Your Ultimate Guide to Anal Beads

Your Ultimate Guide to Anal Beads

When you first started masturbating it was intuitive to start with your genitals. Most of us heard this is how you masturbate, hand and genitals, maybe some lube if you are really feeling wild.

Well times have changed my friend! People are really becoming more open with their sexuality and not holding back when it comes to exploring more ways to find pleasure. Of course, people have explored anal play and anal beads in the past, but it was not as socially acceptable or popular as it is  today.

What are anal beads?

         Anal beads are a sex toy that consist of round spheres attached to each other by a form of a string. As you insert these and remove these from the anus they provide the user pleasure. Lots, and lots of pleasure to be more specific.

If you have participated in anal sex, or perhaps a butt plug before, you are no stranger to the pleasure it can provide if done correctly.

There is no gender specific anal bead.  Anal beads can be used by males or females and perhaps the only thing that would make one geared more for females vs males would be the colors involved. Both males and females have the same biology when it comes to the anus.

History of Anal Beads:

Anal sex has been around since the Ancient Greeks. We know this because they were obsessed with depicting it on all their clay pottery. But they weren’t the only ones participating in anal sex, between 100AD and 800AD in Northern Peru, the Moche culture production of pottery exploded. With that archaeologists have unearthed 10,000 pots all showing individuals participating in anal sex!

So, when did anal beads come into play? Nobody is exactly sure, but if they already had ben Wa balls and dildos, and were obsessed with anal sex, they most likely had some form of anal beads then as well. But either way, its not like anal beads are some 21st century invention is the point.


There are hundreds of different types of anal beads on the market. However, they all use the same general concept of a shaped bead, on a string like material.

  • Some use round spheres, while others use ellipse shaped beads.
  • They use a string to connect them or a single molded flexible unit.
  • They will all have a ring or “stopper at the end to prevent the anal beads from going in to far.
  • Most all have a gradual increase in size from smallest to largest, with the largest being the last to enter the anus.
  • The stopper will be used to pull the anal beads back out during use.

Some of the types of materials that make up anal beads are:

  • Silicone: Silicone anal beads are the usually the most economic friendly however are usually lower quality. Some tend to break down over time and are slightly more difficult to clean due to the pours naturally found in silicone. Also, they may not be used with specific oil-based lube as this can break down the silicone. Make sure to read the material composition of the anal bead and if it is safe with all lubes or use a trusted manufacturer/retailer like Diskret.
  • Glass: Glass anal beads are slightly higher quality than silicone, but keep in mind you sacrifice the flexibility that silicone provides. For beginners I suggest getting glass or steel anal beads for the fact it doesn’t require as much dexterity or control to use. Once you gain more experience with the stiffer anal bead, you can move to a flimsy silicone if you wish.
  • Steel: Steel anal beads are the highest quality material. They are the safest from a hygiene perspective and easy to control for beginners. Check out the Njoy Fun Wand which consist of a steel dildo and anal beads on the opposite end!

Just keep in mind to minimize risk when purchasing anal beads. Stay away from anal beads that use nylon string. These are usually low quality and uncomfortable when being used. Remember to start small and work your way into the larger sizes if you are new to anal beads and anal toys.

As you become more experienced you may not want the very small beads at the end and wish to have something small and stockier. This way you can experience the larger beads without requiring to 5-8 small beads first. Check out the anal beads by Diskret for this look and feel.

What Do They Feel Like?

Anal beads are a unique sex toy, much different from your vibrators and dildos. But in my mind closer to ben wa balls . This is because they do not bring a constant surge of pleasure.

Majority of the pleasure comes from being inserted and removed across two ringed sphincter muscles in your anus. This brings a serious amount of pleasure as each anal bead passes through this muscle.

Work these into your daily sex life to increase pleasure for both him and her! Remember never to use the same anal beads on each other without cleaning in between. You do not want to transfer bacteria that is specific to your body into your partners.

How To Use Anal Beads Overview:

              There are a few ways to use anal beads for the maximum amount of pleasure. Remember you can use these during solo play, hand them over to your partner, or use them on your partner. The possibilities are endless when you start throwing different sex positions in there.

  • Use the anal beads for a warm-up that leads into a more intense sex session for you and your partner.
  • Use the anal beads at the start of your masturbation session, that can lead into a longer lasting orgasm.
  • Talk to your partner about using them on him or her. Make sure they understand what they are, and how they work. Then remember to start slow and use lots of lube. If any discomfort happens make sure they tell you.

Those are the main overviews on how to use anal beads. But what is the detailed process on using them?

       Know Your Body:

         Know your body and start small. If you are new to anal anything, make sure you are fully relaxed and purchase anal beads that are on a smaller scale. Make sure you are fully lubed, because the anus is fragile and can tear without lube.

Insert the beads one by one until you are at your comfort limit for size, then slowly remove them to stimulate the anus.

Just inserting the anal beads slowly with become pleasurable. Continue to do this until you are highly stimulated and turned on.

Then you want to leave the anal beads in while you continue your masturbation or sex session. Remember, you will feel these throughout your sexual activities but they will be far from your main focus. Your focus will be on your partner and your genitals.


              Once you have built stimulation with your masturbation or sex session until the point of orgasm. Remember you have the anal beads in to support your climax! So just before you orgasm slowly pull the anal beads out to set you over the edge! Or as soon as you orgasm slowly pull the anal beads out to make your orgasm extremely intense and last longer.

This will stimulate both your (vagina / penis) and the anus all at the same time! Creating an extremely unique orgasm like you’ve never felt before. Don’t forget the vibrating anal beads for extra stimulation throughout.

If you love anal stimulation,  you may want anal beads to be more of a focus than just warming up with them or leaving them in throughout the sexual session. In that case, play with them throughout the sex session whenever you need additional anal stimulation. Remember to use communication with your partner and have them pull/insert whenever you require this anal stimulation. You can also have them surprise you with stimulating them at there discretion which is always fun and kinky! Just a bead or two every 5 mins can increase pleasure drastically!


          Remember to care for your adult products as you do your own body. These anal beads will be in your body and possibly your partners, so take care of them! Make sure to wash them fully after each use, some are dishwasher safe and others just clean with hot water and mild soap.

If you are going to be using them with your partner, and your partner enjoys anal stimulation as well, have two sets of anal beads. One for you, and one for your partner. DO NOT MIX AND MATCH in the same sex session. Your anal bacteria are unique to your body and should not be transferred to another anus.

For a safe bet, if your anal beads are made of the correct material you can boil them in water as well. Just remember to let them fully cool before use.

As mentioned before, avoid all anal beads made from porous materials, because it doesn’t matter how much you try to clean them they won’t be 100% clean.


 In conclusion, like most adult products if used in the correct manor and in safe conditions anal beads can be extremely pleasurable. A lot of individuals and couples are starting to explore anal play again. For the past couple hundred years it was looked at as “taboo” but those days are behind us and the 21st century is diving head first into the adult products world!

Anal play has been around since the ancient Greeks for a reason, its insanely pleasurable! Give anal beads a try, even if you have not experimented with anal play before. It’s best practice to start small and work your way up with plenty of lube and in a completely relaxed state.

The pleasure is induced through inserting and removing the anal beads slowly. You can insert the beads and leave them in throughout your sexual experience for an extra boost in pleasure. Remove them just before, or right after you orgasm for a prolonged intense orgasmic sensation!

Do not be shy when talking to your partner about adult products or feel ashamed. Almost 80% of all women have tried some form of adult product and most men want to but might be too shy to bring it up to their partner. So don’t hold back, anal beads are just another tool in your sex box to stimulate your senses in another manor. Love your body, love your pleasure, and love your sex toys.

Please feel free to contact Diskret if you have any questions on anal beads at info@diskretadultlife

Also, make sure to check out all of Diskret’s top sex toys here!

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