Beginner Sex Toys!

Beginner Sex Toys!

There's literally no reason that anyone "has" to use sex toys. However, an entire booming industry exists, so clearly, sex toys must be doing something right! If you're looking for new sensations, want some pleasurable ways to add to solo play, or just want to experience pleasures that are impossible without the help of sex toys, it's time to turn to these masturbatory aids. Not only do sex toys offer no-fuss sex on demand, but in many cases, they can provide textures, experiences, and pleasures that are impossible to achieve with the human body alone. That alone can be worth giving them a try!

Most people start off with beginner sex toys. Designed to be easy to use, beginner sex toys are affordable and let you start to figure out what you enjoy in a sex toy. Not only that, but they give you a non-threatening way to change up your sex life - no pressure necessary! Since you haven't sunk much money into your new toy, you don't have to feel like you have to “love it”. It's a perfect way to bring something new into your sex life.

Beginner Sex Toys: What Vagina-centered Toys are Out There?

Vagina-centered beginner sex toys tend to fall into two types of stimulation: there are toys designed for external stimulation (such as the clitoris), and there are toys designed for penetration and internal stimulation (such as the g-spot and the vagina). Neither type of beginner sex toy is better than the other, and depending on what stimulation you enjoy during your current sex sessions, you might prefer one type of beginner sex toy over the other. Part of the fun with beginner sex toys is starting to experiment with new sensations, though, so don't forget about branching out and trying new things sometimes!

First off, we have the vibrator beginner sex toys. Vibrators are most-often designed for external, clitoral use. These sex toys are packed with strong moving parts that, when turned on, cause your sex toy to "shake". This pleasurable shaking motion can be really, really enjoyable on the clitoris - and on other sensitive areas of the body! Many vibrator sex toys are made from hard plastic - and designed for external use - but some vibrators are made from softer materials that can be pleasurable for penetration as well. Vibrators are one of the most well-populated categories of beginner sex toys - all the way from tiny, 2" long vibrators designed for discreet play all the way up to 13" wand massagers designed to be the strongest vibrators you've ever felt. Picking a good vibrator is a personal decision - and one that might include a bit of research and review reading.


We can't forget about the dildo beginner sex toys:

These are sex toys specifically designed for penetration. Most dildos don't vibrate - but a select few may be equipped with vibrations. To keep costs low, a lot of manufacturers make their beginner dildos out of questionable materials. As we'll mention below, choosing a quality sex toy material is an important step when picking up beginner sex toys, so be on the lookout during your beginner sex toys search. Go to a trusted retailer.

As a specialized category of beginner sex toys, a g-spot dildo is a dildo crafted for hitting the g-spot. This is a very-sensitive spot located inside of the vagina. Some people report very intense sensations of pleasure when this spot is rubbed - especially with a good amount of pressure. If that describes you, you might enjoy beginner sex toys like g-spot dildos. G-spot dildos are equipped with a curved shaft that makes them more effective at hitting the g-spot when compared to their straight-shaft counterparts.

Designed to bring together the "best of both worlds", the rabbit vibrator type of beginner sex toys pleasures both internally and externally at the same time. A rabbit vibrator is a vibrating dildo that's also equipped with a small attachment. This attachment rests on the clitoris anytime the dildo is inserted. For even more fun, this attachment is usually equipped with vibrations that add even more pleasure! Depending on the beginner sex toy, you may be able to control the dildo's power level and the vibrator's power level individually. Rabbit vibrators can be amazingly fun beginner sex toys, but they're definitely a gamble. Since each sex toy is designed for a specific anatomy, you might find that some rabbit vibrators fit you like a glove - and some may miss your pleasure spots entirely. Finding a great rabbit vibrator is definitely an exercise in patience, but in can pay out in pleasure if you get the right one!


Beginner Sex Toys: What Penis-centered Toys are Out There?

While not as plentiful or creative as many of the vagina-centered toys, there are still quite a few very pleasurable penis-centered toys designed as beginner sex toys.

The most important - and most common! - is the male masturbation sleeve. This cylindrical sex toy has a empty chamber through the middle of it. Once lubricated, the penis can be slipped into the chamber for pleasurable penetrative sensation. Most chambers are very nicely textured and can add quite a bit of stimulation compared to the usual hand. Some male masturbation sleeves are close-ended (which can add to the suction-sensation and may be more pleasurable but will be harder for clean-up) while other male masturbation sleeves are open-ended (which can accommodate larger penis sizes and may be easier to clean). In order to accommodate the stretching that makes them pleasurable, many male masturbation sleeves are made from less-durable materials. Expect to replace most male masturbation sleeves semi-regularly - which is why so many of them are very affordable!

In addition to male masturbation sleeves, there are quite a few sex doll beginner sex toys. However, keep in mind that most low-end sex dolls are just designed for giggles. In many cases, the harsh plastic seam necessary to craft the doll will run through the penetration hole - which will hurt when you try to use it! Unless the sex doll comes with a removable male masturbation sleeve that can be slipped inside of the doll, you'll likely find that sex doll beginner sex toys aren't usually a good pick.

Beginner Sex Toys: Vibrators On Your Shaft?!

You may not have considered it before, but did you know that vibrators can be just as pleasurable on the penis? If you'd like to try a different sensation, don't forget that vibrating beginner sex toys can be a fantastic sensation on the penis as well! A penis tends to respond best to strong vibrations, so look for vibrators powered by more powerful batteries or better yet: consider a wand vibrator!

While we're on the topic of vibrators, let's not leave out the fun of a cock ring. These rings, which are designed to go around the base of the penis, can help restrict blood flow to the penis - leading to more sensitivity and a harder erection. Some of these cock rings are even equipped with a small vibrator! As most cock rings are very affordable, they can make fantastic beginner sex toys.

Beginner Sex Toys: What Butt-Centered Toys are Out There?

Ahh, the great equalizer: almost everyone out there has a butt that can be played with. Whether you're personally into it or not is another story, but most people can successfully experiment with anal play if they're interested in it.

Luckily for everyone who's into it, manufacturers are happy to help you enjoy the pleasures of anal stimulation. There are hundreds of anal beginner sex toys out there. Anal toys tend to fall into some pretty simple categories: butt plugs, anal beads, and anal dildos.

Beginner Sex Toys: Butt Plugs

First off, there are butt plug beginner sex toys. These are penetration-focused toys that are designed to slip into the butt - and then stay there. Butt plugs usually have a design that's specifically crafted to help the rings of the anal muscles "grip" onto the plug and prevent it from easily sliding out. Butt plugs are "set it and leave it alone" types of toys.

Beginner Sex Toys: Anal Beads

However, you could choose to go with anal beads beginner sex toys. These strings of beads are designed to be slipped into the butt - one bead at a time. For those that enjoy the sensation of the anal muscles stretching during penetration, anal beads can be an amazing choice. The beads can be pulled in and out as desired, or they can be inserted and left alone until the point of orgasm - when slipping the beads out will add even more stimulation to the climax! Learn everything on anal beads here.

Beginner Sex Toys: Anal Dildo

Don't forget about anal dildo beginner sex toys. Much like regular dildos, anal dildos are crafted to be slipped in and out of the butt - at a regular pace - for pleasurable stimulation. Unlike regular dildos, anal dildos will come equipped with a flared base which prevents the dildo from easily slipping all the way into the body. Some anal dildos come equipped with suction cup bases which allows you to use the dildos entirely hands-free.


Beginner Sex Toys: How Much Should I Spend on my First Sex Toy?

How much you spend on your first sex toy is really an individual decision, but a few things should play into your decision.

First off, you should think about what your budget is. Some people have tighter budgets which means they may not be able to spend more than $40, and some people might be able to go up to $100 for their first sex toy. If you have a "dream" sex toy that's outside of your current budget, it might be worth saving up to get that toy instead of a toy you might not love.

However, when purchasing your first sex toy, at least keep materials and safety in mind. You should aim for sex toys that are stated to be "phthalate-free". This will likely drop out all non-plastic toys in the $20 to $30 arena. Phthalates are a banned substance in children's toys and other not-sex industries, and it's just the fact that sex toys are an unregulated industry that lets them continue in adult items! Protect your body before everything else.

Beginner Sex Toy Safety

In addition, if you plan on sharing your sex toy with any other person (who isn't fluid-bonded to you), you might consider spending the extra cash to upgrade to a non-porous and sterilizable material like glass or silicone. It's definitely more pricey, but again, when it comes to your personal safety, you shouldn't attempt to cut corners.

Once you've settled on your budget though, the other thing to consider about beginner sex toys is their durability. While it's hard to preach purchasing something of throw-away quality, you likely don't want to purchase the most expensive, top-of-the-line vibrator for your first sex toy either. Beginner sex toys are designed for learning what you like. Do you enjoy buzzy vibrations? A close-ended or open-ended masturbation sleeve? You won't know until you try! If you buy the best options of your trial sex toys, you'll end up spending hundreds just to try to find out what works for you. Instead, buying lots of less-durable (but still pleasurable!) options through beginner sex toys will allow you to figure out what types of sex toys you enjoy. In the future, as you finalize your opinions, you can invest in better-quality toys that are going to last years upon years!


by Diskret Life – March 05, 2023