How to Eat a Girl Out!

How to Eat a Girl Out!

Maybe you want to know how to eat a girl out for the first time, or perhaps you’ve done it hundreds of times and wondering if you’re approaching it the right way. Most guys and women are always searching for that better sexual experience, whether it be through trying new and exciting things, or through mastering sexual techniques such as how to eat a girl out.

We have put together a lot of research from women who get oral sex performed on them regularly and bundled their testimonies into an easy-to-follow guide. We also consulted some of the top sexologist in the field to validate the testimonies. These tips are from real women, straight & lesbian; this is your complete guide on how to eat a girl out.

How to Eat a Girl Out 101:

There are some very basic things when understanding how to eat a girl out, somethings might seem like common sense. Believe us, they get missed ALL THE TIME! So next time you go down on a girl remember these very basic tips to start off on the right page. Once you miss a step or two, you might have already spoiled the whole sexual experience!

  • Let her know you want to go down on her:

Seems confusing to have to tell her you get pleasure from it too. But let her know how long you’ve been thinking of doing this, how bad you want to do it. The fact you get pleasure from pleasing her will be a big turn on for her.

In today’s societies women are so frequently body shamed and held to such a high standard. Tell her how sexy you find her, tell her how bad you want to kiss every inch of her body and then give her that pleasure! Remind her how good she looks, smells, and tastes. This will ultimately allow her to relax and fully enjoy the sexual experience.

  • Don’t Assume anything… Communicate!

Whether you’re a woman or man, if you’re sleeping with a woman for the first time, you don’t know exactly what she wants. Even if you’re a woman, don’t fall into the trap of thinking every woman likes the same thing.

Just because you like long slow licking doesn’t mean she will to. If you want to know how to eat a girl out, you must start basic and simply ask if she prefers “this” or “that”. Sometimes you can tell by body language if she is enjoying it or not such as moaning, orgasming, or a pull of your hair to direct you elsewhere.

Never shy away from a simple, “how do you like that?” “Do you want it this way or that way?” Also pay attention to your speed. Start slow and rhythmic and build in speed and pressure over time. If you start to fast and furious she may feel pressured to orgasm quickly, when that is not the intended goal in this case.

  • Slow down… Understanding how to eat a girl out. 

When understanding how to eat a girl out, you must first learn to slow it way down… According to Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, creator of the Drive Her Wild With Pleasure, the first thing to keep in mind when eating a girl out is slow it down! An orgasm is a slow build in sexual anticipation and pleasure, not a race. “However fast you think is a good pace… cut it in half… then cut that in half again. Trust me!”

  • How to eat a girl out by building anticipation.

When things start heating up and you know you want to go down on her, this will most likely be a big turn on for yourself as well. When you get turned on you might be tempted to rush to the finale. But don’t sell yourself short, hold off know matter how hard it might be.

Start slow and ramp the heat up will ultimately lead to the most pleasure. Build anticipation by touching, caressing, kissing, licking and breathing all over her body in a slow and controlled pace. Make her wait until she can’t stand it one more second! Then start licking the sweet spots…


The Technique Involved in How to Eat A Girl Out:

We talked about building the anticipation, to slow the pace down, and use communication when learning how to eat a girl out. But what about the actual process? What’s the best way to eat a girl out?! Here are some techniques to use when going down on her for her ultimate pleasure and orgasmic release!


  • How to eat a girl out with using your breath:

Most of us overlook one of the best weapons in our sexual arsenal; using our breath while eating a girl out. If you find this strange, you’re not alone. But using your breath can build sexual anticipation like crazy. “By exhaling slowly to release warm air from deep in your chest or purse your lips and breath gently to release cool air.” Use this temperature play to drive her wild. You can even lick a long wide path over her vagina and then breath warm air slowly over the top of it.


  • How to eat a girl out with circular motion:

When you build up the anticipation to a max with your breath and foreplay, don’t disappoint with poor clitoral technique. Use slow circular motions with your tongue along the edges of the vagina then get closer and closer to the clitoris. Once over the top, don’t press it with your tongue, but slow circular motions around it to tease it before pressing your flat, wide tongue against it gently to allow the pressure to build up.

  • How to eat a girl out with pulse motion:

When she climaxes, she will experience pleasurable contractions that stem from the pelvic area all the way to her clitoris. Give them a helping hand by pressing a wide flat surface against the length of her vulva or the head of her clitoris and pulse gently. You can use your tongue, hand, or vibrating sex toy to achieve this.


  • How to eat a girl out with clitoral concentration:

The vast majority of women require some form of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. S ome women like direct contact while others enjoy side stimulation. You can simply ask which way she prefers it or start with a wide circular motion around the clitoris without actually touching it. Then slowly work your way in until your doing small tight circles on top of the clitoris head. See what she responds best to. But again, take your time and make it last!

You can experiment with a flat wide tongue, or the pointy tip of your tongue. You can do long strokes from top to bottom, or from one side to the other. Some women really enjoy sucking motion on the clitoris. So pulse suck, in and out, slowly over the clit.

  • How to eat a girl out; Break Time:

Yea I said it… break time! Guess what, when your going down on a girl for an extended amount of time you will require a break. After building the anticipation and slowly building the pleasure… there may be a time your neck, tongue, lungs, or back need a break from the position and licking.

That is where your hands come into play! Don’t be afraid to use your hands; fingering her vagina, while your licking the clit. Or simply back out for a minute and let your hands do all the stroking. A lot of women like the combination of clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. The orgasms are a “blended orgasm” and feel much more intense than from a single source.

You can move your hand in and out or use the “come here” motion with your fingers on her G-spot. You can also use your fingers to trace the folds of her labia, there are tons of sensitive nerves in these areas.

  • How to eat a girl out with consistence:

A lot of people make oral sex too complicated. When in reality a couple simple techniques are all you really need. Don’t go flying through these techniques trying to jam them all into one session. Rather, slow controlled strokes, rhythmic in pace and consistent is what will build the pleasure to an orgasm.

“Most women require consistency, not tongue gymnastics to reach orgasm.” Once you receive body language from her that she enjoys a technique, stick with it!

  • How to eat a girl out when she starts to cum: 

Once she starts to cum, don’t stop and pat yourself on the back. You’re not done yet! Once she starts to cum, keep going! Unless she specifically tells you to stop once she is done. Otherwise, hold her hips in place and continue to swirl your tongue around her vulva while fingering her.

If you have ever heard a girl say she “came hard” it is most likely due to this reason. Keep it going for ultimate pleasure.

Use a sex toy while going down on her:

          Want to hit “expert level” on knowing how to eat a girl out? Once you have developed the basics with your partner, start to experiment with more. One of the best ways to do that is with a great lube and an amazing vibrator. Not only can you use a vibrator for penetration while you use your tongue on the clitoris. But you can also swap that and use the vibrator on her clitoris. They even make a vibrator special designed to stimulate oral sex found here.

Keep in mind you want a lube that is eatable and works with a silicone sex toy. In that case it needs to be a water-based lube. It is highly unlikely you would be having oral sex in the water such as a hot tub or bath tub, in which case the oil-based lubes work better.

Remember communication is key, a vibrator while using your hands, and tongue in other locations can simply overwhelm a girl. You should start basic and slowly work your way up in stimulation. Check in with her if you’re not sure if it is to overwhelming having so much going on at once. If you start slow most women will appreciate the blended orgasm these multi-stimulation techniques can bring.

How to eat a girl out conclusion:

In the end, remember to start basic. Most women really appreciate the fact you can go slow and take your time. Build the sexual anticipation over time, while teasing and kissing. Then get the hands involved and even a sex toy. Communicate constantly at least the first time, then you will know what she wants every time.

Give some of the techniques listed above a try, you don’t have to use them all at once but if one works and the next is a strike-out, just back to what you know works best with her. Don’t over think it, the idea is to bring you both pleasure and if its not working… stop, and just try the next thing!

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