Breast Play

Breast Play

Breasts have been the pivotal and a cultural phenomenon of lure, beauty and lust however the myth of how incredibly orgasmic our breast can be remains but a silent whisper. Most women don't know that their breasts are orgasmic. We're so focused on having an orgasm through clitoral stimulation and/or vaginal penetration that we miss out on so many other great forms of stimulation.

While we’ve probably all thought of the breasts and nipples as “erogenous zones” for our whole adult lives, now there is scientific evidence that the brain thinks so too. A study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealing that nipple stimulation activates the genital sensory cortex in the brain in the same way that stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix does.  This may explain why orgasms from breast stimulation alone are possible.

When you get aroused your breast can swell up to 25%. This natural boost makes the breast not only  look better but makes them also way more sensitive your nipples go from a pale to deeper hue the more you’re aroused. This makes sense, given that your blood flow increases when you’re turned on.

Nipple play can be incredibly hot and satisfying for you and your man. Nipple play can be used to initiate sexual arousal and to add to sexual arousal during sex. When aroused, the nipple becomes erect. This is from the release of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. As long as the nipple area is being stimulated, the oxytocin continues to release. And that can lead to more intense orgasms and a feeling that the whole body was involved in the orgasm

There’s more than one way to stimulate your nipples, here are a few incredibly gun ideas you can utilize to play with your lover’s nipples. You can use these techniques on your lover, or you can ask them to use them on you.

  • Breast Massage: Start with strokes around the belly, rib cage, and in between the breasts to tease your lover. Don't touch their breasts yet. Take time to tease their body then the continue onto the breasts and nipples. Alternate between a featherlike touch with your fingertips and a medium-light touch to caress the stomach, between your breasts, and the neck. Once you start to feel your lovers body react, use the featherlike touch to circle their breasts, then ease into massaging or squeezing the breasts. Wait to touch the nipples until you start to feel more turned on. Circling the breasts in large strokes around areola and breast without touching the nipples continues to build anticipation.
  • Sensation Play: (Ice) Nipples can be very sensitive to changes in temperature utilizing ice might take nipple play go from 0- 100 in a few seconds. Ice will allow your lovers nipples to instantly react to the coldness of the ice, becoming hard and erect. To spice things up, have your partner run the ice cube over your breasts and nipples with their mouth.
  • Nipple Clamps: To utilize nipple clasps on nipples, squeeze the sides of the clip to open the jaws of the brace. Hold the Nipple rigid, and place the cinch as far down on the nipple as would be prudent for a firm grasp. You may need to modify the clasps depending upon the size and of your lover’s nipples. For littler nipples, it might be simpler to squeeze onto the skin of the nipple for a firm grasp. On the other hand, it might be less demanding to put the clips on bigger nipples when the nipples are not erect, as the tissue will be more adaptable and less demanding to hold.

  • Feather Tickler: Holding onto the stem, allow the soft tip of the tickler to gently caress your lover's nipples experiment with different types of contact, using a combination of barely-there touches and prolonged strokes to vary play, paying attention to how they react to each caress. You'll quickly get to know how and where they like it.
  • Good ol fashion mouth and tongue action: There is nothing more satisfying than the fell of your lovers wet and warm mouth. Start with kissing, a kiss on your lover’s breast registers the sensation of soft, warm, and slightly moist lips that they’ll be sure to love. Start with short pecks from the under- boob and work your way with longer and deeper kisses until you reach the nipples. Licking is wet, slimy and warm. And then cools off as the saliva evaporates from the skin making for a novel mix of sensations. There are many ways to lick your lover’s breasts, but for now, focus on tracing circles around her areola with the tip of your tongue, afterwards…

Just as breasts come in all shapes, sizes and colors, women’s preferences during breast play will differ. Some women may love having their nipples twisted or bitten while others might find this painful. Also, breast sensitivity changes with our menstrual cycles, so what we may literally like one week, we won’t stand the next. The mysterious rhythm of our bodies is kind of exciting!

by Diskret Life – January 02, 2023