The Male G-Spot!

The Male G-Spot!

The male g-spot might be this dark and mysterious rumor you hear people whispering about. But just like with women, males have a g-spot too! We will go into detail on exactly what it is, where to find it, and of course how to stimulate it!

Believe it or not, through many male testimonies it has been determine an orgasm from the male g-spot is 33% more intense than your standard penis orgasm! What makes this so pleasurable? How do men stimulate this g-spot for the most intense orgasm? Let us break down how simple and pleasurable this can really be guys!

The male g-spot 101:

Where did male g-spot come from? Well its quite simple actually… most men and women know all about the female g-spot. So, they naturally want to know if this extremely pleasurable spot applies to men as well? Who wouldn’t want to know, and how unfair would it be if only the women get all the pleasure?!

Well guys, its true… Men have a g-spot just like the ladies however it’s actually your prostate! The only way to directly stimulate a mans g-spot is through the urethra. I know most of you guys just cringed. That’s okay because there is another way. A secondary form of stimulation (indirectly) can be achieved through the anus. Now that doesn’t seem to bad does it?

Male g-spot: Anal Play

Most sexually curious men and women are interested in anal play. So, if a man is going to test the waters, or perhaps they already have but might not be utilizing it to its fullest potential. Here is what you should know first:

  • Male g-spot location:

The male g-spot is not located 8 inches in the body. This gives bad reputation that you need to have massive anal penetration to achieve an orgasm through prostate stimulation. Actually, similar to the female g-spot the male g-spot is located about 3-4 inches in from the rim of the anal cavity. It is about 1 inch in diameter and is just behind the deepest portion of the penis.

The male g-spot runs across the urethra. If you feel something similar to a walnut in this location facing your belly, congratulations you’ve found the male g-spot!

  • The male g-spot function:

Now unlike the female clitoris the male g-spot has an actual function in the male body beyond bringing mind blow orgasms. The prostate gland’s main function is to secrete fluid during ejaculation. It is part of the semen and helps propel semen through the urethra during ejaculation.

This is exactly why the male g-spot is so pleasurable when stimulated. It gives the sensation of an orgasm just by massaging it! Imagine that feeling of just before you orgasm lasting for as long as you want. Now you understand why it’s called the male g-spot!

Can A Man Orgasm from the Male g-spot?

Is it possible to stimulate a male g-spot until he has an actual orgasm? Why yes, it is! Not just any normal orgasm either. An orgasm induced by stimulating the male g-spot is said to be 33% more intense than the average male orgasm. Not to mention there is no recovery time after he orgasms from this. He can just continue to orgasm as many times as he wishes.

Most men are nervous and uncomfortable the first time they start anal play. But through experience and practice this can become one of the most pleasurable ways for any man to masturbate.


Male g-spot mindset:

The first steps to stimulating the male g-spot is getting in the correct mindset. Like most sexual acts, being relaxed and turned on is very crucial to bringing yourself or a partner pleasure.

You should start with a bowel movement 1-3 hours before you plan on stimulating your male g-spot. Then take a warm shower to wash yourself clean. Feces is stored much higher in your intestinal track so there is really not a big threat of “dirty acts” happening during stimulation. However, a bowel movement and shower may help ease your mind that you are all clean down there.

Next climb into bed and get extremely comfortable. You should be so relaxed you could practically fall asleep. You need this calm state of mind to loosen your anal muscles and prepare to receive your finger, partners finger, anal beads, or butt plug.

Male g-spot preparation:

The second step to stimulating the male g-spot is preparation. Get out the lube! I can’t stress this enough. You need to lube your anus and whatever you plan on putting in it. I suggest starting with your finger since you have complete control and it’s a small diameter.

Your anus doesn’t have a natural lube when your turned on like the female vagina. You will need to apply plenty of lube and start with slow pulsating movements of your finger over your anus. Slow shallow circular motions can feel pleasurable as well. Then start to ramp up the pressure you are applying until you can slide your finger in and out without much discomfort. Its important to be turned on during this. You can massage your penis with the other hand, watch porn, or have a partner stimulate you but its about the correct mindset to receive the pleasure!

Male g-spot stimulation:

Once you can get your finger in the anal cavity, progressively enter more fingers or reach for the male g-spot with just the one. Again, don’t be concerned with fecal matter since you’re not that far in, but if it helps ease your mind you can wear a latex glove or use a condom over your finger.

If you are using an anal sex toy to start with, it may feel uncomfortable at first. Especially anal butt plugs. These are designed to be put in and stay in, hands free. So, they have a particularly large bulb that may cause discomfort for a beginner but once you get past that “bulb” it will feel much more comfortable.

Remember if you feel any pain, serious discomfort, or bleeding just stop! It might not happen your first go around. If you continue to try you will slowly stretch the required muscles to insert your finger and experience the pleasure. It doesn’t have to be the first time for everyone though.



Male g-spot orgasm:

Now that you have stimulated your mind and anal cavity its time to stimulate your male g-spot! This is where all the fun really begins. Work your finger or anal sex toy about 3-4 inches in your body and feel for the walnut that is facing inwards towards your body. Once you find it, slowly and lightly massage it with your finger or anal sex toy. This is your male g-spot!

Start with slow circular patterns or the “come here” motion. Increase your pressure as you feel necessary and as the waves of pleasure pass through you. If you are preforming this on your partner, communication is everything! Ask them about the speed and pressure, make slight adjustments as they deem necessary. This communication may not be necessary the more experienced you become, but it should be there for the first handful of times.

Flex Your PC Muscles

You can also try to stimulate the male g-spot through the “contract and release” method. This is where you flex your PC muscles and relax them. The PC muscles are flexed when you cut off your urine mid-stream. That is how you would “flex” them. So, flex and hold then release. Reenact this sensation during your next male g-spot massage to help achieve a prostate orgasm. I suggest holding the flex for a few seconds then slowly releasing. Once you train your body in this fashion you can use this technique to experience more intense orgasms.

When you flex your PC muscles the rectal wall muscles are slightly drawing in the butt plug. This causes it to bump against the male g-spot. This is massaging your male g-spot hands free! The harder you squeeze the harder the bump. You can play around with this to find the right method to receive the most pleasure from your g-spot.

Male g-spot Pleasure:

Remember that the ultimate goal for anyone stimulating their male g-spot is pleasure! It takes a lot of time, practice, and patience to learn how to achieve orgasm from the male g-spot. This is likely not something you will understand the first time you start anal play.

The entire point of simulating the male g-spot is for pleasure. Just have fun with it, stay relaxed, and enjoy the pleasure it provides. If this ends up leading to a male g-spot induced orgasm great! But if not, don’t worry about it. Focusing too hard on the orgasm can actually make it harder to get, and make the overall experience less pleasurable.


Male g-spot orgasmic process:

  • Contractions from male g-spot stimulation:

The first sign you are heading towards a male g-spot orgasm is contractions. Stimulate the prostate until you are receiving minor PC and anus contractions that you can not control. You’ll notice a warmth and sensation of fullness in your anus an g-spot location.


  • Male g-spot build up:

The next sign you are heading in the right direction is an increasing tension around the male g-spot. The contractions behind your pubic bone starts to intensify and the warmth grows. Continue down this road for the ultimate orgasm.


  • Male g-spot trembling:

This is where it really gets good… you will transition from the increasing tension and warmth to slight trembling that is completely involuntarily. Its typically focused around the pelvic area. For some, they experience full body trembling! Remember how you got to this point because you are extremely close to a male g-spot orgasm!

For many men this is where an erection may start. But don’t focus on the penis. You are about to experience something much more pleasurable than any penis orgasm can bring. Don’t change up your technique, whatever got you here, stick with it.

  • The male g-spot orgasm! (The Big Bang):

Now its time for the big bang. You’ve put your time, relaxation, and effort to get this far so you might as well reap the full benefits. Most men report an 33% more intense orgasm from stimulating the male g-spot.

After the buildup and trembling your PC muscles start the most intense stage of contractions and release. The feeling of fullness and warmth will surround your entire mid-section. Your penis will likely go soft, but at this point who cares? The incredible waves of pleasure will radiate throughout your entire mid-section.

Remember there is no refectory time so if you want to stimulate the male g-spot again right away, go for it. You can receive multiple of these orgasms all in a row! Talk about filling your entire body with complete ecstasy feeling!


Recommended male g-spot sex toys:


The Ro-Zen is their latest unique design giving stimulation to the male’s shaft, testicles, perineum, and anal p-spot all at once! This design provides continuous waves of pleasure to the user!


As you become fully erect the cock ring provides good constriction around the base of your shaft. This allows you to stay rock hard for extended amounts of time and also prolongs your orgasm.


The shape of the NobEssence wood anal beads are designed with a slight curve to hit the p-spot. It has a silky-smooth, complex, biocompatible lubrosity coating on it. The wood adapts quickly with your body temperature and stays warm.


by Diskret Life – April 14, 2023