Sex In a Pool!

Sex In a Pool!

If you’ve ever dreamed about underwater sex… you’re not alone! Sex in a pool, hot tub, ocean, bathtub, river, lake… you name it, people have done it there! But what’s so intriguing about having sex in a pool? What are the risks involved in underwater sex? How should I go about underwater sex in a safe and pleasurable way? We can answer all your questions in this ultimate guide on “having sex in a pool”.

If it’s on your bucket list to have sex in a pool, join the club. In the U.S. alone, 24,000 people search how to have sex in a pool each month! Hard to imagine there are that many clean pools out there left? There is some risk involved in it, and here is exactly what to do before, during, and after taking on this adventurous sexcapaid!


Having sex in a pool: 101

            When summertime roles around, its hard not to imagine having adventurous sex in a pool. When it’s hot out, and everyone is already half naked, it makes sense people want to have sex in a nice cool and comfortable place like the pool. While pool sex is refreshing and fun, from a physical standpoint, it is not the safest way to get down.

I really don’t mean to rain on your parade and ruin your plans of crazy pool sex this weekend, but you should be well aware of the risks before taking on any sexual endeavors. Here are some risks involved when having sex in a pool:


  • Sex in a pool can adjust your vagina pH balance:

If you want a happy and healthy vagina, the pH balance is critical. In the same way specific acidic lubes can likely lead to infections, sex in a pool can throw off the balance in your vaginal pH.

If you are prone to UTI, bacterial, or yeast infections you might want to stick to just foreplay in the pool and leave the actual sex in a pool out of it. The chlorinated water in pools can leave you venerable to these symptoms due to the pH imbalance.

  • Sex in a pool can increase your chances of a STI:

Yes, there are water-based lubricants that work great, but water by itself is not a lubricant. Water by itself can act as anti-lubricant and cause micro tears in the vaginal skin. This can lead to increase risk of STD. The water in a chlorinated pool is not the traditional environment that your vagina is used to. Which is why this is really not the safest manner for penetrative sex.


  • Sex in a pool does not mean you can’t get pregnant:

For some odd reason, maybe due to the environment, a lot of people think you can not get pregnant if you have sex in a pool. While the pool does not increase your fertility, it does not decrease your likely hood of conception by any degree. You should still always use a condom for unwanted pregnancy.

  • You should still pee after sex in a pool:

A lot of women believe if you just had sex in a pool with chlorinated water, there is no reason to have to pee after. However, it is quite the opposite. If you just had sex in a pool it is more important to pee because your chances of UTI are increased by the water. So get yourself out of the pool and into the bathroom ASAP when done.


 Tips for having sex in a pool:


Now that you know the risks involved with having sex in a pool, what are some tips for staying safer if I still want to give it a go? “Underwater sex can feel adventurous and a great way to mix things up.” In a lake or ocean, there is an element of risk in getting caught that can spice it up as well!

  • Don’t have sex in a pool without Lube:

As we stated earlier, water is not a lubricant. It can actually reduce your body’s natural lubrication and make sex less enjoyable. This is due to your body’s natural fluids being washed away. It would be best to use a silicone lube in water since it will not wash away as easily.


  • Sex in a pool will require some unique positions:

In the water, the most basic sex positions like missionary position, cowgirl, doggy style…i.e. are not going to work. You will have to get a little creative at this point. The standing positions will have to due unless you pull out a big floatie. If only one individual is on the floatie you can always opt for oral sex too!

  • Keep in mind the physical limitations while having sex in a pool:

No matter how you stand to have sex in a pool there is always a “slip” factor. Not only can this totally kill the buzz it can cause injury. If you are very concerned with it, you can get a non-slip mat, otherwise just be aware of your footing and make sure you are near something you can catch yourself on if you slip. Save the rough and crazy sex for dry land, the water adds enough crazy factor as is. If you are in a hot tub, make sure your plenty hydrated and not overheating. You should only be in hot tubs 15-30 mins depending on the temperature.

  • Having sex in public is illegal:

I know, I know… total buzz kill again. I didn’t make the rules believe me! But be aware, if you’re not in the privacy of your own backyard, don’t forget that you could get in trouble for having sex in public. While the fear of getting caught might be half the fun, in most states, public sex is illegal. So, if you’re not willing to take the risk, the tub or shower is a great place to start your underwater sex adventure.

  • Having foreplay in the pool:

With all the criminal risk and physical risks involved sometimes it is best just to have foreplay in the pool. Heat things up with touching, kissing, and grabbing underwater then move to dry land to finish each other off. Don’t forget to bring a sex toy for extra foreplay in the pool. Again, probably want a private pool before whipping out a sex toy.

  • Bring a sex toy to your underwater sex party:

If you are really feeling adventurous you can always bring a sex toy in the water (if it’s a waterproof sex toy). The vibration underwater can really bring unique stimulation to the clitoris. This external stimulation will excite her along with not much risk of health concerns since it is not penetrative sex.

A lot of sex toys can be conspicuous in size, shape, and color. This can make it easy to hide in your suit until your in the water or just carry it out into the water, most people will not know what it is, or think it’s a water toy of some sort. Whatever the case might be, just give yourself plenty of personal space before turning it on. You could even bring a cock ring in the water but use it as a vibrator on her since it is made for female external vibration anyway!

Top sex toys for sex in a pool:


  • ORA 2

The ORA 2 by Lelo is an amazing sex toy for the pool. It is made for clitoral stimulation. Its waterproof and rechargeable with a charge that will last for hours. It was built for the sole purpose of simulating the use of a tongue just like oral sex. Plus it is small in size to allow for easy carry out to the ocean or lake in front of people.

  • Mimi Soft

The Mimi Soft is waterproof, rechargeable, and made from extremely soft and delicate silicone. It is still durable enough to hold up underwater and can bring great vibration for external genital stimulation. It will never be noticed as a sex toy by most since it is small and has an egg shape to it.


  • Yoni Egg 

The Yoni Egg and most Ben-Wa-Balls would be great for the pool. It is tucked up inside of her so water will stay out of the vaginal cavity. Beyond that, ben-wa-balls are amazing in a rhythm rocking motion. The are designed for use in rocking chairs to slowly increase pleasure until orgasm. So imagine floating in the ocean on the rolling waves, totally relaxed, with just the rhythm and rock of the ocean. Talk about a unique and incredible sex experience!


Sex in a pool wrap up:

Now that you know the risks involved of penetrative sex in a pool we have given you some unique alternatives to this. Such as sticking to foreplay in the pool, enjoying external stimulation with a sex toy, or using ben-wa-balls. If you still must engage in penetrative sex underwater, remember to use a silicone-based lube, pee once your done, and a condom is still necessary. So the next time things really start to heat up in the water, utilize these simple tips to keep things cool, refreshing, and of course pleasurable!

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