Are Sex Toys Taboo?

Are Sex Toys Taboo?

They are seen as robotic pleasure, something that delegitimizes partnered sensuality. There is a certain set of ideas, of things that should happen in the bedroom, and should not happen in the bedroom. Slowly that list of things that should not happen, is moving its way over to things that should happen. Using sex toys, is one of those things making its way over to acceptability.

Sex toys are becoming much more commonly accepted, justifiably so. However, that doesn’t take away from the “Taboo” nature of owning a toy. Toys can be used to self stimulate, partner stimulate, share, keep, and discover. The social custom that ruminates around the idea of sex toys can be demeaning, implying that orgasm cannot be achieved without them.

When it comes to using toys, there is not limitation, no huge ending to a sexual encounter. There are multiple high levels of sexual experience, and none of which have to end because orgasm has happened. It can happen over, and over, and over again. Arguing morel complexity is one thing, but it is very difficult to argue with multiple orgasms.

If you are looking for something basic to start with, Diskret is the answer. Diskret does not offer extreme or “raunchy” toys. We have a simple model of simple, quality, reliable toys deliver the most pleasure. It doesn’t need to have 5 spinning gears and a vibrating 5-axis swing arm to be pleasurable. We also don’t offer all the whips and chains of the BDSM community.

So in the nature of keeping things simple and effective, we suggest checking out the Mio by Je Joue for couples play, or the Moon Wand for solo play. These are both simple and elegant designs that deliver powerful orgasms time and time again. 

by Diskret Life – December 19, 2022