Oral Sex Seduction!

Oral Sex Seduction!

Who doesn’t like the act of Cunnilingus (aka yoni worship), btw did that word make you cringe or did it send a wave of orgasmic bliss down your spin? Don’t worry ladies I am diving deep into the art of fellatio (lingam worship) as well. Now don’t be shy we all love oral sex and having our vagina’s and penis’s worshipped and aroused via a nice moist mouth.

Let’s talk about the ever so magical vagina/ yoni and how incredibly juicy it is. Without it, we would not be here, let us not forget the spark plug to our desire (the clitoris). Not every owner of a vagina loves clitoral stimulation, but those of us who do are typically BIG fans. I felt that this would be an excellent opportunity to talk, clitoris-owner to clitoris-lover, Clitoris- enthusiast or those who are hoping to become one. In case you have never seen a vulva, save yourself the neck ache of leaning over and spreading. Here is a labeled diagram of an incredible beautiful yoni. Also, don’t despair I have more links and reads for you to indulge in some highly informative yoni 101 information. Before we go any further, make sure your body is in good health and not carrying any STDs.

Oral Sex The Penis”:

Ladies if you have yet to worship a penis lingam or are one of the few women that closes their eyes while performing this incredibly pleasurable act lets take you through the 101’s on the penis (umm yes it’s a diagram of the penis). “Fellatio,” comes from the Latin, fellare, to suck. Fellatio is popular but by no means universal. According to a recent survey by researchers at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, 60 to 90 percent of adult men have received oral sex at least once, with 50 to 80 percent of those age 21 to 49 saying they’ve received oral sex during the past year—20 to 50 percent of men over 50. If your lovemaking includes fellatio (oral sex), here’s how women can boost their own confidence and men’s enjoyment. Okay so some woman are not givers, however, expect to always be receivers of pleasure, hate to burst your bubble but this is a two-way street where all desire is created equal.

Oral Sex Communication”:

Before any acts of sexual delight begin always make sure that you and your lover are on the same page and want the same thing ( consent is sexy). You should check in multiple times with your lover. If you are unsure about whether or not it is okay to kiss them, ASK. Once you have permission, you can start thinking about the heavier stuff. Oral sex isn’t nearly as exciting, literally and figuratively, without a hot, lengthy make-out session. Before you even think to take off their undergarments, you should spend time kissing and exploring their bodies. This experience is new to you, so relish it. Make them feel wanted. Start with the neck and kiss their backs and tummies before you even get their bra (if they wear one) off. This is a tip for the men. A lot of women simply don’t feel comfortable receiving oral sex.

Oral Sex for Women:

For some women, this is due to insecurities about their scent or taste, or their internalized beliefs that their genitals are “ugly”. Some worry that their partners are finding the experience unpleasant. Others dislike being the center of attention or find themselves unable to relax when receiving. Women are socialized to be hypercritical of their bodies, so having your eyes, nose, and mouth right in the middle of one of the most sensitive parts of the female body is going to evoke at least a little resistance. Do not even think of touching any part of your partner’s vagina with dry fingers or lips. Remember your diagram: Outer labia/lips, inner labia/lips, vaginal entry toward the bottom, clitoris and its external hood to the top. All parts should have your attention. If you are so inclined (as well as your partner), there is also the ass to consider. For now, consider that a lovely area to grasp on to when you are really getting into things. If You’re a beginner take it easy on yourself and focus on learning one new thing at a time.

I just need your extra time and your kiss- Prince

These crib notes aren’t just intended for the gentleman as I realize woman also love to give oral sex to other women so do with this information as you please. Now to begin breathing through your nose, otherwise, you may accidentally blow a raspberry on her Yoni/vagina Keep your lips close to the labia and kiss it, drag your tongue over it, and then use more pressure and force. Slip your tongue inside, along with a finger or two.  Make a beckoning motion with a finger or two if they like being penetrated. Your partner will let you know if it is okay to put more in there. I also always have a clitoral stimulator nearby aka a vibrator I highly recommend the we-vibe touch. This incredible love tool is pure silicone, waterproof, rechargeable with eight vibrations make her moan and scream with pleasure.



Give oral sex everything you got:

Every part – outer and inner labia, vagina, clitoral hood, clitoris– should be licked, kissed, and made to feel warm, wet, and wanted. Long, flat licks work really well on me because they cover so much area. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings whereas the penis has around 4,000. Keep that in mind before you spend too much time on it unless you are directed to do so.  The clit is also a lot like a tiny little penis, so if you have ever gone down on one, it’s not much different.  As it swells, you can see that the little button is like the head of a penis, and is at the tip of a shaft. That small shaft needs to be stimulated, as well, either orally or with your fingers. Rub up and down with your mouth and/or fingers while stimulating the tip (or not the tip, depending on how much stimulation your partner can handle). According to Dr Lisa she states that women do not have an orgasm through vaginal penetration and that many times it is only achieved through clitoral stimulation. About 70 percent of women experience situational anorgasmia, which is when a woman is able to orgasm only during certain situations, such as through oral sex or masturbation, just some food for thought.

Silence is not golden in the oral sex arena:

If you are confused, ask what your partner likes. For those reading this that are on the receiving end, make sure you are telling your partner when they are doing a good job or when they’re doing something that you are not fond of.  They’re not a mind reader though they should be able to catch non-verbal cues.  Make it easy on both of you by telling them when something feels incredible.  The good people at Good Therapy have an insightful article in the art of communication, My personal favorite is about Understanding and communication ins which they state -“Listening can be tough, especially when the other person is saying something that triggers a defensive response in you. Remind yourself that you will also have a turn; right now it’s important to tune in and not interrupt. Make eye contact and be fully present with your partner. You can demonstrate being present by focusing exclusively on the conversation and what’s being said. It might be helpful to view the discussion as involving two subjective perspectives rather than one person being “right” or “wrong”. If you’re not clear on something, ask a thoughtful question or two to make sure you really understand. You might even say, “Am I getting that right?” or, “I want to make sure I understand; tell me if I’m hearing you correctly” Take turns talking and listening to each other. Spending just 10 minutes focused on the other person sharing their perspective can make a significant difference. If you find things are escalating, take a 5-minute break and come back.”

Dons stop till you get enough- MJ

Just keep doing it, my loves!  It might take a while, or you may have one of those magical folks who get off right away. You may also have a partner who has multiple orgasms, so what are multiple orgasms? Multiple orgasms occur when a person climaxes more than once during a period of sexual activity. They are more common in women, but not all women have them. Most women have the capacity to have multiple orgasms, but past research suggests only about 15% actually do. Multiple orgasms have not been studied extensively, and much of what is known comes from patients’ personal stories. There are also varying definitions of what multiple orgasms are. For example, some experts believe that multiple orgasms occur one right after the other, with little “down time” in between. Women stay aroused in between each one. You will get tired.  If you need a break, use the flat part of your tongue and do the wide, long laps from bottom to top.  Conversely, you can bite your tongue to use your neck muscles rather than your tongue muscles.  It creates a firm tongue that you can drag all over the place.  This has been especially effective for me when really going at it once we’ve gotten to the brink of orgasm.

Once the inner thighs start trembling, here is your signal to continue as you are now in the promised land, congratulations you have officially rocked your lover’s world.

Let’s head down the path of fellatio shall we, I love to call this act of love lingam/penis worship. Ladies and for those gentlemen who love giving other gentlemen this type of pleasure this part if for you.

So just like us woman, men are also self-conscious about their penis size, it is known as penis anxiety and is real and common: In one study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 30 percent of tested were very dissatisfied with their penis size. The study found no link, however, between size anxiety and actual penis size. Not all erections were created equal. Those who measured their penises after oral sex or intercourse sported larger penises than those who relied on fantasy alone, the study found. So be aware that he might perhaps be as uncomfortable as you are going into this act of pleasure.

Lets head down the path of fellatio shall we, I love to call this act of love lingam/penis worship. Ladies and for those gentlemen who love giving other gentlemen this type of pleasure this part if for you.

Your Eyes are the windows to seduce his soul:

There is nothing that arouses your partner more than your eyes as you unzip their pants, next to this exhilarating move is be enthusiastic. Do not cover your head in the bed sheets as you are in complete control of your lover, what could be more exciting than that! You might want to start with teasing just the head of the penis with the tongue or just licking the shaft. Again, take your time. Watch his reactions. Remember that the head is the most sensitive part of the penis for many men, and could be a great place to start, or it may be too much at first. When you feel you are ready to go a little further, you might want to incorporate your hand along with your mouth, either grasping the base of the penis (you can try stroking if you feel coordinated) or massaging the testicles, or both.


Keep it interesting, Play with speed and motion:

Once you have his penis in your mouth, there are a few things you can do. Experiment with the speed of movement, alternating between fast and slow. Take breaks if you’re tired or if your jaw starts to hurt. You can alternate your blowjob with hand-job or Boob-Job break, perhaps this the perfect time to gather some lube. When it comes to lube I always highly recommend water lube, silicon tends to be harder to clean and gathers bacteria rapidly. At this point in the game you might want to ask your lover to let you know when he is about to finish, perhaps you like his milkshake on your body or you don’t mind drinking him down. The key to swallowing for a beginner is not tasting it. An advanced head giver might play with it in their mouth but that’s your choice. I’m not one for interrupting the moment, so I don’t recommend spitting it out (unless you’re going to sop it back up). When that tangy (sometimes bitter) secretion flows, think of it as yogurt and swallow. I can not express the importance of consistent communication also be intuitive watch his body as this will indicate if he is nearly about to ejaculate and or still has some time to reach his climax.

Oral Sex Conclusion:

As we reach the end it is important to remember that both men and woman truly enjoy the act of oral sex, although some more than others. Oral sex gives you permission to express yourself in a new way, showing your lover how much you're enjoying their generous oral stimulation. The sexiest oral sex is the one that allows you to fully enjoy your lover's stimulation, so explore the find What would work best for you and your lover.

by Diskret Life – March 30, 2023