesn’t matter.

A true penis girth sleeve will only wrap around the outside diameter of your cock in one section. Typically, it doesn’t cover your entire penis or the tip of it.

I noticed the transition from the tip of your penis onto the penis girth sleeve, back down to the base of your penis outside diameter makes for a lot of ridges.

These bumps and ridges as you penetrate your partner give a dynamic and unique sensation. Bringing huge waves of pleasure to your partner.

Plus, because the penis girth sleeves doesn't encompass your entire shaft, you get some great pleasure out of them too!

Beyond feeling more pleasure, you still get the added benefits of penis and ball constriction from something like the Colt Slammer Penis Sleeve

Colt Slammer Penis Sleeve


The Colt Slammer penis girth sleeve is big, heavy, and thick. Which is exactly what you want!

This 4.25 inch long, 2 inch diameter penis girth sleeve will add nearly 2 inches in diameter to your cock instantly!

Using a body-safe thermo plastic elastomer (super flexible jelly-like material) this penis girth sleeve is super easy to stretch on and fits like a glove!

It wraps part of your cock and balls, keeping it in place during use and providing good constriction. No more having to worry about your penis girth sleeve slipping out of place or sliding off while thrusting away.

It has an ultra-smooth inside and out and give your partner a huge sense of fullness while leaving your sensitive tip exposed for pleasure.

Easy to clean after with warm water and soap, great with all water-based lubes!

Penis Extension Sleeve

A penis extension sleeve is something different.

A penis extension sleeve adds mainly length but does inherently add a little girth since it wraps your entire shaft.

This prevents the user from experience that much sensation during use. However, if your lover is looking for a fun twist on things, a penis extension can be the perfect gift!

The penis extension will give you a huge boost in confidence and make you feel massive down there! Take things slow as the added length can be a rather large surprise for your partner.

Just remember to clean it after use and let the silicone or TPE air dry when done. I just use warm water and soap to keep things simple but clean.

I really prefer the Adams extension for a lot of reasons:

Adam’s Penis Extension


Its nothing new, Adam’s Extension has been one of the highest rated, best-selling penis extension sleeve for years.

It has over 60,000 sold worldwide.


Because it’s the best. It’s very user friendly, great design, fits almost all men, and provides the mind-blowing pleasure you’d expect.

The Adam’s penis extension is made from a very soft jelly that is body safe and super flexible. Making it adapt to nearly any size, and fitting snug against you during use.

The clear jelly has pleasure points inside and out allowing you to see the action while its taking place!

Watch as you thrust your new huge cock into your partner, making them moan with intense pleasure. All by using a sophisticated condom!

** I say condom because that’s how simple it is to apply and use although it is not rated for birth control guys!

Vibrating penis sleeve

Want to give her even more stimulation beyond the huge, thick rock-hard cock?

Try adding vibration and some really unique texturing to the penis sleeves.

These are not as common, and frankly a little hard to find. Finding one that is of decent quality is nearly impossible!

Most of the vibrating penis sleeves I’ve used have been a serious disappoint. What I can tell you, is it’s usually due to the bullet vibrator being a cheap battery-operated piece of junk!

Can you tell it’s frustrated me in the past?

Same as a cheap cock ring with a little bullet vibrator that takes a AA battery, they last about 10 minutes in bed.

However, you have a few options.

There are a couple good ways to add vibration during penetrative sex.

  • Take a bullet like the Tango by We-Vibe and throw it in the slot on the vibrating penis sleeve for the crappy bullet. Oldest trick in the book, replace the junk piece with the best bullet vibrator on the market!
  • You could get something like a finger vibrator from Hot Octopuss or the finger vibrator from Dame Products and directly hold it to her while penetrating her.
  • You could have her slide a vibrator in like the EVA ll by Dame Products before you start.
  • Lastly, you could use a cock ring on top of the vibrating penis extension and just remove the bullet all together. It’s a genius idea if you and your partner don’t mind two things being around your cock at the same time.

If you want the best vibrating penis sleeve right out of the box, I have to recommend the Maxx Gear Vibrating Penis Sleeve.

Maxx Gear Vibrating Penis Sleeve


“It lasted me a long time, fit really well, and had clitoral stimulators on top that my partner loved.” – Jeff (Maine)

It’s true, the Maxx Gear vibrating penis sleeve will leave your partner in aww. I love it for the added vibration.

While typically adding size and girth is enough to satisfy a partner, sometimes they are even looking for more! That’s where the vibration comes in handy.

This is a rare find due to the quality and ability to last long. Most are made from low-grade material and the bullet vibe doesn’t last beyond a few uses.

If you want extreme vibration, your best bet is still by using a quality cock ring over a good penis sleeve. Or replacing the bullet with the Tango.

But if you don’t want to mess around with purchasing and dealing with adding two things together; the Maxx Gear Vibrating Penis Sleeve will work wonders.

The clitoral stimulator is another added bonus that you wont find by adding a basic cock ring on the end too.


Masturbation sleeve:

 A masturbation sleeve is another form of “penis sleeve” but with an entirely different function than what I’ve discussed earlier.

Masturbation sleeves still wrap your cock, but are used and designed for solo play.

Guys, if you’re still using your hand its time to advance beyond the stone age! We’re not in middle school anymore...

Going from using your hand to a quality masturbation sleeve is like driving a Prius to getting in a Ferrari. It’s not a minor upgrade!

However, I must warn you… When I first discovered using a masturbation sleeve over my right hand; I didn’t leave my room for a week! It’s like rediscovering what an orgasm is all over again!

Masturbation sleeves have many different shapes, sizes, and designs. They can be made from various material but the general concept of how you use one is all the same.

It’s designed to move! Slap some lube inside the masturbation sleeve and on your cock. Then slide the sleeve up and down to experience all the wonderful new textures, suction, and features it has to offer.

Maybe it vibrates or uses a crazy internal design. Either way, it will make you climax fast and hard!

Here are the main styles of masturbation sleeves:

**Click the link above for an example of the best in each category!

Masturbation sleeve use:

While they are really designed and advertised as for solo play, I feel I must inform you about how great they are for couples play too.

It’s a rare thought to take a masturbation toy to the bedroom with a partner but think of it this way… Is it rare for a straight man to use a vibrator on a woman?

Hell no its not, and if you haven’t tried it yet that’s a must go for the ultimate foreplay.

So, why is it odd for a man to bring a masturbation sleeve to use with his partner?

Let me tell you, it’s not odd, and it’s extremely pleasurable! Watching your man or girl use a masturbation sleeve on you during foreplay is smokin’ hot! Like the ultimate turn on!

Also, say he/she finishes before you and doesn’t want to keep going with penetration. Let them finish you off with a masturbation sleeve so everyone is left sexually satisfied and happy!

The same as if you used a vibrator on her to warm her up or finish her off.

The Best Masturbation Sleeve:

It's no easy task picking out the best masturbation sleeve. Unlike penis extensions and cock sleeves, a high quality masturbation sleeve is easily found.

Men love them and have been using them for over two decades, so of course there are a ton of options.

My personal favorite is the Tenga Zero Flip EV.

Tenga Zero Flip EV:


Penis Sleeve Vs. Male Masturbator

So to help clear things up on the whole penis sleeve or masturbation sleeve. A male masturbator is designed for solo use. A penis sleeve is designed for couples penetration.

The male masturbators are used with a stroking motion.

A penis sleeve is worn and used to thrust into a partner with.

Male masturbators bring the user huge satisfying orgasms, while the penis sleeve does this for the one being penetrated. The user of the penis sleeve receives minimal physical stimulation but a lot of mental stimulation from bring their partner to climax.

A male masturbator is great for training yourself to last longer in bed. It allows you to control each stroke and thrusting motion. Along with the amount of suction being applied.

So, you can train your body to “edge” or get near an orgasm without actually orgasming. Once you have mastered this, you can engage in sex much more efficiently. Giving you the control over when you want to orgasm or hold off.

Thick Penis Sleeve


Some men and women love the “penis sleeve” idea but really don’t want the extra length.

In that case you should look for an extra thick penis sleeve. These will be cut at the tip, so no additional length is added, and you won’t struggle with trapped air.

However, the additional girth can give your partner a serious sense of “fullness” while also allowing you or the person wearing it to experience some pleasure.

It will provide the cock and sometimes both the cock and balls with great constriction. Keep you harder and making you last longer.

Check out this ultra-thick, high-quality penis sleeve. It’s a personal favorite of mine and is sure to satisfy your partners every thick fantasy!

The Best penis sleeves

I always get the question “what’s the best penis sleeve”?

But after reading this blog you can understand why no single option is the best penis sleeve. You will need to test different styles for yourself.

A lot of it has to do with fit-up. The best penis sleeve will fit you like a glove and not rub or feel irritating during use. This does happen… All the time!

Please read the dimensions for both the outside and inside closely. Next time you’re erect, measure the length and circumference of you’re cock. You’ll need to know this to find the best penis sleeve.

Think about the main differences and how you plan to use it.

Do you want a solo masturbation sleeve? Do you plan to use it on a partner? Would you like it to add length and girth or just girth? Do you want a silicone penis sleeve that will stretch and adapt to you?

Once you understand how you want to use it, and your size. Remember silicone and TPE can stretch nearly twice their size.

The rest is history! There is no going back once you’ve used one of these awesome sleeves!

While I highlighted some of my favorite sleeves above in each category. Here are a just few more from my all-time favorite penis sleeves and masturbation sleeves list.



This is the only high-quality masturbation sleeve I know of that offers a remote control. They make the SOLO without the remote, but I must say… Having the clicker gives a whole new spin on things!

Made by the extremely reputable manufacturing company “Hot Octopuss” the Pulse III Duo offers the first hands-free orgasm I’ve ever experienced.

Literally, it wraps around your cock and you scroll through vibration patterns and intensities until you blow your load.

The best part for me is it’s waterproof. So I just lay back in a bubble bath and vibe all my daily stresses away!


Hot Octopuss Pulse DUO LUX

Hot Octopuss Pulse DUO LUX

The LUX couples sex toy, with dual wrist-strap remotes- turning foreplay into the main eventA step up from PULSE DUO, PULSE DUO LUX combines versatility with sheer power. With two wearable remotes, enabling each partner to take complete control of their experience, this couples sex toy can make you both climax hands-free. Its clever design means its the perfect toy for every relationship. Come Together Foreplay like never experienced before. Worn by one, enjoyed by both, PULSE DUO LUX delivers intense hands-free fun, turning foreplay into the main event. While one partner enjoys the stimulation provided by the powerful PulsePlate, the other can seek delight in the intense vibrations emitted from the base of the toy. Two versatile wrist-strap remotes enable you to tailor your experience independently leaving you free to focus on climaxing together. Power hungry? hit the TURBO! Unleash LUXs dedicated Turbo button and push the powerful, high-amplitude oscillations to the limit. Push my buttons With adjustable and tailored controls for both partners, be assured both will receive just the right level of stimulation. Whilst one partner controls the powerful PulsePlate via their remote, the other can take full control of the rumbly vibrations emitted from the base of the toy via their own wrist mounted remote. Independent control combined pleasure. Why not swap remotes and take your couples play to a whole new level?

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Tenga Zero Flip EV

Tenga Zero Flip EV

Tenga Zero Flip EV: Tenga Zero Flip EV Features: Amazing Tenga Flip Design Now With Vibration! 5 Vibration Modes Dual Vibrating Motors Pressure Pad To Control Suction Intense Pressure Control Reusable & Easy To Clean USB Rechargeable Charging Base Drying Stand Easy To Lube 100% Waterproof Super Soft & flexible 4 Unique Sensations During Penetration 1 year warranty For the non-vibrating Flip click here     Tenga Zero Flip EV Specifications: 100% Waterproof (charging base not waterproof) Super Soft TPE Material (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) Dimensions (2.76”D x 3.15”W x 7”H) Charge Time: 90 mins Run time 40 mins (Max power) “I-phone” like packaging Tenga Design: Just when I though the Tenga Zero Flip couldn’t get any better… They added vibration to it! Talk about a genius design. It uses new and amazing internals throughout designed for vibration. It is easily my new favorite masturbation sleeve of all time! Everything about this design screams easy. Easy to charge (magnetic charging base). Easy to Lube (snap it open and apply). Easy to orgasm (snap it closed, apply pressure to your desire). Easy to clean up (snap it open and rinse, fully waterproof). The texture to the inside of the Zero Flip EV is different than the original Zero. It now has the benefit of dual vibrating motors. The texture is a series of ribs, flaps, disks, pulsating cones, and tip stimulators. All designed to give you the most orgasmic experience possible! When the device is clicked close it wraps around the shaft and encompasses it with mind blowing vibrations throughout.   Tenga Use: The Tenga Zero Flip EV comes with two packets of lube, however I prefer my water-based lube (less stick and clean up). I tried it first without any vibration to get a feel for it. I lubed it up and edged my way deep into the squishy marshmallow canal, and could feel every level of pattern along the way. The entry flap, the ridges, the cone encompassing the tip. Slowly squeezing the sides it applies suction and pressure (feels like the best BJ of your life). After feeling how amazing the internals were without vibration, I simply couldn’t wait any longer. Press and hold the solid white button for a second to switch into it’s low mode. Press again and it will move you to a higher vibration and so on. After I switched on the vibration, I don’t recall much. Just that I climaxed in an insanely quick time. It was all over so fast… Leaving me a bit dazed and confused. I had to wait a few hours and try again. The second time I got the real feel and a bit longer of vibration use before orgasming. Its so damn pleasurable I don’t recommend it for guys who want long drawing out masturbation sessions. Unless of course you have difficulties climaxing or are up for a serious “no fap” challenge. Clean up was a breeze. Its waterproof so just slide off the battery and rinse under tap water. Pay attention to all the nooks and crannies. Make sure its cleaned well and set it on the drying stand in the open position. It’s that easy! The charging base is not waterproof so please do not submerge it! Recommended For: Men who have difficulty orgasming Looking for an easy masturbation sleeve If you want a faster orgasm Looking for vibration in a sleeve Want hassles clean up, charging, and maintaining   EV Video:        

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