Your Ultimate Guide to Ben Wa Balls!

Your Ultimate Guide to Ben Wa Balls!

The History of Ben Wa Balls

America became familiar with Ben Wa balls after the famous “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie when Christian shows Anastasia a set of Ben Wa balls and proceeds to insert them into her vagina. Anastasia then wears them all night long to an upscale party as a secret sex toy accessory. After the party, Christain removes the Ben Wa balls and they proceed to have their infamously hot sex scene.

But what the heck are they, how does one use them, and where did they originate? The true origin of Ben Wa balls gets slightly blurred but they were first noted in Japan in 500A.D. No, that is not a “typo” 500 A.D.! These are not something a Hollywood director decided to throw in his sex related movie to spice it up. These have been around forever! A Japanese man created tiny, weighted balls that were inserted into the female vagina for extra male pleasure during intercourse.

These original Japanese balls were metal and had mercury inside them. The movement of the dense mercury caused tiny sensations which led to orgasms for the females as well. So they started wearing them; free floating inside the vagina and as the slight movements massaged the vaginal wall, they became sexually aroused.

After originating in Japan, they spread to China, India, Vietnam, and then into Europe before becoming known worldwide.

They are also called by a variety of names such as benoit balls, dutone, love balls, pleasure balls, kegel balls, and jingle balls.

How To Use Ben Wa balls

So now that you know the history of the Ben Wa balls, how the heck do we use them? Traditionally, they were made of two hollow brass balls, which one was empty and the other contained a heavy metal ball inside or mercury. However, since then, technology has kicked in and you can now find a wide verity of Ben Wa balls.

Once inserted a common action would be gently rocking in a rocking chair or swing to produce a constant rhythmic vibration that can bring some experienced women to orgasm.

You can also perform a muscle building action called kegels to help hold them in and to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These will help keep your vaginal area “tight” and create better sensation for a male partner along with yourself during intercourse! Some Ben Wa balls are even weighted to require the user to squeeze harder to hold them in, creating a more difficult workout, for more advanced Ben Wa users.

How to Insert Ben Wa Balls

The first thing you should do is turn yourself on or lube the vaginal area and Ben Wa balls. Then slowly glide the hollow ball in first, followed by the “loaded ball”. When placed in the correct location, slight movements of the hips and thighs will cause the loaded ball to float around thus causing small pleasant vibrations. Keep in mind the easier you can slide them in, the easier they will slide out, so a balance with practice and movements will be required to fully understand the size and lubrication you should stick to.

We suggest laying down especially if you haven’t done this before. Don’t forget to relax, then insert the balls into the vagina when your mind is calm. Make sure you feel there is enough lubrication. You can always start with one ball if you are nervous to try both the first time.

Once the Ben Wa balls are fully inserted, hold them inside the vagina by tensing your leg muscles together and doing kegel exercises.

Try getting up and moving around, if it falls out, don’t worry! Make sure it is clean and give it another try. Remember the smaller and heavier they are, the more difficult it will be to hold them in. But advanced women can put them in and go about daily tasks around the house without them falling.

Make sure you feel comfortable wearing the Ben Wa balls around the house before going in public with them, or you might be making an emergency pit stop to drop them!

Keep in mind that glass and metal Ben Wa’s are on the more advanced side. These require more squeeze from the users to hold them in. If you are a beginner, you may want to start out with a silicone Ben Wa ball(s).

Safety is very important. Make sure you wash the Ben Wa balls fully after every single use. They make sprays to clean adult products or warm water and antibacterial soap will do the trick. If they disassemble in anyway, such as a string or screw apart, make sure to take it apart and clean all the small crease as these can hold bacteria. If you do not clean them, you will be more susceptible to yeast infection.

Is There A Medical Need To Use Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa Balls are by no mean a requirement for women. They are made to be pleasurable, fun, and healthy! These are not required to make a male partner happy and satisfied in bed. Some women may like the fullness that the Ben Wa balls provide or if they have recently given birth it can help them get back to the natural tightness that they were at before. Like any adult product or sexual activity they can also help reduce stress in your life which has a world of health benefits as well.

How To Use Ben Wa Balls

Once you have inserted the Ben Wa balls you should put them in so the lower end of the ball is just inside you. Remember, if you have sex with them in, they will work their way all the way back.

Yes, you can have sex with them in, that is how they were first designed to use in ancient Japan remember? Just don’t try this until you are fully comfortable with them during solo play . Remember like anything else with adult products, if they ever start to feel uncomfortable just take them out. They are meant to bring pleasure so if something doesn’t fell good why even use them?

If you are looking to strengthen your PC muscles by doing kegel exercises here are a few simple steps to start with:

  • Apply a water-based lube to the Ben Wa balls.
  • Slide the Ben Wa balls in until they are just inserted and covered.
  • You should be able to feel the end of them with your finger tips.
  • When you contract while feeling the end of the Ben Wa ball (think of trying to gently cut off a pee mid-stream) if the ball goes further inside you, you’re using the correct technique!
  • If the Ben Wa starts to move back towards your fingers (out of your vagina) you are using the wrong muscles.
  • You should feel as though you are holding them up not pushing them out.
  • Do not squeeze your abs or butt during the process. Now squeeze and hold then relax for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat this and remember if your sore the next day, like working out or exercising your muscles are getting stronger and this is all part of the process.

Remember It can take 2-3 weeks before you start to feel results of strengthened PC muscles. So don’t get discouraged after a few tries. Keep at it to feel the best results!

  • How long should you keep Ben Wa balls in for?

This really depends on the person, but beginners should keep it between 5-10 mins to start. If you are more experienced, you can keep them in for hours.

  • Why am I not having an orgasm with the Ben Wa balls?!

Remember these are thought more of a product to tease and “warm you up” than to have an orgasm. Most women do not orgasm from them unless they are more experienced and use techniques like the rocking chair motions. A lot of retailers and manufactures of Ben Wa balls do not want you to know this! We at Diskret believe in being upfront and telling the users exactly what to expect and how to use the products to bring the safest and most pleasurable experience.

Remember if you make your PC muscles stronger using the kegel exercises above you will have more frequent orgasms and more powerful orgasms during sex and masturbation.

Ben Wa balls can give a long constant slow pleasure to your daily activities, but you will most likely not be experiencing a full body, mind blowing orgasm. If you know this going in, they do not disappoint!

  • What happens if Ben Wa balls get lost up there?!

Don’t worry, they will not get lost in your vagina. The Ben Wa balls can not make it past your cervix, it is a barrier inside you. The phrase came about from anal sex toy play (Ben Wa balls are not for anal play). The anus does not have a barrier like the cervix and if the sex toy handle is smaller or same size  as the end used for pleasure it can “get lost” inside or require effort to get it out. Trusted sex toy manufacturing companies all know this, and you should not come across this from high quality brands and products.

  • What if the Ben Wa balls don’t come out?!

DO NOT FREAK OUT. I know this is your initial reaction, but it will only make it more difficult to get the Ben Wa balls out. This happens sometimes, even to experienced users. There is no need to run to the doctor.

First you should try standing up and walk around, reapply lube to the base of the vagina if it is required. Jump up and down while trying to relax your bowels and abdomens. You can also try squatting, if still does not come out, cough and push while squatting. Remember to stay relaxed… coax them down with your fingers if required.

If you have had them in over a day and still not coming out, then I would recommend seeing your OBGYN but understand your still not in any danger. This is an extremely rare case keep in mind.

Ben Wa Ball Conclusion

It really comes down to one simple thing. Set your expectations right. If you want a pleasurable experience with Ben Wa balls, and you are expecting it to be just like “50 Shades of Gray” you will be the individual leaving the poor review on Diskret saying: “these things don’t work!” or “I couldn’t even orgasm from it!” The movie got people interested in using them, but also set women up for failure.

Understand from the beginning that Ben Wa balls are meant for 3 purposes:

  • Slight arousal while doing activities around the house, or in public if you are bold. It will be a great tease for you to unleash on your partner later or build up for an explosive solo masturbation session later.
  • To be worn during sex, to bring both you and your partner more pleasure during intercourse.
  • To strengthen your PC muscles bringing you longer, more intense, and more frequent orgasms. To achieve this, do the kegel exercises.

Remember these are a low risk and low danger adult product, so relax, and have fun with it! Make sure to contact Diskret Adult Life if you have any further questions, at

by Diskret Life – December 30, 2022