How to Make a Girl Squirt!

How to Make a Girl Squirt!

The mysterious and elusiveness around how to make a girl squirt has been around a long time. But what exactly is squirting? How to make a girl squirt isn’t exactly taught in high school sex ed class. This article will pull back the curtains and dive deep into the anatomy of squirting. If you are a girl and want to learn how to squirt or a guy wondering how to make a girl squirt, this will become your ultimate guide.

The myths around how to make a girl squirt have gone from confusing to straight fairytales over the past decade. Many men and women don’t believe female ejaculation and squirting is even a thing. Let us tell you, female ejaculation is real, it is fairly common, and is not as mysterious as people make it out be!


What is Squirting & Female Ejaculation:

There is a famous myth about squirting actually being pee. The fluid that women release when they ejaculate is not urine! Make sure you pass that a long to help squash that famous rumor! Before you learn how to make a girl squirt, you should know what to expect when it comes to female ejaculation. Female ejaculate is a watery clear liquid, it forms in the female prostate glands and is released through the urethra, yes, the same hole women pee out of. But female ejaculate does not smell, look, or taste anything like urine.

When women squirt, they may feel that sensation of having to pee or peeing. That sensation to pee during g-spot stimulation is completely normal. What happens is the tissue around your urethra is flooded with blood and the tissue contracts and presses against the bladder. If the women are very worried about the pee during squirting, she can pee before starting to stimulate or take a pe

e break to give her confidence that is not what’s coming out.

The History Behind Squirting:

Both men and women have been wondering how to make a girl squirt for a long time. This is no new bodily function women have just developed in the 21st century. The ability to squirt for women has always been there.

The first noting of female ejaculation was in the Kamasutra, it talks about female semen continuously falling from the vagina. The Kamasutra was written between 200-400A.D.

Keep in mind, sex should not become this mission to achieve something like squirting. You should be relaxed and if it happens, it will happen naturally. You don’t need to be ashamed or scared of it. Most women would like the ability to squirt so if your given natural ability allows it, good for you!


Why is Squirting so Important?

Odds are you want to know how to make a girl squirt for more than one reason. Maybe you want to impress her by making her squirt for the first time ever or feel it’s a goal you must achieve. Some women find it to be empowering or something that brings them closer to their partner.

The only problem with squirting becoming increasingly popular is women find it as something they need to do, in order to satisfy their partner or show how experienced they are. According to Pornhub women are 44% more likely to search for squirting then men. The term exploded to top 20 category on the website between 2013-2015.

Why are women searching for squirting so often compared to men? A lot of pressure seems to be mounting about women performing this task during sex. It is common for both men and women to search for “how to make a girl squirt”. This pressure to preform has only hindered women. If you are constantly focusing on trying to squirt, just like an orgasm, it is less likely to occur. The ability to squirt might happen more frequently for some women than others, also some women might discharge more fluid than others. But no women should ever feel pressured to squirt, as no man should ever expect their partner to perform this.

When mainstream porn videos show you how to make a girl squirt, the women discharge huge amounts in a single spray-like fashion. However, in reality, this is often far from how porn displays things… Women typically only discharge small amounts, so much so, they may not even know it takes place.

The Myths Behind Squirting:

  • Squirting only happens in porn:

Squirting is a natural thing that can happen to most women during sex. The big difference is how it is portrayed in porn typically is not how it happens to most women.

  • Female Ejaculation is the same thing as squirting:

Actually, the fluid produced while squirting is expelled from the urethra, whereas female ejaculate has a more viscous consistency, like saliva, and comes directly from the vagina. This was explained by Dr. Madeleine Castellanos to BuzzFeed Life.

  • You need to orgasm in order to squirt:

Squirting can happen during an orgasm or completely inde

pendent of an orgasm. Some women can squirt multiple times before achieving an actual orgasm.

  • Women can control if they want to squirt and when they squirt:

If you want to know this golden rule on how to make a girl squirt every time on demand, I’m sorry to disappoint you but that’s not how it works. Squirting is very involuntary, yes you can try to stimulate specific areas in the correct manor to help persuade your body to squirt but it is no guarantee for every girl.

  • You can’t prepare for squirting it just happens:

If you don’t know how to make a girl squirt, but really want to try, there are a few things she can do prior to help. She should drink a lot of fluids that are high in protein and electrolytes and absent from sexual contact for a couple of days. This will help her intensive the squirting or make it more likely to occur.

How to Make a Girl Squirt 101:

Now that you know the history, anatomy, and myths behind squirting. This is the best step-by-step guide if you want to know how to make a girl squirt.


  • Set the Mood to Squirt:

We have gone over how important this was to have the best sex of your life. Setting the mood is the initial parts of foreplay. The foreplay is must if you want to know how to make a girl squirt. She must be completely relaxed and fully turned on to help her achieve orgasm or to squirt.

Just remember that “squirting” and “making a girl squirt” is not the ultimate goal. If it happens great, but if it doesn’t no big deal either. The only thing that is important is you both are receiving and or giving pleasure that is mutual and exciting. So how do I set the moo

d if I want to know how to make a girl squirt?

It doesn’t have to be anything over the top. But some basic examples would be diming the lights, lighting some candles, soft music, turn some porn on, lock the doors so you feel comfortable alone. You don’t want to be rushed, or have fear of someone barging in. A clear mind can go a long way!

  • Make Yourself Comfortable and Have Plenty of Time to Squirt!

Don’t be in a hurry or constantly thinking about squirting. It is a sub-conscious thing. If it will happen, let it happen naturally. Most women cannot squirt immediately after simulation, so allow plenty of time to become fully relaxed. If you are in a rush or have a time limit, don’t plan on trying to squirt for the first time ever.

Gently and slowly stimulate yourself. Porn gives this misperception of having to go fast and almost violently in order to squirt. This is not how to make a girl squirt in most cases. Most of the time it will require a process of long slow g-spot stimulation and building up towards the peak of climax. If you need it fast and hard at that point, don’t hold anything back.

  • Lube is King (or Queen)!

When learning how to make a girl squirt, just remember lube is extremely important. With out lube she may dry up mid process. Lube will make everything more wet and slippery. This will aid in the ability to squirt and continue that wetness. Lube will help both him and her feel more comfortable and reduce any potential risk for soreness or injury.

  • Stimulate the G-Spot to Squirt:

Once everything is prepared its time to stimulate the g-spot. With your finger(s) inserted about 2-3 inches in, facing up towards your stomach, you’ll feel a patch that is textured like a raspberry. This is your g-spot! Continually stimulate this with lube at a slow and gentle pace to start. Once you find your rhythm you can slow down or speed up to achieve the most pleasure. This will give you a good chance of squirting. But if you want the best chance possible, you will need to invest in a g-spot stimulating sex toy.

G-Spot Stimulation Sex Toys:

A vibrating g-spot stimulating sex toy will give you t

he best chance to make a girl squirt. So, if you’re interested in how to make a girl squirt, a vibrator like this is a must have. The vibration, lube, and g-spot stimulation will mount until you release for the ultimate orgasm or possibly squirting.

What is the best g-spot stimulating sex toy? Take a look at our bestselling, highest rated g-spot sex toys:


Who Can Make a Girl Squirt?

What’s the best part about squirting? It doesn’t take a partner to be able to squirt. You can do it all on your lonesome. Of course, your partner can stimulate you to orgasm and squirting as well. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. A lot of women like to start alone with a favorite sex toy. Then move into doing it with a partner. That partner can stimulate the women with their fingers or use the sex toy. Never limit yourself when starting out.


How to Make a Girl Squirt Conclusion:

Keep in mind the most important things when learning how to make a girl squirt. Start slow, use lube, set the mood, and stimulate the g-spot. It sounds so simple, yet so many of us rush it, stimulate to hard, forget to set the mood, and never bring the lube. All these factors build on each other for the ultimate house of pleasure. One block missing, and it could come crumbling down mentally. With each piece in place, may you enjoy the pleasures of squirting and climax, time and time again.

by Diskret Life – February 16, 2023