Liberator Shapes!?!

Liberator Shapes!?!

What are Liberator Shapes?

In the effort to get that "perfect" angle for penetration, I bet you've used a lot of things. The most common happens to be piles of pillows stacked on top of each other, but lots of people experiment with other things: arms of the furniture, piles of blankets, and more. We all know that new angles for the hips can increase pleasure and help hit some of those "special" places, but it can be hard to get the body to fold into that perfect manner on its own.

That's exactly what Liberator Shapes were made for. Made from high-quality, very-dense foam, Liberator Shapes are light-weight pieces of sex furniture made in various sizes and designs. Whether you're looking to hold a sex toy in place. Or lift the hips a bit more for missionary position, have a perfectly comfortable surface to help support your body during doggy style. Or just want a full piece of furniture with lovely curves just for sex purposes, the Liberator Shapes were designed to help out. The full range of shapes offers specialized sex positioning help - including shapes with optional bondage points as well.

Designed for the realities of sex, each Liberator shape comes equipped with a removable, washer-safe cover. Underneath that outer removable layer is an inner water-resistant layer that protects the foam at the core. This helps keep your Liberator shapes in tip-top shape for as long as possible - even through the realities of intense squirting or messy sex.

In addition, in case you ever harm the outer layer of material or stain it irreversibly, Liberator also sells extra covers for most of their shapes. You may need to contact customer support to find out what colors and options they offer for your particular shape.

Why Should I Use A Liberator?

Like we've mentioned, getting that perfect position can be pretty hard without some "help" from your environment. Missionary can be hot as-is, but it can help hit the g-spot when the hips are tilted up at an angle towards the ceiling. Holding that position, though, can be pretty exhausting on the muscles, and nobody wants to be focused on struggling muscles rather than the hot sex they're having! That's where the Liberator Shapes come in.

Designed to make your sex easier to hold, the shapes are individually crafted to help keep the body into specific positions to make it easier to enjoy sex without worries about having to strain in that position. Doggy style can be so much more fun for you when you have your hands free to touch yourself or your partner because your weight is resting on a soft cushion. No, nobody needs one of these for sex, but it's going to be hard to go back to sex without them once you've started integrating them into your sex positions and sex life! Much like a vibrator, a sex toy, or a sex swing, Liberator shapes are fantastic sex accessories designed to enhance and add to your sex life. Use them as a tool to make your current sex even better!


How Does It Work for Plus-Sized Bodies?

Yes! Most Liberator shapes are designed for a plethora of body shapes to begin with. For many bodies, you'll find that the space allowed on most of their standard, regular shapes will be enough room to support your body just fine. Consider taking a measurement of your laid-out width and comparing it to the width of the Liberator shape you're looking to purchase if you're worried.

However, if you're concerned, Liberator makes a few of their shapes available in a plus-size variant. The variant includes more width to allow for more support for larger bodies. Available on their most popular designs, Liberator makes a plus-size Wedge and a plus-size Ramp. In addition, they've customized some of their optional accessories (such as the Black Label bondage covers and storage covers) for these plus-size variants as well.

If you're worried about using these shapes as a plus-size body, you don't need to be! The foam that Liberator uses is extremely supportive - and even the largest bodies will still enjoy a noticeable boost up and support when using Liberator shapes. There's a reason the shapes receive such positive reviews in most areas.

Are They Used with Sex Toys?

Yes! In addition to making shapes just designed for penetrative sex, Liberator also makes shapes designed to hold your toys in place. Not only does that mean skipping trying to make a DIY alternative, but it usually means that the sex toys are held in the perfect place every time - with no fussing or frustrating adjustments.

The sex positioning company makes mounts to hold wand vibrators. These mounts have space for cords to run through the mounts, and they'll hold the wand in a place that's designed for optimal clitoral sensation. Check out the Wanda Magic Wand Toy Mount, the Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount, or the Tula Toy Mount if that's of interest to you.

Liberator also makes mounts designed to hold dildos for penetrative use. Much like a strap-on harness, these mounts will hold the base of most dildos in place to provide a hands-free and stable way to "ride" your sex toys without having to hold them. Some Liberator sex toy mounts also feature deep, tight channels designed to hold onto the handle of any non-flared-base dildos or vibrators. Depending on what sex toys you plan on using with your sex toy mount, make sure you've done a bit of research to see what channels and holding mechanisms your Liberator toy mount is equipped with. If you're looking to hold a dildo or vibrator for your use, look into the Tula Toy Mount, the Wing Sex Toy Mount, the BonBon Sex Toy Mount (our personal favorite!), or the Pulse Sex Toy Mount.

In addition, as we mention below, Liberator also makes a few shapes designed for use with Fleshlight male masturbation sleeves.


What About Men?

All Liberator shapes can be used for men! There's no rule that a partner who is receptive to penetration must be a woman, so any of these shapes can be used for pegging and anal sex on male-bodied individuals as well. Plus, if you're going to be enjoying partnered, heterosexual intercourse, most men will get some great use of these as well. Try switching it up with a "woman on top" position if your guy would like some chance to lay back and enjoy the added enjoyment.

Outside of that, Liberator actually makes a few shapes designed for male masturbation sleeve use. The Fleshlight Top Dog and Fleshlight on a Mission Liberator shapes are shapes made from the sturdy Liberator foam you've come to love and know: only they include small tunnels. These small tunnels are where you slip a Fleshlight into the shape. This allows the Fleshlight to stay nicely tucked into the channel for hands-free Fleshlight use that's at the perfect height and angle.

It's worth noting that you don't need to use a Fleshlight brand sleeve with the Liberator furniture if you don't have one, but the channels were specifically designed for standard-size Fleshlights. In addition, the male masturbation sleeve you choose to use with your shape should have a closed case design. It's not easy to clean the interior Liberator shape's channel after use, so any masturbation sleeve you use should "catch" most of your own mess afterwards to reduce the damage on the mount.

What Type Of Maintenance Is Required?

Luckily for you, Liberator shapes were designed to be as stress-free as possible! As mentioned before, most Liberator shapes come with two layers of material. The inner-most layer is a water-resistant layer that protects the crafted foam of the shape. The outer-most layer is a machine-washable, colorful layer that can easily be removed after every use for cleanliness purposes. Each layer zips on easily with a zipper - and can be removed just as easily with that zipper.

After each use, you can easily unzip the outermost layer and toss it into the laundry machine. Wash the cover as stated on your product's instructions (each item will have different instructions). Some covers will allow you to use the dryer as well. After the cover is fully dry, just zip it back onto your shape! It might be a tighter fit after the washing process, but it's the right size for your shape.

Depending on which Liberator shape you own, you might have to get creative with storage. Some Liberator shapes can double as "yoga blocks" - which makes it easy to explain when anyone comes across the Ramp in the corner. Other shapes are harder to explain, and they may be better off in the back corner of your closet until you're ready to use them.

Whats Most Popular?

It's hard to beat the popularity of the wedge and ramp! Some of the oldest offerings from Liberator also happen to be their most popular. If a retailer carries these, they likely carry these two iconic shapes.

Why such the popularity? Well, these two shapes are just so darn multi-faceted. Either shape can be used perfectly for lifting the hips perfectly during missionary position. Then the next night, you can lay over one for weight support during doggy style. The next night, the partner receiving oral sex can elevate their hips to allow for easier access (and less neck cramps!) for the giver. The next, the Wedge or Ramp can be used to elevate the hips for the laying partner on a "cowgirl" position. They're pretty versatile shapes; it's no surprise that they're some of the most popular shapes out there!

Other Sex Accessories?

Like many sex retailers, they craft a large variety of accessories designed to improve your sex. However, they go beyond just shapes.

First off, you might find yourself wide-eyed by the large variety of sex furniture that they craft. These large pieces might rival the size of your couch! Each piece is crafted with the same attention to detail and features as their smaller-sized shapes - but much larger for full-body use. While it's much harder to hide these full furniture pieces, they can add a whole new dimension to your sex life - and who doesn't want to add furniture to their home that's purely designed for better sex? In addition to the furniture, Liberator also crafts full-sized sex beanbags designed for two (or more!) people!

Second off, their Liberator Throws are regularly-recommended as a fantastic addition to the bedroom. A Liberator Throw is a waterproof blanket designed for sex. Unlike other "waterproof blankets" which look medical or are disposable, the Liberator Throw is designed to catch all of the messes - while looking like an integral and sensual part of your sexual experience. After you're done, just toss the blanket into the washing machine. The Liberator Throw is known as a fantastic accessory for squirters - or anyone else who likes wet, messy, or food play. It's available in a standard or a King-size. Protect your furniture while enjoying worry-free sex.

Le Wand Feel My Power Massager - Kelly Malka Special Edition

Le Wand Feel My Power Massager - Kelly Malka Special Edition

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